Engineering Beauty: The Science Behind Lendava’s Skincare Revolution

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    April 30, 2024
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Priscila Fadul

In the labyrinth of skincare, where every new product claims to be a game-changer, finding clarity amidst the chaos can feel like an impossible task. Priscila Fadul, an engineer and seasoned beauty insider, knows this struggle all too well. With over five decades of family experience in the beauty industry, she’s been immersed in the world of top designer brands, trade shows, and product development since her formative years. Surrounded by the glitz and glamour, she gained invaluable insights into the industry’s trends, tricks, and pitfalls.

Fueled by a desire to demystify skincare and make it smarter, simpler, and more enjoyable, Priscila embarked on a mission to revolutionize the beauty landscape. Drawing on her engineering background and leveraging her connections with industry experts, she set out to create Lendava—a brand rooted in science, efficiency, and sustainability. For Priscila, skincare isn’t just about following trends or slathering on the latest miracle potion; it’s about understanding the intricate workings of the skin and providing it with what it truly needs to thrive.

At the heart of Lendava lies a commitment to efficiency without compromising on efficacy. Priscila’s vision for the brand is clear: to offer a curated collection of skincare essentials that streamline the traditional multi-step routine while delivering maximum results. By harnessing the power of scientifically-proven ingredients and innovative biotech actives, Lendava products work harmoniously with the skin, nourishing it from within and protecting its delicate balance. With refillable packaging and a focus on sustainability, Lendava is not just a skincare brand—it’s a reflection of Priscila’s unwavering dedication to wellness, both for the skin and the planet.

1. Integration of Engineering and Beauty: How do you leverage your engineering background in the formulation and development of Lendava’s skincare products? 

As an engineer, I was trained to seek efficiency in every aspect of a business, so I wanted to bring that philosophy to skincare. I knew a 10-step routine would never work for me in my personal life. After all my studies in chemistry, I kept consulting with skincare formulation experts to determine what truly added value to our skin’s health. 

After years of differentiating fact from fiction in skincare and studying advanced cosmetic science, I learned that healthy skin doesn’t need to be complicated. Research has already identified which ingredients have beneficial results on the skin and which ones can worsen matters. This holds true regardless of skin type, gender, and age. 

So, I wanted to create something more streamlined, savvy, and pleasurable to use—a brand with all the necessary proven ingredients to care for the skin without the excessive steps. 

As an engineer and a mom of three, I seek efficacy in every aspect of my life. While we all enjoy a little self-care now and then, let’s face it, most of us don’t have time for an extensive wellness routine in our everyday lives. I aimed to formulate products that deliver results whether you have 20 minutes for a massage or just a few seconds to apply with your fingers. And That’s the beauty of efficiency—knowing that something will work, no matter how much time you have. 

2. Family Legacy in Beauty: With your family’s extensive experience in the beauty industry, how has their legacy influenced your approach to creating and launching Lendava? 

I grew up in the beauty industry; my family has more than 50 years of experience in the space, including retailers and exclusive distribution rights to global prestige and luxury beauty brands in Latin America. Consequently, I have been immersed in the industry and top designer brands for many years through brand training, trade shows, laboratory visits, and product development. 

I found myself frustrated by the conflicting information out there: the excessive number of steps that brands encourage customers to use, the endless trendy ingredients, and the culture of nonstop novelty we live in. So, I wanted to create something that is more streamlined, more savvy, and pleasurable to use—a brand that offers only those products that truly add value to the health of the skin. The result was a small collection of products utilizing the proven ingredients necessary to improve skin function without the excess of steps! 

3. Sustainability in Beauty: Lendava emphasizes sustainability with refillable packaging. How do you see the beauty industry evolving in terms of sustainability, and what role does Lendava play in this movement?

At Lendava, we encourage our customers to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle by providing refillable packaging and formulas crafted from consciously-sourced ingredients. Our commitment extends to utilizing recycled materials in our shipping processes to enhance the overall sustainability of our brand. 

