A Small Business To Embrace Women’s Natural Beauty

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    November 18, 2019
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Beauties are you ready for some inspiration? We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome InnerSoul Hair Oil, the brand has attracted multiple accolades and generated a lot of excitement among a community that is actively seeking healthier, more natural alternatives to the beauty products targeted at women with multi-textured hair textures.

So of course we had to take the opportunity to pick the brain of their founder, Nasreen P. Bhatt, to find out about what motivated her to create these much-needed products, how she chooses and sources!

Nasreen P. Bhatt, the Founder of Innersoulhairoil, a strong independent driven woman who has accomplished many achievements academically specializing in health occupations first and for most. Despite Nasreen’s childhood family obstacles and struggles in life to get to where she is today she has always believed that no storm lasts forever. Nasreen had her share and here she stands still tall and stable.  Nasreen’s mother who grew up in a small village in Southeast Asia taught her the beauty of survival using the natural ingredients from mother nature as the best medicine and she has always carried that with her.  Nasreen has a science and agricultural background from Delaware valley college where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.  Growing up Nasreen was always the girl who would mix up things to make it form together somehow… Nasreen has always been a very creative woman and always loved to put this and that together to make it form something, it didn’t matter what it was. That’s how Nasreen believed that it just works. You’ll get something out of it.  

InnerSoul Hair Oil

InnerSoul Hair Oil is an all-natural home remedy to help nourish and restore the texture and growth of damaged hair. This is made from drying out a coconut that produces a natural oil mixed with Indian gooseberries and vegetables such as sesame, canola, cottonseed, rose herb and mineral oil. Before use, the coconut is filtered and purified to remove the fruits oils. This will aid as a Nourishment for dry scalp and a great source of vitamin C. InnerSoul’s main focus is to rejuvenate the scalp for healthier and more stronger hair growth. InnerSoul Hair Oil will give anyone a calm and relaxed feeling as the natural ingredients work to replenish the original hair into a more stronger and healthier hair leaving a beautiful shine to every strand. So why not take care of what matters and revitalize your beauty while revitalizing your Soul.  

How did Innersoulhairoil come into your Mind?

Innersoulhairoil came to my mind after many many years of going to the salon each week and doing all kinds of crazy things with my hair. I was once this girl who was feeling stressed about my hair because it wasn’t what I was used to and I’m like No I gotta get this back together somehow someway.  I have put excess heat, color and so many chemical products that it just wouldn’t grow past a certain length and it would leave me frustrated. 

Why hair products and not any other beauty products?

Hair to me is a really big deal “I mean it should be for everyone” it is your crown right…. so I sat one night and thinking and reflecting on my childhood and how my mom does everything from scratch till this day and I reverted to what she used to do to my hair growing up. She would always Oil my hair each week to make sure it was nice and shiny and healthy. Then one night I said to myself why not recreate my own hair oil but more of what I can include that I believe is more efficient and will work no matter the weather and for all Hair types. This is something I’ve been used to and so  I gathered all the ingredients and tested it out each week to finally see the changes that were happening with my hair after having it blonde for months was incredible. 

What makes Inner Soul Hair different? Tell us 3 things you love about the oil?

The key thing that makes Inner Soul Hair Oil is the beauty of how relaxing it is when you put it on. It is a very light oil that I wanted so it sits well on the hair follicles. The name I choose was for it, I believe is a name that comes from a natural and healthy view of beauty and embracing what you are born with. It just is a great feeling knowing that your hair is still beautiful before you ruined it and it still can be beautiful if you just take care of it properly with the right vitamin C of course. So I started doing scalp treatments with my version of hair oil each week and didn’t go to the salon anymore. I said I’ll just see how this works and after 3-4 months it was growing like crazy and so healthy I was getting so many compliments Inner Soul Hair Oil is completely chemical-free and just natural ingredients that are needed for the body. We all need care in all aspects and all areas of this life starting with how you feel inside and so Inner Soul Hair Oil was a perfect name. Three things I love about Inner Soul Hair Oil is that you can take it with you anywhere for all occasions, the smell is very natural and herbal where it has a root of home I feel,  And it’s not so greasy like some oils. 

How do you make sure you keep your clients happy and satisfied? 

How I keep my clients happy is by communicating with them on any questions and answering their concerns. I even follow back at times to re-ask them “hey how is your hair doing” are you seeing any changes”…. and they are so happy and excited I can tell. They feel beautiful than before and it’s a great feeling for me and I appreciate that when I get smiles and hearts. Lol. 

How do you make sure people find your products? And where can they buy it? 

Website www.innersoulhairoil.com and on the Instagram page has the Two store locations locally that anyone can purchase my product here in town and I have a window poster and the price of how much it is ($14.99) so they are aware of that. 

Who are your clients? Describe them? 

My clients are so diverse I love it. Women men and children from all ages and all cultures of all ethnicities  around the world are inquiring about it and have purchased Inner Soul Hair Oil , It’s so amazing to see the way Inner Soul Hair Oil is working on every hair type and texture changing how people feel about really embracing their natural beauty and that is my ultimate goal is to make everyone feel good even if you are in sweats.

How would you describe your leadership style and what has made it so effective?

My leadership style is very natural and genuine so I feel like people can relate to me. I’m human just like everyone else and I have been through some hard struggles but I’ve always dealt with everything in a positive outlook… There’s been times I’ve been very low especially growing up and without a strong support system when I really need it and for that reason, I am so strong mentally and emotionally. It’s just something you become numb too after a while where you are alone and the only hope you have is to move forward for you no matter your circumstances. I always had a very good work ethic in putting my whole self out there in completing any task so it’s just something for me when I put my mind to it I’m going to give it my all.

What have been your biggest Successes? 

My biggest success so far has been helping so many people who suffer from dandruff and psoriasis to severe itchy scalp. Innersoulhairoil has helped over 400 women men and children in the Past 10 Months to feel more confident in their natural hair care routine, restoring dry brittle ends and overall hydration of hair for healthier growth. 

What are your current areas of focus?

My current area of focus is for everyone to feel good in the hair they are born with. To keep a healthy glow about themselves without the artificial beauty products that they think they need. To bring back the self-esteem of how people truly feel inside just being free of all the glitz and glam. You are who you are and no matter your Story in life you have a purpose to feel worthy and value your own self exactly how you are. 

Share some advice from your work experience? 

Some advice from my work experience would be that believe in what you already know. Really feel out what it is that you love and love doing. For me, it’s making people feel happy about themselves and embracing what you got. Support is very important even if its just one person you can count on to push you to the best of your ability.

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