”Strengthening Minds + Building Bodies = Creating confidence” Rolesta Brooks

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    April 13, 2021
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''Strengthening Minds + Building Bodies = Creating confidence'' Rolesta Brooks

Rolesta Brooks, the founder of MILFS Training LLC. (stands for Moms into lifting fitness and support training), a retired army vet who has always had a passion for fitness. Shortly after retiring and having her fourth child Rolesta Brooks became extremely active on social media platforms with workout videos and her fitness journey. Before long the inquiries from mothers seeking fitness advice became overwhelming. This is what inspired Rolesta’s thoughts to create a space for mothers to come together to get fit and build confidence.

‘’My goal is to encourage others to achieve their personal fitness goals and feel good about their internal and external beauty! M.I.L.F.S Training LLC is a safe space to inspire and uplift women to remember to not lose one’s self in their duties and/or children. Setting aside time for self-care is pertinent because you can’t pour out from an empty cup. Setting an excellent example for our children requires setting and obtaining our own goals as well. Strengthening minds + Building bodies=Creating confidence!’’ Rolesta Brooks

We have the honor of interviewing mother, entrepreneur, military vet, college educated, author, trainer, and owner of MILFS Training LLC located in Columbus, GA Rolesta Brooks. She discuss balancing life as a mother and entrepreneur and uplifting women.

What inspired you to start MILFS TRAINING, LLC? 

MILFS Training stands for Moms into lifting fitness and support training, LLC. I am a retired army vet that has always had a passion for fitness. Shortly after retiring and having my fourth child I became extremely active on social media platforms with work out videos and my fitness journey. Before long the inquiries from mothers seeking fitness advice became overwhelming. This is what inspired the thought to create a space for mothers to come together to get fit and build confidence. 

Tell us more about MILFS TRAINING, LLC, who are your clients, what are they looking for? 

My initial target audience was mothers but now it is for women, all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and age. 

How did you start with MILFS TRAINING, LLC? 

MILFS initially started as a fitness group in August 2020 but in January 2021 I moved into my own gym and expanded my brand.  MILFS Training, LLC now offers weightlifting, Zumba, kickboxing, dance, yoga, X-treme Step, as well as a beauty bar. Our beauty bar has an esthetician and make up artist. My idea was to create a space that enhances the beauty of a woman inside and out. I understand some women are not into weightlifting so I wanted to provide options to allow more women to join the MILF family. 

Through hard times, what have kept you going? What can you share about this what can our readers learn? 

My clients are truly my biggest cheerleaders. They are so genuine and powerful in keeping me encouraged. I truly feel as though they are heaven sent. I have a few that reach out with encouraging messages, daily prayers, words of affirmation, bible verses, just endless selfless support. They have no idea how much it keeps me going and motivated to be my best self for them. My short message to your readers would be to constantly put love out in the atmosphere because it will always return to you in some form. 

What have you learned most from entrepreneurship? 

Always cover yourself with a paper trail. As a former Captain in the Army I was always taught to CYA. I initiated my business with this mindset and it has been the best practice to ensure business flows effectively. 

What has been your favorite moment in your career so far? 

The moment I gave out my first two awards to two couples that assisted in the foundation of MILFS Training. They wanted nothing from helping me, their only goal was to see me win. The moment I showed recognition their reactions were priceless and heartfelt. That moment solidified for me that God was in the midst of my business venture and that the team surrounding me was sent from Him.  

Share two pieces of advice for female entrepreneurs. 

As a female entrepreneur never have to much pride to ask for assistance and be humble enough to accept ideas from others. 

What has been your key (or keys) to success? 

I believe my authenticity has carried me a long way. People can see through a mask so i don’t wear one. I am completely transparent with my clients and ultimately want to see them reach their goals. My heart is huge everyone that enters MILFS my prayer is they leave better then they came, even if they don’t join as a member I hope their experience here at MILFS was amazing.

Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

I recently shared during an interview that I have reached a number of various achievements at the age of 29. From obtaining a Masters, becoming an Army officer, Airborne qualified, a published Author, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, wife and mother of 4 to name a few but, all felt like attainable steps in life that I was supposed to achieve. It was not until I opened my own gym that I was proud of myself and felt as though I achieved a grand goal. 

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