Dance Your Way to Success With DanceBody: An Interview with Founder and CEO Katia Pryce

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    March 9, 2023
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Dance your way to fitness success with DanceBody: An Interview with Founder and CEO Katia Pryce

Katia Pryce is the founder and CEO of Dancebody, a dance fitness company that offers workout classes to clients all over the world. What started as private sessions in New York City quickly evolved into a successful business with 25 DanceBody trainers, 16 full-time staff, and three studio locations. DanceBody’s success is largely due to Katia’s passion for dance and fitness, as well as her commitment to innovation and creating new programs and equipment. 

Get ready to dance your way to fitness success with DanceBody – a dance fitness company that’s taking the world by storm. We sit down with founder and CEO, Katia Pryce, to discuss the inception of DanceBody, the importance of innovation in the fitness industry, and her definition of success as a female entrepreneur and leader.

Can you tell us about the inception of DanceBody and how it evolved into the successful business it is today?

After dancing professionally for years, I decided to combine my passion for dance and fitness into a career and founded DanceBody in 2013. I grew DanceBody from the ground up, starting with Private Sessions that quickly turned into sold out classes. My mission was always to provide a fun, inclusive experience through “nice people dancing to good music.” This has translated into devoted DanceBody clients who work out with us in-person in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and The Hamptons, and a cult-like following all over the world with our DanceBody LIVE streaming platform.

Can you speak about the importance of innovation in the fitness industry and how DanceBody stays ahead of the curve?

DanceBody continues to innovate and increase our reach by creating new classes, new equipment, new programs, and enhancing our online streaming service. We are constantly moving. What’s amazing is that you don’t need to live in fitness mecca’s like NYC or LA anymore to find the best workouts. The clients we have on DanceBody LIVE are all over the world and feel just as connected to our classes and trainers as our in-studio clients. The digital world has closed the gap of distance, and allows us to connect in such a personal and powerful way. 

How do you measure the success and impact of DanceBody on its members and the community?

We are so closely connected to our bodies, that any change affects our entire being – mind, body, and soul. My favorite part is watching our clients transform not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I feel successful when my clients share their incredible journey with me. I get so many personal messages saying “DanceBody has saved my life” and that truly is the best feeling. When the community feels powerful, confident, and happy inside their body, I know I’ve successfully made an impact.

Katia Pryce for DanceBody

Can you discuss your involvement in the development of DanceBody LIVE and its impact on the company?

Alongside my co-founder, Courtnay Mariani, we launched our digital offerings back in 2016. So we were a bit ahead of the curve. DanceBody LIVE then relaunched in January 2020 and we offer daily LIVE classes streamed directly from our New York City studios that include cutting-edge technology such as two-way cameras — it feels like you’re there! Not only can you see the trainer and class but they can see you. It’s great for accountability and movement correction. We also host a library of over 400 On Demand workouts ranging in length from 10 to 60 minutes. We’ve always been tuned in to providing a high quality product that is accessible so that anyone, anywhere can experience the benefits of a transformative dance cardio and sculpt workout that’s unlike any other.

Can you discuss your definition of success and how you strive to achieve it?

When everyone around me is succeeding that is when I truly feel successful. From the work that my team puts forth to the work my clients put in, that’s what it’s all about. At DanceBody, we’re constantly inventing newness whether that be new classes, new equipment, and new ways for the community to feel even more connected. The new experiences and friendships we see inside and outside the studio stem from the connection from the workout. It’s a pleasure to see those near and far meet their goals, feel proud of their results, and feel something far more than just a workout. This is their safe space and I’m honored to be able to share it with thousands of like-minded individuals.  

Can you share any advice you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs and leaders? 

Listen to people who have done what you are trying to do. Gain all the information and advice, then decide what applies. Understand the difference between a “hobby” and a “business.” Do your financial homework and run numbers before you spend a dollar. Get proof of concept that there is demand for what you supply.  Know that your intuition is your strongest primal asset. Never sign anything unless you FULLY understand it. Be prepared to fail, and appreciate those lessons. Master the pivot. Love change. Always be a student. Lead with love.

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