Mindfulness Mornings For Productive Days

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    April 11, 2022
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Mindfulness Mornings For Productive Days Women On Topp womenontopp.com

Attitude, focusness, and discipline mean everything in the morning. A great morning routine can transform your entire day. It ́s no coincidence that some of the most successful and productive people follow morning routines. For those with high-stress jobs and for all those who currently face the challenge of teleworking and making our home our workplace, it’s essential to take these extra minutes of the day for self-care and purpose.

Rooted in the ancient Buddhist tradition, mindfulness is basically the practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment; observe oneself and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations for our advantage. 

There are several benefits of creating and maintaining a mindful morning routine. So here are some simple and easy-apply strategies for creating a mindful morning routine and that way archive your day to day tasks no matter what it ́s happening around us. 

• Prepare your day the night before 

If you have clear your priorities for the next day before sleeping, you will wake up conscious of your tasks and with a greater sense of order. Try to prioritize your rest, make early and light dinners and write down your goals for the next day in your agenda or somewhere visible. Remember to reflect before going to sleep on some of the things you feel grateful for the day lived. 

• The first minutes are key 

According to psychologist and human motivation specialist Ron Friedman, the first three hours of your day are our most precious for maximizing productivity. Avoid reaching your phone or electronic 

devices as the first thing in the morning to not lose valuable energy, better enjoy a few minutes of silence while taking advantage of making your bed, tidying up and cleaning your space and doing your daily grooming. If you make sure that while you do these basic tasks your thoughts are positive and along the lines of gratitude, you will perceive great effects. 

• The power of meditating and exercise 

A few minutes of conscious care for your mind and body will make a difference. There are numerous resources that we can find online to practice guided meditation for our mind to wake up serene and active. In turn, your body will appreciate a few minutes of exercise before have a nutritious breakfast rich in vitamins. A healthy body and mind will translate into quality work. 

• Create a good work environment 

Distractions at home are bigger than in the office, so creating a comfortable and secure working environment will be essential for moving quickly to make some necessary changes to face this challenge while we keep up our productivity. Some ambient music, a desk ready to work and a duties list organized by priorities can be some of the tricks we can use to keep us on top. 

• Be patient with yourself and persist 

Creating good routines it’s not easy at first but once you get used to it and you learn to enjoy it becomes your lifestyle. Be kind and patient with yourself in the process. After a while, you can surprise yourself having become a morning person who loves and appreciates the quality time in the mornings and who realizes how great it’s do all the important for you early in the day to enjoy the rest of the time in the best way and humor. 

Ester Mbomio Lagar

Ester is an Executive Journalist with significant experience in communications, international affairs, diplomacy, and public administration. She has a passion for cultures, sustainable development, and innovation. On Women on Topp, she promotes a healthy success and a balanced lifestyle for empowering businesswomen.

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