Business Talk & Advice With The Founders Of HAUS OF KIMIA, Mia Bui & Kimmy Joy

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    July 21, 2022
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Business Talk & Advice With The Founders Of HAUS OF KIMIA, Mia Bui & Kimmy Joy women on topp

Meet the founders Mia Bui and Kimmy Joy of Haus of Kimia an omni-channel, full service, brand management, and marketing agency. Specialized in developing and elevating emerging brands, strategically bridging the gap between story-telling, creating memorable customer experiences, and mindful business operations.

The ladies started the agency from a broad background in marketing, sales, business operations, and development. 

‘’We’ve harnessed our business experiences and paired it with our passions + our unique synergy and created something we’re really proud of – Haus of Kimia. Haus of Kimia is an omni-channel, full service brand development marketing agency. We have a “haus” of women who are so talented and passionate about what they do that it’s reflected in our brands daily’’.

What is the best advice you can give people wanting a career in marketing?

Have a pulse on what’s new, especially in the digital world, but do not make the mistake of the comparison game. Spending time worrying about what other people are doing only sabotages your spirit and wastes precious time you could be spending working on up-leveling yourself. Whenever you feel lost or that doubt sets in, write down what your strengths are. If that seems hard, (because sometimes the doubt gets that heavy), then ask your friends/family what they think your strengths are. Remember, you are uniquely special with a unique point of view that no other person/company can replicate. That’s your secret sauce – YOU!

Who are your ideal client and why?

Ultimately we love when our clients have a really strong, genuine story behind their product or service for 2 main reasons. 

1. There is a vast sea of brands out there but consumers want to connect to what they are buying. Yes, pretty branding helps, but ultimately brand loyalty stays strong when there is an emotional attachment to the brand’s mission, philosophy, owner, etc. 

2. When the client is an expert and has a passion for the field they are launching in. So many times, people want to start a business because the product or service is hot and trending, or they think launching a business is a more desirable road than working for a company, or they have brand envy and want to do what someone else is doing. Even with phenomenal branding, it’s 10x harder to get people to buy your brand if you don’t know your industry, product or service inside and out. Consumers are savvy and can see through the BS so when a client takes a passion and wants to turn it into a business, it makes for an authentically interesting brand that can responsibly help someone fill their needs and ultimately has shelf life. 

What are the company’s plans in the next 5 years?

Big things! Multi-million $ agency that” hauses” an amazing team of talent and works with a passionate roster of clients. We also have plans in the works to launch our own multi-dimensional brand with the mission to empower women to look and feel fabulous.

What inspired you to start working for yourself?

We both have inherent entrepreneurial spirits. Without being too dramatic, the thought of being stifled and put in a box makes our skin hurt. Having your own business means you have the freedom to pivot and adjust as you grow- forever evolving! 

How do you balance work-life? 

We’re big-time believers in the old saying “work hard, play hard”. Life should not all be about work work work BUT, but when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work at all. 

So the key is, to do what you love and when you have to work your ass off, it doesn’t totally drain you. 

We also believe in having a flexible schedule that works for our home lives. Scheduling and time blocking is KEY – these two have been crucial for us. It keeps us on track, otherwise, you can easily get swept up in the daily chaos and go down an unproductive spiral. Lastly, mental and physical exercise keeps us sane. We make it a priority to schedule in time to meditate, read, go on mid-day walks in between meetings, and have an active workout schedule. These are big proponents of our balance and not only help fuel us to be more productive but make us feel really good.

Share with us some tips on how to become a happier and healthier person.

When we first started the company we can’t fully say we had a really big grasp on these things. When we finally took that leap we knew integrating really good habits would be an important factor to leading us to our success. 

Since then, we’ve both become big advocates in practicing gratitude. It’s really easy to fall trap and focus on what we don’t have, or haven’t accomplished, so it’s incredibly important to list the positives, count your blessings, and take a few minutes a day to write these things down. The flow from mind to paper helps release thoughts into reality. This practice keeps your mind in check and puts things into perspective, especially when life hands you challenges. By triggering your mind to seek out what’s good vs what’s wrong, this daily ritual will start to shift your mental outlook.

Additionally, prioritizing our health both mentally + physically, like getting ample rest, meditating, movement, staying off your phone first thing in the morning, going for a walk; little self-nourishing rituals like these really do make an impact on your life. And while sometimes it can feel like a chore, we’ve often noticed when we skip a day, we’re not as inspired or feel anxious. Allocating several small, doable micro habits that take a few minutes sporadically throughout your day, all add up to an overall balanced, happier, healthy life.

