Inspiring: Ashley Coleman, pageant queen, MBA graduate, business owner & more!

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    December 3, 2014
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Meet Ashley Coleman- pageant queen, MBA graduate, business owner, personal banker, and marketing mogul. A recent graduate with her Masters of Business Administration in marketing, international relations, and Leadership now works as a personal banker and is also in the process of starting her own fitness coaching and consulting business. Ashley has competed in pageants for over10 years, owning the titles Miss Black Ohio USA 2015, Miss Capital City USA, and Miss Central Ohio USA,-amongst many others.

Ashley Coleman has several glorified accomplishments professionally, however her most prized possession is her blog Ashley created this blog to touch the hearts of girls all over who are over educated  and under appreciated, those who dream big and then BIGGER, the ones who feel alone in their thoughts, and many more. Her dream in starting the blog was to provide an open diary of all things fitness, fabulous, fashion, success, and education. Ashley felt that her blog would be a place any young lady could visit on any given day and find either an article, a quote, or even a photo that relates to their life in that given moment,
Ashley aspires to eventually turn the blog into a website where viewers can post and share stories, make purchases of hot items, order diet and fitness plans, and even post their own quotes and inspiration. The blog will grow into a virtual home for women searching for others who understand, encourage, and inspire their lives. You’ll find passion, love, and encouragement that’s just may be the PUSH you need at
Ashley lives by the motto ” a job will remain a job until you add passion and multiply ambition, then it becomes the one thing you’ve always dream of doing”

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