Catch Up With Nasreen P. Bhatt, Founder of a Beauty Brand

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    August 28, 2020
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Hi beauties, remember we interviewed Nasreen P. Bhatt about a year ago? Nasreen P. Bhatt, the Founder of Inner Soul Hair Oil, a strong independent driven woman who has accomplished many achievements academically specializing in health occupations. Nasreen P. Bhatt founded a hair oil brand that has attracted multiple accolades and generated a lot of excitement among a community that is actively seeking healthier, more natural alternatives to the beauty products targeted at women with multi-textured hair textures. 

Today we caught up with Nasreen to see how she and her brand has been doing since the last time we interviewed her. 


InnerSoul Hair Oil is an All-Natural Home Remedy to help Nourish and Restore the texture and growth Of damaged hair. This is made from drying out a coconut that produces a natural oil mixed with Indian Gooseberries and vegetables such as Sesame, canola, cottonseed, rose herb, and Mineral Oil. Before use, the coconut is filtered and purified to remove the fruit’s oils. This will aid as a Nourishment for dry scalp and a great source of Vitamin C.


Our main focus is to Rejuvenate the Scalp for healthierand more Stronger hair growth. InnerSoul Hair Oil will give you a Calm and Relaxed Feeling as the Natural ingredients work to Replenish the original hair into a more Stronger and Healthier hair leaving a beautifully Shine to every strand. So why not take care of what matters and Revitalize your beauty while Revitalizing your Soul.   

Since the last time, we interviewed you, what has changed the most? 

We are now officially a  “Brand’  Shop InnerSoul and we have added more products to our online boutique embracing the beauty of being naturally you that we are so excited to give so many products that are healthy for you and the planet. 

Describe your bestselling product and tell us why it sells? 

Our best selling product is still our Innersoul Hair Oil because the rich ingredients are great scalp nourishment for all hair textures and have truly made a significant difference in so many people to embrace their natural beauty but give self-confidence as well. And then our facial Mudd mask (Innersoul Glow) which is a turmeric/Orange Peel hydrating mask has made is its way followed by (Innersoul Shine) a rosehip- ginger root vitamin C hydrating facial oil and this is great because its (scent Free) so great for men and women for any day or night giving a full 12hr coverage. 

What other products do you sell and which ones did you add to your product range? 

We have now 5 products ranging from $18-$50 that are all self-care beauty products and all of these are to give your mind and body the natural and healthier way of taking care of yourself so more like a “me time” ritual but an effective way because the applying products that are actually working for to keep you youthful. All of our products are affordable which was really important to me because I wanted to create products that are being used for longevity without the stress of feeling like you over paid and products that are just very easy to use. 

How would you say someone can create a beauty product that sells well? 

I would say to follow on your own experience journey and do the research and really take the time to figure out what it is that your giving Value to others and how the products will benefit others… this is my own journey and real experiences that shaped me into the entrepreneur woman I am and I own all my imperfections but I also carry myself as a very strong woman with self-confidence, lots of love & grace and I love a challenge lol so this was a process I personally had to go through because of my own hair and skin routine. I have always been very into old school style remedies and natural care especially in how I maintain my beauty routine so I wanted to be an example for others in knowing that they can too feel good and look good without the artificial harsh chemicals on their skin.  

From your experience, what have you learned the most since you started InnerSoul? 

I have learned that once you have implanted vision that you see yourself creating you have to block out all the distractions and just stay consistent. Even on days when you’re not feeling your best, it’s okay to rest and try again later but never give up on a Vision that you see unfolding even if it’s a slow unfolding. keep learning and growing. 

Starting a beauty business is 1 thing, but selling the products is another thing. Can you tell us what helped you the most to reach clients and sell your products? 

Its all about creating the right content of value and to be you when using the products. I share my own product and experiences of using all Innersoul Products and being very attentive to my customers if they have any questions or concerns. 

What else would you like to share from your starting experience that we can learn from? 

No Idea is ever too small if your passionate about yourself and what you can bring to the table. Vision your dream Table and put in the work. Good things take time so don’t get discouraged.  

What is next for you? 

I am looking forward to expanding more products to the brand line 2021.

How do you set goals and try to achieve them? (as in sales) 

I try to set myself at least 3 big goals a week but from the time I get up I read and have my chai, No matter what day it is I always say what I’m thankful for at the end of each day even if it was the most horrible day I am thankful for my health, love of my family & friends and the support from so many to believe in me since day one. 

What has been a mistake during the start-up and why? 

I didn’t look into how much the marketing can make a difference when you see the professional side of photos because I’ve always done everything myself so I am very grateful I have found urban chic media to work with and really help me perfect my vision. Its been a great journey with them as a New Entrepreneur businesswoman. 

How do you cope during the COVID-19? 

The pandemic really helped Us. We are a self-care brand so this actually gave so many an insight into what’s important when it comes to products in the beauty industry I feel. Our products are made so natural that it has created a form of education during times of hardship and give comfort to those who are into real healthier products. All the products are made to be used on a regular weekly basis in keeping yourself naturally hydrated and just feeling good in a therapeutic sense so I appreciate everyone that has been on the Innersoul journey that comments and gives us the reviews on how Innersoul Products have helped them and changed their confidence. 

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