Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Women: The Inspiring Journey of Meleese Hoss and Hoss Group Realty

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    June 12, 2023
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In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Meleese Hoss, the founder of Hoss Group Realty, a thriving real estate team that has overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success. Meleese’s journey began with a burning desire to support and empower women, leading her to establish her own team. As we delve into her inspiring story, Meleese shares her experiences, including the hurdles she faced along the way and how she overcame them. From building a strong referral network to prioritizing self-care and fostering a sense of community, Meleese’s insights offer valuable lessons for young women facing similar struggles.

How did you decide to start your own real estate team, and what challenges did you face along the way? 

I was ready for more and desired to help other women succeed as I had. The year leading up to my decision I had hit a ceiling where I was currently working, and ultimately learned that if I wanted to do more, and grow to my full potential, I needed to go my own way. I have a lot of supportive people to thank for this too, starting with my best friend, and husband who pushed me to bet on me all along. So, I made my decision. This was December 2019, with Hoss Group Realty launching in January 2020. What timing! Things started off great. Two of my friends on the previous team were planning to leave at the same time I did, and so it seemed a natural fit they came on board. My two best friends were there to get things started too, one in operations, that’s my Maiya Bee, my right hand, and then Lauren was my marketing director. 

Despite Covid we had a banner first year, and while things were seemingly riding smoothly, Drew and I thought quarantine might be the best time to give IVF another go. I was ill-prepared for the unknown that was about to become my reality. The first round (technically our 3rd. We had a 4 year break between) was unsuccessful, and we lost both embryos. We didn’t delay and went back for the next two right away. 4 days later I saw the faintest, albeit there, positive line! The greatest day of my life to that point. I had it all planned out. No problem handling business while being pregnant. 

Best laid plans, amirite? Welp, I was put on bedrest at 3 weeks until almost 3 months. This made my production impossible, and not being able to be fully engaged with your team is the kiss of death, so I learned. Fast forward to Ava’s birth, the now absolute greatest day of my life. I took about two months of home time, with no work, and then slowly came back, but I wasn’t myself. It took a couple months for me to realize I was off and suffering from postpartum. Having suffered from historical depression I did what I knew to do which was talk to my doctor. She put me on a very low dose of Lexapro and it was like I snapped right back into my body. I was reluctant at first, as I am not the biggest fan of putting pharmaceuticals in my body, but I knew I needed a jump start and would figure my healing route out from there, and I did. 

I was able to stop taking Lexapro with the guidance of my therapist and by way of an alternative mental health treatment protocol. One that didn’t temporarily bandaid my problems, but one that physically re-wired my brain to heal them. Best thing I have ever done for myself. Well, by the end of 2021 I ended up losing both team members, and retained Maiya and Lauren. It made sense, and ultimately I was extremely grateful for the way it worked out. From here I began to do some serious work. I focused on my health, family, growth and the people I had around me. I learned I was trying to run things inside a box, a box I was given by someone else. I was taught to not reinvent the wheel, and so I listened to this instead of my heart. Then, I took a step back and thought to myself, you know, sometimes wheels get old and we need new ones, and maybe not all our wheels are the same. I leaned into that, and now, here I am, surrounded by the most incredible women and people in both business and life with the fullest happiest heart I’ve ever had. 

How did you find the strength to overcome the trauma you experienced in your childhood? 

I finally got mad. I was so tired of this having so much control over me, my health, and my life. By the age of 10 I had been hospitalized and diagnosed with chronic gastritis as a result of internalizing stress. So many stomach ulcers. So I had to make a choice, and I chose to find my joy and happiness in spite of my trauma and this became my one true quest. Sure, I could have chosen to let what happened to me define me, dictate my life, control my emotions and how I treat people, use it as an excuse or crutch to be a jerk or have “issues”, but that has never been who I am, nor who I wanted to be. I have always had a “sunny” disposition, I  am what they call a child of light. I gravitate towards it, I love love, and the relationships with the people around me deeply. I desired true joy over misery, and so I had to make a choice at a young age, and I chose the pursuit of happiness.

How has your experience with PTSD influenced your approach to leadership and working with others? 

In order for me to survive my trauma my young mind learned early on how to read people and how to read a room. This actually helped mold me into the empath I am today. It is my gift. I feel people’s energy. Just try and tell me a lie! This gave me the ability to relate with just about anyone on any level. On my journey I have learned so much more about how to communicate better with others, how to listen, how to pay attention to the details, how to offer guidance, and how to know a person’s intentions. Also, authenticity and honesty. Before I did the work to heal, I was hellbent on making everyone happy, wanting everyone to like me, which meant I was not showing up as my true self. I learned that it’s ok to be you, and if you love you, the right people will too. It’s ok to not be everyone’s cup of tea, drink coffee with your tribe and be happy!

Meleese Hoss

Can you speak more about your involvement with Bella House and your commitment to helping homeless pregnant women? 

I have a passion for the well being and betterment of women’s lives across all cultures and walks of life. I crave more knowledge and understanding of women in other cultures as I want to learn, understand and be able to better relate with them and better educate my daughter. I truly love and believe in the power that is the bonds of sisterhood. When women stand together and don’t tear eachother down mountains move.  I wanted to find an organization that was local to my community in which I could give back and serve women in need, and be another positive story they could hear of someone who has been where they are and got to the other side. I found Bella House, attended their orientation, and knew this is where I was meant to be. 

