Navigating Success: Insights from a Decade in Social Media Marketing with Jasmine Gordon

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    August 30, 2023
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Navigating Success: Insights from a Decade in Social Media Marketing with Jasmine Gordon

Jasmine Gordon, a seasoned UK-based social media marketing manager, brings over a decade of experience working with notable clients such as Glastonbury Festival and leading food chains. Armed with a digital marketing degree and a CIM diploma, Jasmine’s expertise is a result of hands-on learning rather than formal qualifications.

Her coaching methodology, which has nurtured over 2000+ students, focuses on a 12-week personalized approach. Students are guided from social media novices to agency owners, with emphasis on niche identification, branding, content creation, and client acquisition.

Remaining attuned to dynamic social media trends and algorithms, Jasmine’s analytical mindset ensures strategies remain effective. She underscores the importance of aligning client goals with audience needs and adapting to the evolving landscape.

From a serendipitous start managing a clothing company’s social media on Tumblr, Jasmine’s journey has transformed into a full-fledged career, now empowering students from diverse backgrounds.

Jasmine’s coaching dismantles misconceptions by prioritizing practical learning over traditional qualifications. Her guidance fosters confidence and equips aspiring marketers with skills that transcend formal education.

Can you share some key highlights from your experience as a social media marketing manager, particularly in working with high-profile clients like Glastonbury festival and leading food chains?

I’d say working with Glastonbury Festival is probably one of the highlights of my career as a social media marketing manager. If you’re from the UK, you know how almost impossible it is to get Glastonbury tickets, so the fact that they were giving me a ticket and paying me to be there was insane to me! It’s definitely an intense few days, and sleeping on the floor in a tent definitely doesn’t give you the required REM sleep to work at your full potential, but it’s such a fun job. Plus I’ve met a ton of cool people and celebrities every year I’ve worked there.

I’ve also worked with some huge global clients that have flown me across the world just to consult with their franchises in different countries, which is still insane to me. The first trip I got taken on with a client was to Dubai, which is somewhere I didn’t even know if I’d ever be able to visit, yet alone be paid to go on a trip there. So that really set home that I was doing something right!

Another highlight at the start of my career was being promoted to social media marketing manager in an agency at the age of 20 within 2 months of working there. I was the youngest person in the agency, and one of the only ones with no professional qualifications or degree at the time. 

After a year of working in an agency I realised the life wasn’t for me. I was working 10-12 hour days building someone else’s dream, when I knew that if I put that time into my own goals, my life would change drastically. When I landed my first high-ticket client, this was the moment I realised what was possible with social media marketing, as I was making more than my old salary with just 1 client, and I had room for 2-3 more!

This was the client that actually ended up bringing me to Twitter HQ in London, a place I never thought a social media marketing manager from a tiny town in Somerset would end up. (Inside the HQ they actually have print-outs of some of their favourite tweets from the platform, even random things like student’s talking about their housemates stealing their chicken nuggets, which I thought was iconic)

What role has your digital marketing degree and CIM diploma played in shaping your expertise and approach to social media marketing management?

To be completely honest; none.

And I can offer a really interesting perspective on this, as I worked as a social media marketing manager before and after I got a degree and various other well-respected qualifications. And let me tell you, if anything they held me back 3-4 years.

None of my clients have ever asked me what qualifications I have, and nothing I learnt in my degree was actually transferable to real-life client work. Sure some of the knowledge on marketing theories was interesting, but in terms of running a business, landing clients, getting results for them on social media, and building an agency, there was not a single thing I learnt over the 3 years that helped me in my journey. I landed most of my highest-paying clients before I had even finished my degree!

Most of what I learned that actually excelled me in my career I either learnt from other people in the industry, on the internet, or just by getting stuck in and learning as I go.

You mentioned having coached over 2000+ students. Can you elaborate on your coaching methodology and share some success stories of students who have gone on to build successful social media marketing agencies?

So with my students now I take a lot more of a hands-on approach. Me and my team will work with each student 1 on 1 for 12 weeks to take them from complete social media marketing beginners through to agency owners. In the first month we’ll focus on finding the most profitable niche for them based on their experience and interests, and then create their branding, social media posts, and website for them. Then in the following 8 weeks, we focus on building a client base with methods that suit the student best.

Me and my team even help the students build a portfolio before they’ve landed their first client by setting homework tasks, and giving them a testimonial from their success manager to show potential clients!

I’ve had many students quit their jobs and become fully booked social media marketing managers, and build their agencies to consistent £5k months. But one of the most recent testimonials I got that blew my mind was from Stephanie, one of my students that started with me in January this year. Within 6 months of joining the programme she was making £8k a month!

In the fast-evolving landscape of social media platforms, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes to ensure your strategies remain effective?

