Malaysian Girl Boss leaves as A Corporate Laywer to Create Something Else

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    February 3, 2019
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Shuhada Alauddin

Who is Shuhada Alauddin, the Malaysian Girl Boss who has been featured in The Star, Herworld, Cosmopolitan Malaysia, Marie Claire? Yeah, you hear it right this queen girl decided to take a different path in life no one else would and has now become a transformational speaker, life coach and the founder of MYRYL(Master Yourself Revamp Your Life).

MYRYL (pronounced my-real) is an acronym for Master Yourself Revamp Your Life. Alauddin decided to start this coaching company upon discovering what her colour personality is back in year 2012. MYRYL is a lean company that consists of multitasking individuals who is passionate about helping make a difference in people’s lives and whose aim is to touch the lives of millions with what they do worldwide. 

Growing always feels like breaking at first

It all started when one day Alauddin had a major meltdown when she was still in legal practice. At the time she was a corporate lawyer for many years and drafting agreements and conducting negotiations for purposes of company take-overs and mergers were her bread and butter; which Alauddin naturally gotten good at after years of experience.

But on one day Alauddin found herself unable to draft a single clause to an agreement that she had done many times before and it made her realize she needed a break. When she was on that break she discovered her colour personality and true calling. 

‘’This discovery convinced me to undertake a certification course on colour energy and 1 year after completing the course I decided to leave legal practice to start my coaching company.’’ 

Alauddin’s aim was to share what she discovered for herself  – as she believes many people are in the same boat she was i.e. not doing what they are meant to do because they unsure what it is they are supposed to do due to now knowing who they really are at the core; and it became her mission to help as many people to find their true colours and discover the dream job/ business that fits their personality.

Tell us about your workshop at the moment, how do you come up with the tips to coach your clients?

For individual clients, the workshops that I’ve been conducting are known as “Hue I Am: Start Owning Your Potential & Hack That Dream Business With Colours” and  “Flow-In-Millions Masterclass: Unblock Money Energy”. 

For these 2 programs, I train, coach and share with my clients based on the experiences that I’ve gone through myself. So the tips and techniques I share are the ones that truly work. 

Plus, since I’ve done this so many participants and have gathered feedbacks from them, I’ve also included their experiences to be shared in my programs. 

You are saying that you gave up your legal firm’s partnership and quit the corporate legal practice of 10 years. Tell us what have you learned the most from those 10 years? Did you quit after 10 years to start MYRYL?

Yes, I left practice after 10 years to start MYRYL. I believe that it was God’s way of guiding me by making me go through those 10 years to teach me some things. 

For one, I’ve learnt to appreciate what I do now in ways that I don’t think I would be able to fully appreciate if I didn’t go through my previous job that led me to the meltdown. 

Those 10 years have also obviously equipped me with sufficent legal knowledge and expertise that I need during my start up and also continue to help me as there are always legal matters or issues to look out for or deal with in my business.

You are working mostly in Malaysia, do you also work internationally? If not, do you plan to go international?

Yes, I conduct my workshops and coaching programs mostly in Malaysia but I have also been invited for speaking engagements in Manchester,United Kingdom and Tokyo, Japan. 

Moving forward, I intent to receive more opportunities to share on my colour energy and behavioral patterns expertise on the international stage and also working with international clients for personal coaching sessions that can be done via skype or another similar platform.

In addition to that, I’ve also produced an online video training program of the “Hue I Am: Start Owning Your Potential & Hack That Dream Business With Colours” that can be purchased and immediately downloaded at our site I intent for this program to be in the hands of millions of people worldwide. 

What are your goals currently? What problem are you trying to solve?

My goal for 2019 is to spread more on being conscious of the mind, mastering it and shifting energy.  I find that a lot of people from all walks of life and regardless of age; are not aware of the extent of their mind and the power it has and also that people are not familiar with how energy can affect them and those around them daily. By making sure that our thoughts are “programmed” and the energy it creates flow unhindered will determine how much one can accomplish in all areas such as wealth, health, success, happiness etc.

Tell us who are your clients?

My clients have been predominantly professional/entrepreneur women between the ages of 25 to 40 years of age.  In the past 6 years, I notice that they usually come to MYRYL seeking the following:

  1. They want to learn about how I manage to change my career when I was in my 30s and want to get to know their colour personality so that they can identify who they really are at the core and what’s their true calling.
  1. They are interested to know about colour energy per se and how it affects their daily lives and how to apply it effectively in how they carry themselves, in what they do at work or in their personal relationships.
  1. They are interested to know how energy shifting can help them, what is blocking their energy, why it becomes blocked and how to let it flow right again for example in the area of money.
  1. The want to identify what mental blockages that they have and how to eliminate it so that they can move up at work, improve their relationship with friends, colleagues or partner, so that they can start the business they been wanting to or step up their business.

Tell us about a time when a client didn’t like your work, what did you do about it?

When I first started I was so gungho about wanting to help people make a change. One of my clients at the time was so resistant towards my help and everything I did doesn’t produce the result that I hoped for. That made me doubt myself whether I’m really fit to coach people.

I spoke to one of my mentors and he asked me this question – “Shuhada, did you want the change more than she does?” That stopped me in my tracks and it dawned on me that I truly wanted her to see her potential and living up to it. But she wasn’t ready for it.

Another thing that I also learnt from that incident is to always provide my expertise or services to anyone for a fee. 

At the time I thought it would be best for me to provide some free consultations and services (the abovementioned client was one of them) because I was just starting out and was collecting testimonials and portfolios.

I’ve come to realize that by doing things for free means that the person usually is not ready to make a change and is just in it because “why not since it’s FREE” mindset.

When people are invested they are committed and takes ownership of the change they want to do.

How would you describe your work style while running your business? 

When I first started out I was always planning everything but there were things that didn’t go too well. Looking back I now realise that I’ve had hunches about those things that didn’t work out. 

Now I finally own up to the fact that I’m an intuitive person.  So now as much as I plan, I also go along with my intuition to help me decide whether or not I should go ahead with a plan, or work with someone or hire someone etc and so far this has been working out well for me.

Do you believe in destiny or do you think you can control your fate?

I truly believe that we can create the life that we want. Sadly though we were never taught how to and instead we have been led to believe that we have no control over our destiny and fate. 

That’s why it is part of my mission and goal to spread the awareness of mastering our thoughts and energy because that’s how we have control of our lives and able to create it the way we want it.

What is the best advice you give your clients, that you would like to share with Women On Topp Readers?

The advice that I always tell my clients happens to also be the name of my company, which is “master yourself, revamp your life” ☺

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