From Successful Model to Owning Her Own Modeling Agency: EV Agency, LLC

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    July 24, 2021
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From Successful Model to Owning Her Own Modeling Agency: EV Agency LLC women on topp

My name is Elizabeth Velasquez Frescofiore, I am a 36-year-old Mexican-American living in California and I am the owner of EV Agency, LLC. 

I was raised by a single mother alongside four brothers and sisters, and my early life was not easy. Growing up I witnessed violence, abuse and a lot of pain. However, these tragedies inspired me to reach harder for my dreams. I wanted to be a police officer, then a teacher. I graduated from Cal State with a degree in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Mathematics, but my life had a few more twists in store for me! I began to pursue a career in modeling and doing whatever it took to get there. I remember working as a waitress at a burger joint, hostess at a Trump’s golf course and steaming wedding dresses at night — whatever I needed to do to keep this dream alive.

Through all of the turmoil and changes in my life, one thing was constant: my ambition.

I knew that I could become a successful businesswoman, and it was my belief in myself that let me achieve that. I am living proof that you don’t have to live a charmed life to achieve your goals. 

After more than a decade of success as a model, working with big celebrities and gracing the cover of magazines, I felt called to become the agent that I never had. People may try to downplay it, but I truly feel that no one is being honest about the kinds of hurdles women really can face in the modeling industry, especially as a minority. The truth is that a lot of men and women will try to take advantage of each other, and there is a mindset that models are not intelligent, and are just trying to settle down with someone rich and famous because “that’s what models do”. 

But I want to challenge that belief. Models can be businesswomen, we can be ambitious and talented just like in any other industry. I created EV Agency, LLC with that in mind, and within three years I was working with huge corporate entities.

EV Agency, LLC is a promotional modeling, talent and staffing agency.

We book all over the U.S. for trade shows, photoshoots, and staffing. As I mentioned before, one of my goals was to be the kind of agent I wished I had as a model. To that end one of the things that set our agency apart is that our clients pick who they want to book. We also keep in consistent contact with both the client and the talent to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. Working on both sides of the modeling industry’s coin, I have been able to take my own experiences and translate them into better business practices for both the clients and the talent. We had a major goal when I started this company and it boils down to one sentence: at EV Agency, LLC, we do things right. 

My message to anyone looking to become a businesswoman and to pursue her own path is: Don’t spend all of your time trying to find yourself. Spend time forming yourself into the person you’ll be proud of. If I can do it, then you can. Don’t ever stop pushing for your goals. Three key tactics that I have found success with are: create your own lane, don’t be jealous or negative, and to remember that nothing comes easy but it will come as long as you keep going. Have a vision, set goals, give gratitude and always stay humble.  

As for EV Agency, LLC, we had to hit pause due to the pandemic, like most other businesses, but this also gave us the opportunity to prepare, and we used that time to hit the gates running when the restrictions were lifted. We’re currently working with top music video directors and big companies and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about us even more in the near future.

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