Might not be the healthiest answer but I feel like part of my success may be down to my horrendously high screen time.

When you’re a social media marketing manager, you look at everything from an analytical perspective. So I feel like even when I’m just scrolling through my feed, I’m learning. Or even when looking at a restaurant’s Instagram page for example, you think “This is good I should try this for my clients”, or you think “Wow this page is awful I could do this better”!

Whilst it does make it almost impossible to switch off, it definitely makes me very good at my job!

In your opinion, what are the most significant factors that differentiate a highly effective social media marketing campaign from an average one, and how do you incorporate these factors into your work?

Putting the client’s brand goals & the consumer at the forefront of everything you do as a social media marketing manager is key. This means every campaign, every post, and your strategy.

Every single time I create a piece of content for a client, I’ll ask myself two questions, 1. Does this align with the client’s brand goal and 2. Does this provide value to the consumer? If both the answers are yes, then you can almost guarantee the client will see success and ROI from your efforts.

A lot of social media marketing managers will land a client, and their first thought will be; “what should I post?”. And if someone asks that, I already know they’re not an experienced social media marketing manager. What to post comes at the very bottom of your strategy, once you’ve thought about what the clients’ brand goals are, created social media goals from that, then content pillars from that, the content ideas will come to you very easy. What to post for a client comes at the bottom of the strategy, not the top!

As well as this, social media marketing has changed so much in the last few years, mainly around the time TikTok became popular. Social media marketing was always a place brands could be a little more informal, but in recent years it seems to have become a competition of which brands can be the most unhinged. With luxury brands that have very professional TOVs suffering. For example, Chanel deleting their TikTok after receiving thousands of negative comments due to a poor review of one of their advent calendars. Whereas RyanAir (UK low cost flight company) make jokes about their plane landings being awful, but state that it’s ok because the flight ticket only cost £10, and their audience LOVE it. So it’s super important to stay in line with your client’s or your businesses TOV, but also understand that social media marketing has changed, and people want a more genuine experience with brands.

What initially sparked your interest in social media marketing, and how did you decide to pursue it as a career?

I actually only got into social media marketing because a clothing company reached out to me on Tumblr and asked me to run their pages for them. This was over 10 years ago, before Instagram stories were even a thing! I did it for free and found it really fun, and offered my services to other local or friends businesses too. It wasn’t really a career at the time, but even so I didn’t even consider it as something I could do full-time. A few years later it started becoming more of a popular way for businesses to advertise themselves, and I actually started working with paying clients. 

I feel so grateful that something I started as a hobby I’ve been able to turn not only into a job, but something that has allowed me to earn money I never would’ve even dreamed of

Dealing with clients and students from diverse backgrounds can be challenging. How do you adapt your communication style to ensure effective interactions with different individuals?

Understanding everyone’s individual learning styles. Some students will need me to be really hands-on, hype them up, and even write to-do lists for them sometimes. Whereas some students just want my brutal honest advice and a kick up the arse!

I also make sure I’m pairing up each student with the best support manager from my team, based on their experience and learning styles. If someone needs extra support and pep talks, I know I have 1 support manager who will be super gentle with them. Whereas if someone wants to cut the crap and be told everything they need to get to £10k months straight, then I know I have another that will do just that!

What do you find most rewarding about coaching others and witnessing their growth and success in the social media marketing industry?

If I scroll back through my conversations with students, I can always see a huge shift in their mindset and confidence. I’ll see the messages go from questions about what they should post on their own social media pages, to what they should price themselves in their first proposal, to messages of excitement that they’ve landed their first client, then messages that they’ve hit the first £5k month. And most of the time, they had what it took in them to get there, they just needed someone to hold them accountable and answer their questions

And it’s not even just the big months they hit that make me proud and feel like I’m really helping people, it’s the fact that they’re now equipped with a skillset that is going to keep them in demand for a very long time!

And most of all I love it when I check in on one of the support groups I have and see students that started with no experience post that they’re looking to grow their agency and take on their own team members! 

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions or myths about social media marketing, and how do you address them when coaching your students?

You need years of experience, confidence, qualifications and degrees to get started. In reality – the best way to learn is by doing

And to be completely honest, out of all the 200+ people on my digital marketing degree course, I wouldn’t employ a single one. I would much rather work with someone that doesn’t have a degree, but has learnt by just getting stuck in and using the platforms

I think people get very caught up on “what if a client asks me what qualifications I have”, so much so that they won’t even let themselves get to the point of landing a client! But in reality, when you have a niche that you’re passionate about, it cuts out a lot of the questions, as clients know you understand what they offer and who they’re selling to. 

If I recommend investing in anything, it would be in a mentor or coach who can help you skip the mistakes and will answer your questions along the way!

You can follow Jasmine’s journey on her Instagram page.

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