”Research & Invest – Make sure that you do your research” Sharyce Harvey

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    April 17, 2021
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''Research & Invest – Make sure that you do your research'' Sharyce Harvey

Hey boss ladies! My name is Sharyce and I am the owner of an online women’s boutique called Pink Sage. I provide boss ladies all over the world with fashionable trends without breaking the bank.

A little about me and how I started my company. In 2014 I started to give it some thought as to what I wanted to do with my creativity. I knew I wanted my own boutique but had no idea how to get started. I did a little research on trademarking and decided to trademark a name. I had my twin sons in May of 2015. Becoming a mom was one of the best things that ever happened to me which became my number one priority. 

While enjoying the mom’s life and working, building my business was put on the back burner. In 2019 I decided to take it seriously, I got my LLC and launched Pink Sage at the end of Aug 2020. I was very proud of myself even though I knew I had a long way to go and a lot of mistakes that needed to be fixed. (side note ladies – there is no such thing as the perfect time to launch your business. If you’re waiting for that you will be waiting for a lifetime. sometimes you just have to take risks and when you make mistakes take them as lessons, not failures.) 

Six months later I’m being featured in this fabulous magazine! I have a good following most importantly, I am building a community of boss ladies that support one another, my sales are going up and I get to wake up every morning loving what I do. 

Here are a few tips that I used that helped me along my journey.

  • Business plan – Create a business plan (who’s your target audience? who’s your products or services for ? how can you solve their problems ? how are you going to make this happen ?) plan and set a schedule, set goals and accomplish them.
  • Stay Consistent – you have to make sure that you show up every day and show out for your brand.
  • Take your social media seriously – Social media is a great platform to get your business out there and seen.
  • Quality content – Making sure that your content is valuable to your customers and the people viewing it. Be creative. Use videos, Tiktok, and cool fonts to draw in the viewers.
  • Research & Invest – Make sure that you do your research. That goes for any business you’re trying to build or skill you’re trying to learn. Sometimes it requires spending some cash and investing in yourself which is the best investment you can make. You cannot be afraid to spend a little more money and get professional help from marketing reps etc.

Your business is like raising your child, you are nurturing, & watching it grow

When creating your business, it is important to be yourself. When creating Pink Sage, I wanted a brand that was me. All that know me, know that I love to switch up my hair and looks. I dress to what feels right to me and of course, what I feel looks good on me.

These past 6 months of being in business I learned a lot about myself and the business world in general. I have strengths that I did not know I had. Being a business owner has put me to the test mentally, physically, and emotionally. To me your business is like raising your child, you are nurturing, & watching it grow. With parenting, you have okay days, good days, and not-so-good days. It is the same with your business. Some days you may make 7 sales and the next day you make only 1. How you deal with those bad days determines if you will last in the business world or not. I’ve had my great days and my bad days. When I have my bad days, I just take time to reflect on the day. I would do my research on how to improve what I felt was wrong. Strategize and plan. 

Then come back better and execute. Also having a strong support system has gotten me through. Taking time for yourself is important. Selfcare Sunday is just the time to do so, or a day out the week that you’re free. Unwind do something that makes you happy and, that you enjoy doing. Run yourself a nice bath, read or catch up on the tv shows you missed. I make sure that I do so every Sunday for at least half the day. So, I’ll spend my morning doing my normal routine, and maybe go over content for the next day in advance then relax. I know things will change as my schedule and brand grows. 

For the future expect to see nothing but big things from Pink Sage and myself

I just rebranded this month and added a ton of new looks to my website. I will eventually be dropping my own creations and handmade designs. You will see my personal style and growth through my fashion. My style will incorporate lots of colors, patterns and shapes in a classy sexy way. It will be a mix of casual and elegant streetwear. I look to bring out all my styles even some simple basic looks that set high statements. I want to show women that you do not have to wear designer or break the bank to look high-end or get the style that you’re trying to achieve. I also plan on helping other boss ladies, by sharing my tips, and journey hoping to inspire them to chase their dreams as well. You may see me stepping into the art field as well. A little secret about me is that I love to draw, and I dab in the painting field. Don’t know exactly where I’ll be in two years, but I do know that my future is bright, and I see nothing but positive things. 

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