Inspiring: Joelise Tillman-Josey owner of Sapphire Investment Group & Associates.

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    November 26, 2014
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My name is Joelise Tillman-Josey and I am the owner of I created this company because of the struggles and trials that I have experienced in dealing with one of the most talked about subjects, Money! I’ve always had a fascination with its capabilities when placed in the right hands. Money can enhance a person’s life or completely destroy it. Since I’m now recovering financially, I now have a clear picture of what it takes to build a healthy relationship with money and have counseled many on my personal techniques for building wealth.

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The word Sapphire was chosen to represent my company because the gemstone possesses three key qualities that are admirable. The first is that genuine investment sapphires never lose value. Money can be invested in many different vehicles that never lose value. An example of this is real estate. I encourage everyone to think about real estate as a must have item in their financial portfolio. Real estate may decrease in value but will always rise again. In addition, paying a mortgage is essentially paying into a long term savings account for yourself. Another key quality of a sapphire gem is that it represents order, structure, and self-discipline. These are all characteristics a person must have when getting serious about getting their financial house in order. The third characteristic of the sapphire gem is that it is considered to be the royal stone of learning. When it comes to finances, you can never learn enough!

My company is a young company as it was created in May 2014. I initially started out partnering with a real estate investment company, but quickly discovered that people were interested in ways to build up the capital needed to invest in real estate. I then set out to build a finance referral network that functions as a one stop shop for any person, at any place in their life with a financial need. The list of services in my network of providers are life insurance services, home ownership and real estate investing, stock market investing, tax and accounting services, business loan services, business consulting for startups (non-profit and for profit),  credit repair, and estate planning services.

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The future for Sapphire Investment Group and Associates is bright. Plans are in the works to become a boutique finance firm, where clients will instantly feel at ease when entering my place of business. The firm will serve as a place where clients can receive financial counseling and take classes to improve their relationship with finances.  I have also found that women are not highly represented in my field and I want to change the world’s view. We are smart beyond measure and my goal is to empower women with their finances so that they can leave a financial legacy for their families and generations to come.

I would like to give a big shout out to Women on Topp for featuring my story. I love the way you combine  the sexiness of fashion with powerful quotes!  Your fans can find additional finance tips at Ladies, if you are employed, remember to think of ways to work smarter and not harder for your money. Investing your funds is one of the best ways that you can work smarter!


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