Illuminating Empathy: Autumn Weimann’s Journey with Endometriosis and Bangin Hair

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    February 6, 2024
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In the realm of beauty and wellness, Autumn Weimann is carving out a space that transcends mere product sales. As the founder of Bangin Hair, her recent diagnosis of endometriosis has catalyzed a profound shift in perspective, propelling her towards a mission of advocacy and support. Endometriosis, a condition often veiled in silence and misunderstanding, has become a driving force behind Autumn’s commitment to amplifying awareness and funding research, one sale at a time.

Autumn’s personal journey with endometriosis underscores the intersection between health, entrepreneurship, and empathy. Through Bangin Hair, she’s transformed a business venture into a platform for change, where 5% of sales are channeled directly into endometriosis initiatives. This fusion of purpose and commerce speaks to Autumn’s unwavering determination to foster a community where individuals grappling with this condition find solace and solidarity.

In this interview, we delve into Autumn’s motivations, challenges, and aspirations, exploring how her roles as an entrepreneur, advocate, and aspiring natural health doctor intertwine. Her journey unfolds against a backdrop of resilience and authenticity, offering insights not only into the beauty industry but also into the transformative power of empathy and advocacy in the face of adversity.

  1. What motivated you to share your experience with endometriosis publicly, and how has the response been so far? 

Despite enduring chronic symptoms and numerous medical examinations, it took over 16 years for me to receive a diagnosis of endometriosis. During that time, there was a noticeable lack of awareness about endometriosis, even on social media. Existing articles on the subject were scarce, and none offered a public, unfiltered portrayal of endometriosis. 

My motivation to publicly share my journey stemmed from a deep desire to raise awareness and address the lack of information within the industry and the medical community. The response to my public disclosure has been incredibly heartening. My DMs have been flooded with woman from 14 to 40 who have experienced this their whole life, reaching out to express their gratitude for shedding light on this often misunderstood condition. 

2. How do you balance your roles as an entrepreneur, advocate, and now as natural health doctor? What does a typical day look like for you? 

As a certified natural health professional working towards becoming a naturopathic doctor in 2025, managing multiple roles requires a health routine and plenty of self-care. Juggling responsibilities, including overseeing an eight-figure wholesale apparel business, makes planning a must. 

My typical day involves early morning trips to Los Angeles, tending to the wholesale business, heading back home to work on Bangin Hair, and then fitting in my fitness routine. Evenings are a chance for me to catch up on naturopathic studies and complete assignments before winding down with some meditation and educational readings. I’m a big believer that mental health is just as important as physical health, so I like to nurture my brain regularly, whether it’s through writing, meditating, or journaling. 

The key to balance lies in effective planning, setting boundaries, including knowing when to say no, and making decisions that honour both my professional and personal well-being.

3. What do you see as the biggest misconceptions about endometriosis, and how do you hope to dispel them through your advocacy work? 

A significant misconception about endometriosis is the reliance on birth control as a solution. Contrary to popular belief, birth control does not address the root causes of endometriosis and can have long-term side effects. Through advocacy, I aim to shift the focus towards natural healing, emphasizing the role of nutrition and holistic well-being in managing health issues. By sharing my journey, I aspire to empower you to make informed choices about your health.

4. What inspired you to create Bangin Hair LLC, and how does it stand out as athe ONLY clean, real ingredient non-toxic hair growth brand in the US? 

Creating Bangin Hair LLC was a journey fueled by my lifelong passion for hair products. From my first entrepreneurial journey at 18, selling feather hair extensions that resulted in buying my first car with the cash I earned, hair has always been my passion. However, my personal struggle with growing my hair led me to rely on extensions.

In the tumultuous year of 2020, amidst a world shutdown due to COVID-19, the inspiration struck to birth Bangin Hair. The lockdowns prompted a deep dive into the ingredients we unknowingly consume. Nights turned into an extensive study session, pouring over FDA books from decades past, unravelling the mysteries behind the ingredients we often can’t even pronounce.

Before this revelation, I never paid much attention to the back of food or vitamin products, unaware of the impact of these substances on our bodies. During the lockdowns, I decided to remove my hair extensions after ten years of wearing them. I then started crafting my own vitamins, minerals, and serums while embracing a concept I coined – ‘hair training.’

“Hair training” is like preparing for a marathon. It involves hydrating, applying masks to your scalp, and making these practices part of your daily self-care routine. The results? My hair grew rapidly within three months, rendering extensions unnecessary for the first time ever! 

I knew women needed to see these results for themselves. So, I delved into creating Bangin Hair. Rooted in my wholesale background, I began conducting interviews with manufacturers, leaning on US-based production models that I was already familiar with. I then spent hours researching competitor markets and scrutinizing labels in markets and vitamin shops. Realizing how many hair products contained incomprehensible ingredients incited frustration, especially when more prominent brands were getting accused of using colour dyes that cause cancer. 

I was resolute in establishing Bangin Hair as the sole real, clean ingredient, non-toxic hair growth brand, placing a premium on healthy hair and your overall well-being. It’s committed to ensuring every woman knows about and has access to a hair care solution that celebrates authenticity, safety, and genuine results.

5. Being a woman and Latina entrepreneur, what advice do you have for other aspiring individuals from underrepresented backgrounds looking to break into the beauty and wellness industry? 

Breaking into the beauty and wellness industry as a Latina entrepreneur has its challenges, but the beauty that comes with embracing your unique journey! I encourage you to showcase your authenticity and heritage in a landscape dominated by celebrity-endorsed products. 

Drawing strength from the entrepreneurial spirit instilled by my immigrant grandparents, I hope to remind aspiring entrepreneurs that if they can build success from nothing, so can you. Embrace your unique strengths, stay true to your fabulous self, and let your determination light the path to your dreams in the beauty and wellness industry.

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