In today’s beauty industry, sustainability has evolved beyond a trend; it has become a new standard. Consumers are increasingly informed and conscientious about the environmental impact of their choices. Therefore, beauty brands should place more emphasis on FACTS 

about how they are contributing to the environment. Practices will need to be more responsible, and brands will need to offer a better thought-out and well-intentioned ingredient deck to the public. 

For us, biotechnology has emerged as a powerful tool for formulating products with a genuinely sustainable approach, surpassing the limitations of merely “clean beauty.” The emphasis now lies in integrating sustainability with proven scientific advancements. Biotech skincare ingredients allow for better quality control, ensuring effectiveness, purity, optimal active ingredient concentrations, and lower adverse effects on the environment. Each ingredient is scientifically validated for skin improvement. 

4. Scientific Approach to Skincare: Can you elaborate on how the scientific foundation of Lendava distinguishes it from other skincare brands, especially in terms of the ingredients and their effects on the skin? 

Our approach is to combine the most researched ingredients in the market, ensuring their highest quality and proper proportions, with innovative biotech actives. 

Moreover, our products are formulated to help the skin work better in two ways: from the top down and from the bottom up. 

From the top down: We like to say, “Don’t mess with the microbiome.” When our skin’s outermost bacteria-rich layer is intact, it PROTECTS our skin by keeping out irritants, balancing pH, moisture, and sebum levels, and decreasing breakouts, redness, and excess pigment. To achieve this, we feed the skin with nutrients and the barrier-supportive ingredients it needs to remain strong and secure. 

From the bottom up: We know that to create the healthiest cells, you have to start before they reach the skin surface. We stimulate fibroblasts, those special cells responsible for collagen and elastin production and the skin’s immune system, with evidence-based ingredients so the skin can be as radiant, plump, and firm as possible. Fibroblasts are called the skin’s primary architects, and LENDAVA gives them everything they need to rebuild in style. When you support the skin from the top down and stimulate it from the bottom up, the result is skincare that is considered, high quality, and good for everyone. 

LENDAVA’s idea of a healthy lifestyle for the skin is not just a tagline. It’s the way we formulate and the way we approach every ingredient, packaging decision, and final product. We love efficiency, and this is the most efficient way to get healthy skin.

Lendeva’s founder and owner Priscila Fadul

5. Efficiency in Skincare: Your vision for Lendava is to make skincare more efficient. How do you believe Lendava achieves this efficiency, and what benefits does it offer to consumers compared to traditional skincare routines? 

Lendava’s products are designed to streamline the excess steps in a traditional skincare routine by incorporating a concentrated combination of the highest-quality, evidence-based ingredients that the skin needs daily to achieve—and maintain—its healthiest state. Therefore, our Good Morning and Good Night Face Creams were formulated to include the concentration of a serum, the hydration of a moisturizer, the nourishment of an oil, and the gentleness of an eye cream, effectively replacing all these steps in a routine. Our cleanser is a one-step cleanser, and for each of our products, we ensure they are engineered to benefit every skin type, gender, and age, making their use simple and pleasurable. We don’t formulate agressive treatments or irritating products. In contrast to many other brands in the industry, we prioritize skincare with a focus on long-term wellness, much like nurturing a healthy lifestyle for your skin. 

6. Personal Wellness Philosophy: Beyond skincare, do you have a broader philosophy or approach to personal wellness that you follow in your daily life? How does it contribute to your overall well-being? 

As an engineer and mom, I appreciate functionality. I opt for timeless and elegant products, usually from brands with a meaningful purpose or smaller ones. For my wellness, I choose skincare with long-term benefits, steering clear of harsh treatments. I prioritize a consistent, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise over crash diets or quick fixes! As I like to say, a good 

skincare product is like a healthy salad—it benefits everyone and contributes to overall health. When you’re healthy, you look your best!

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