Women On Topp is a specialized online magazine dedicated to ambitious women. It’s designed to inspire, encourage, and elevate women in their career, business, life, and beyond.

We are an online magazine with content for women to succeed in every aspect of life, for women who are looking for a higher step in their career ‘glass ceiling’. But also for women who are entrepreneurial and want to start their own business.

Women On Topp provides content that will challenge and inspire women in their business and career life, the content is focused on trends in entrepreneurship and on how to sustain and build upon a professional success.


An online resource for and about all ambitious women changing the world.


  • Provide sources where business women can learn about business research, trends and what information they need to achieve a certain position in management or entrepreneurship
  • Provide high-quality features (women who have achieved high positions in management or women who run a successful business)
  • Provide high good relationship with readers, based on quality and reliability
  • Encouraging the sharing of success and knowledge by involving readers

Ladies did you know we are one of the largest business magazines for ambitious women? We have millions of readers! Come join us & subscribe to our magazine and become successful!

Click here to Meet Wana Miri, Founder & Owner of Women On Topp

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  1. You couldn’t have said any better. There are millions of women whose dreams are locked due to some form of fear. What could be lacking is the desired motivation to push women. It is through empowering blogs like this that women will be able to break from the vicious cycle.

  2. I am an African young lady from Ghana..am glad I chanced on your blog, am really inspired .I wish successful women around the world will turn and look at African women.some of us really desire to be women on the top .God bless u

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  4. I’ve been reading this blog for years and every month the content gets more inspiring. Thank you for being s hub of wisdom and encouragement to women. You ladies rock and sowing seeds for other ladies too. Love it! X

  5. Absolutely love Wana Miri’s story & so relate in many ways! esp with traveling & being in 4 countries by the time I was 2 & creating what I love with faith & drive ! Would love to feature Wana Miri & her story & Woman on Topp story on our blog & podcast & creator series!

    I am and we are also creating an incredible community of creators & courses & influencer marketing & more! Been featured in Thrive, NBC, Airbnb & more!

    Love to do features! Feel free to explore via link below or email info@fitlifecreation.com and we will set something up for 2020!

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