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    November 7, 2014
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Laura Pouliquen, parisian blogger & journalist in Hong Kong

”I am a parisian girl and my name is the perfect clash of my heritage : part French, part Libanese. I spent my years growing up in Paris. I worked in advertising and journalism and I moved in Hong Kong to “step out of my comfort zone”. I am journalist for Le Petit Journal Hong Kong, an online magazine for French expatriates in Hong Kong and I am the author of the lifestyle blog where I use my style to meditate on relationships, food, decor and all things in Paris and Hong Kong.

Basically, it’s been 3 years since I started my blog. Well.. I would like to designate myself as a lifestyle blogger & a journalist ! Let me explain my “phylosophy”. First and foremost, my blog is my dream. My passion is to explore the world thanks to my blog. When I am proud of a project or find it interesting, when I visit a fabulous place, I am happy to talk to my community about it. Sometimes, it comes up, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all part of the game. All the advertisers who appear on my blog for collaboration are brands which whom we have respectful relationships (Bijou Chérie, Thierry Mugler, soon Parfaites, etc.) It’s gone well and we’ll do everything to keep it that way.

After my final internship in Havas Digital in Paris in june 2013, I had new goals and God called me to do something greater in my life. In july 2013, thanks my blog, I was contacted by a french start up to work in Hong Kong. I was not scared, it was the time to go after my dreams and unleash my potential, it was the time to go above and beyond where I have always been. When I move in Hong Kong, I decided to interview some talented expatriates in Hong Kong to share their vision and way of life in this town. “Les interviews hongkongaises” is a project that I just love. It’s what i always wanted to do and it’s the reason I am a journalist :  each month, I meet people in art, music or cinema for an interview. I have incredible remembrances with Matthieu Chedid, Phoenix or Chinese Man Records for example.

How I see my future ? 

I love business. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do. But according to me, business is developing an idea, it’s surrounding yourself with passionate people to put it together, it’s working together on something that you love and believe in. It’s creating jobs, it’s having responsibilities. That’s why I have my blog, and that’s why I want to travel again to develop my blog, to build my own magazine & to meet the good people…”

Les Mots De Maalouf


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