The women in these homes come from all backgrounds and varying circumstances, but they all have one thing in common, the desire to build a better life for them and their unexpected baby. It takes a strong resolve to stare in the face of such uncertainty and responsibility, and say, I’m here to learn and do what it takes. I believe they all deserve the best life has to offer. Too often people, not just women, find themselves in these impossibly difficult situations, and no one is there to lend a hand, so things get worse and perpetuate. If I can inspire, or help just one woman to believe in herself and know she can do anything and handle anything life throws at her, then it’s all more than worth it. 

How do you prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance?  

My time with Drew and Ava are priority number one. We both work from home so during the day we alternate who is on parent duty, and in the evenings, at 5:00, my phone goes on personal time so we can enjoy dinner, bathtime and night night routine without distractions. Setting healthy boundaries is critical. Once Ava goes down at 7:00 Drew and I give ourselves another hour of work time, and then my phone is down after 8:00 (there is room for improvement here, I definitely get sucked back in every now and again, and well, real estate doesn’t always operate during normal business hours), we have us time (talk, play cards, watch a show or movie, or our favorite team, the Dallas Stars play), and then bed by 10:00, if I am lucky to make it that long.  

One of the areas I have worked most hard on is my health/self care. I want to be the very best me for my daughter, and be here as long as I possibly can to see all the wonderful things she does. When I feel my best everything else is in balance. When I allow myself to eat poorly I feel it, or stay up late and not get up and read I feel it, so I follow a schedule. 5:00 am I am up reading and writing, 7:00 am Ava is up and we do a healthy breakfast/get ready for the day, 8:00 am I am on the computer answering emails or responding to texts/calls, 9:00 am Ava and I are at the gym where I workout and then do 15 minute meditation/affirmations in the sauna, then Ava and I drink healthy smoothies,10:30 I am on the computer or dropping Ava home so I can meet clients. I drink tons of water, and rarely anything else. I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine (with the exception of the occasional Dr. Pepper, my kryptonite), very rarely eat any red meat, lots of fish, salads, veggies, you know, clean eating. 

I had to learn this though and it wasn’t easy at first, but I knew it was worth it. I was so ill informed on the direct correlation of food/exercise on mental health and overall well being. I mean, it seems obvious that if you eat a lot of junk you are not going to feel great, but when I actually made the changes and committed to a healthier lifestyle, holy smokes, level up! For my mental health I read, I meditate, spend time in prayer, reflection, gratitude, and again, set healthy boundaries. I also stopped watching the news, for the love! This helped a ton. There are things I must know for my business and so I get that news and other news I need from trusted sources, but I stay away from the toxicity and divisiveness that major news organizations pump out. Everyone I know that stares at that stuff all day is perpetually angry. Boundaries. Drew and I also made the decision to remove individuals from our lives that were causing us great pain. We are a united front in protecting our peace, and the peace, happiness, and well being of our best girl. Too often we let people stay, have access to our hearts that they abuse because of some unwritten rule, societal norm, or moral doctrine. I had to unlearn a lot of things before I could heal and grow to be in this place of joy. 

What advice would you give to young women who may be struggling with similar experiences to yours? 

I would say first and foremost, you are not alone, and I do know how much it can feel that you are. So many times when you’re in that darkness you don’t even realize it. You know that saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees”, that to me is what PTSD and depression can be like. You find yourself not eating well, not drinking enough water, sitting on the couch more, not wanting to get out of bed, napping, watching toxic tv, withdrawing from people and next thing you know you’re in it and don’t know how to get out. Listen to your body and your heart, and if it’s telling you something needs to change, believe it, then take just one step. Don’t be afraid to choose you and your happiness. You can do more than you know, just one step at a time. 

Meleese Hoss & her team

How do you foster a sense of community and collaboration among the women on your team? 

This happens very naturally on our team, we are all collaboration all the time. Maiya and I have worked very hard to create this kind of environment. We both wanted a place where everyone has a voice. A place where you can trust the leaders you open yourself up to. Maiya and I have created a space of trust, safety, encouragement, and empowerment. We talk daily on our group chat, we have weekly zoom meetings, game nights, brunches/lunches (we all love food), masterminds, script practice etc. We have a zero apology, zero judgment, zero drama policy that everyone follows naturally, though all of us struggle with the ol apologizing routine from time to time, conditioning is hard to unlearn. I don’t follow the old golden rule, treat others how YOU want to be treated. I have learned to treat others how THEY want to be treated. This changed everything for me; how I communicate, and how I listen. If you want deeper, more meaningful, relationships, ask questions, listen, be present, and honest.

Can you speak more about the success your team has achieved in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic? 

I love this question. Maiya and I have talked about this a lot, and well, we just aren’t afraid of change. I have been in this business 17 years now, I have seen some things. My experience in multiple changing markets and economies gives us a good pulse on how to make moves and shift. In other words, we can dance. Change is constant, and if you aren’t willing to lean in, pivot, learn, and implement new systems, and or products that give your team and your clients an edge up on the competition, you’re missing the boat. 

What do you believe sets your real estate team apart from others in the industry? 

We have partnerships, systems, and programs in place for our clients that many others either don’t know about, aren’t willing to embrace, or don’t have the ability to implement. Aside from the business, they simply don’t have our people. We don’t feel like we have any competition. Eyes forward always. 

What strategies have you used to build a strong referral network and generate new business? 

Referrals are 60% of our business. We have partnerships with realtors all over the world and in every state of the US. This is an entire separate line of income for all of our team members as well. We also have a strong local business-to-business plan through our weekly tHERsday spotlights in which we showcase other amazing women in business. We also have a strong foothold in the new construction community giving us another line of referrals. Networking and collaboration is critical to our model. 

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