Interview with Jennifer Sims, Founder of Keeping The Books Accounting Firm

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    July 5, 2021
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Meet Jennifer Sims a Certified Bookkeeper, founder and owner of Keeping The Books an accounting firm located in Canada. Keeping the Books specializes in Small Business & Start Up Entrepreneurs. From start to finish, you can trust their expertise and get back to the true passion of your company.

Jennifer Sims has also published her ebook called “Start & Run a Successful Business” The book is for those who currently have a small business and unsure if they are doing things correctly.

Are you about to start a business and want to know what is it expected of you for taxes? Whether you have been in business for years or have a current side hustle on the build, this book will answer a lot of the unknown questions many small business owners face. 

What do you most enjoy about your profession?

I am passionate about entrepreneurship. One of my favourite things to do is hear about other people’s businesses and their stories. It is not an easy decision on becoming a business owner. Many wear all the “hats” and while it can be stressful, it is also a very rewarding choice in life. I get a really great part in that. I love helping by advising people on financial decisions and watching their dreams come alive and grow. I am a cheerleader on the sidelines to all my clients. 

What do you believe are the key skills and competencies someone needs to be successful working in the sector?

To work in my industry and be successful, I believe you need a combination of very important skills. For me they include organization, an affinity for “lists”, time management for deadlines, and above all else, people skills. I make my focus and work at solving a very real pain point for my clients.

Could you give some examples of your “Finance and/or Tax Tips”?

1 – Separate your personal and business expenses if you are running a business

2 – Save before you spend (try for 15% off your top gross depending on cash flow)

3 – Use credit to your advantage. Don’t carry a balance, instead build credit by paying it off each month. 

How is it as a woman working in the industry? Does it feel male dominated?

The business industry is still very male driven. I am starting to see an influx of more women in business, and it’s very refreshing to see. I have had many instances of sexism in my business role. Fortunately for me as a business owner, I have been able to extract those people by choosing who I do business with.   

Tell us something about your book, can you share more about it?

I believe everyone should have a creative outlet and mine has been through poetry in the past. I recently published my book “Haven”. It was a great personal accomplishment for me and is available through Amazon. All proceeds go to local charities. 

Where do you see your company going in 10 years?

While COVID slowed this past year’s business goals, I am actively in the process of franchising my business. In 10 years, I hope to be overseeing many more locations. It’s a wonderful time to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, when you do your research and find a passion you love. 

What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Why?

My favorite network for business is Instagram by far. The combination of advertising fees and reach has become overrun with material. A lot of the bigger corporations have taken over a large part of the marketing seen unfortunately for many of these platforms. Instagram allows further reach and is more localized by the use of hashtags and location. I use this quite often for a media business advantage. 

What has been your favorite moment in your career so far?

A few of my favorite career moments came quite a few years ago when we broke 6 figure sales. Also being able to take on employees and create jobs. 

Share two pieces of advice for female entrepreneurs.

My advice is to find your passion and follow that dream. Don’t focus on where the money will come from. That worry and question stop a lot of people from trying. Trust and know that what you love will grow and show in time. The money will come and you will make it through when you are doing what you love. Take the risk. You only live once, and it is so worth it. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

One of my most recent was being able to create an educational scholarship fund for local female students in my city. Being able to give back to a community I have grown in, makes me very happy. I value education so much and this is a small impact I am proud to share with others. 

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