Tell us your first big client story, from start to end. What were the mistakes and what did you learn?

For years, both of us were cultivating organic relationships without the motive of business. We were just being us – bubbly, outgoing, and helpful whenever questions would come up. It wasn’t until a few years later that those very first impressions brought us unexpected referrals when we finally took the leap to start our business. When our first big client closed – it was serendipitous and completely unexpected. Do not underestimate the power of a first impression!

As soon as we announced our business KIMIA to the world, it was a domino effect, and really it’s how most of our clients have come to us- word of mouth. We didn’t have to chase anyone down or spend thousands of dollars on ads – it was organic and happened really because we 1. genuinely poured ourselves into our work and believed in our business 2. We were authentically us- and that’s what sold them. It really is that simple- be authentic and don’t be afraid to talk about your business. Shout it from the rooftops, because if YOU aren’t willing to talk about your dreams, business, or aspirations, how are people going to find you? Or support you? Or refer you?  

Early on, I’d say our biggest mistake was not realizing our worth. Because we were newer to the game and eager to have people hire us; we undercharged and gave out a lot of free services. In hindsight it was good karma, and the majority of the time it was paid forward in other ways. Knowing your worth early on though is crucial- taking inventory of what competitors are charging while comparing it to what makes you different and what you bring to the table- both should be considered with pricing. One of our favorite sayings is -Closed mouths don’t get fed, you’ll never know what people are willing to pay for your expertise unless you ask for it. Now, a disclaimer I’d like to add in here is – still be reasonable- you can’t charge premium pricing right out of the gate but you don’t need to give away the farm. And stand behind it, if someone says they can find it cheaper elsewhere, then let them- don’t be so desperate that you cave into something that doesn’t align to who you are and what your brand stands for. Because it’ll definitely show up later. They are just not the client for you and that’s totally ok. 

You have to determine your worth early on and be selective of where you put your energy. There’s this misconception that bc services or digital services rather aren’t necessarily tangible-like clothing, physical products- it’s harder to price out BUT you need to remember you are providing years of experience behind your service, not just the service itself. That client is going to avoid mistakes you’ve already made years prior because you already went through all the hard stuff. They’re going to gain access to vendors you’ve cultivated partnerships with, shortcuts you’ve discovered in your years of building, etc. Trust your gut, your dream client will come. 

Tell us about your work? You have your own business. How did you decide to take the leap to work for yourself? What are some of the greatest accomplishments thus far? Any particular challenges someone should think about before trying to go out on their own?

Haus of Kimia is multifaceted. We offer a variety of services from branding, marketing (social, email, text, paid ads), website development, business development, product sourcing, logistics, and everything in between. We help build, start, and scale businesses. Our specialty is primarily in the beauty, health/supplements, and now, fitness space. 

Ah, the leap…well, I think for both of us it was circumstantial. We were forced to leap and I’m sure glad it happened the way that it did. We had two very different scenarios that led us to take the leap but ultimately we needed the extra push. That leap is always scary no matter how prepared or unprepared you feel. It’s a big risk but again believing in that dream, that vision – you have to trust it. There’s a reason why things happen the way they do- and what can feel like an unsteady moment is where you’re going to see the most growth – not just professionally- but mentally/emotionally. 

Our biggest accomplishment isn’t the clientele- while it’s definitely something we’re proud of and we’re always pinching ourselves that people want to work with us, our big moment was when we got to build our team. Being surrounded by other women who are passionate about what they’re doing is so inspiring. 

Our biggest advice would be to have some cushion to get you through a few months. And while you’re building that, think about the long-term goal and just remind yourself this type of hustle is temporary- working your full-time job while pursuing your dream job is temporary BUT don’t take too long- when you feel stagnant and uninspired or deviating from your end goal, you need to make some sound decisions to move forward. As soon as we went full time our business thrived- we grew 10x over the course of a few months as soon as we went full time. Once you take that huge leap – trust it. talk about it. don’t be scared to fail- bc i assure you you will fail many many times but you know what’s so great- you learn to adapt and pivot constantly, and everything is always fixable. 

Why did you want to start Haus of Kimia?

We started Haus of Kimia because we wanted to work with passionate people who have BIG visions. When you meet any entrepreneur, especially in the beginning there’s this contagious spark in their eyes – this excitement to bring forth something they truly believe in. We started Kimia with that same type of energy and everytime we get to meet with someone whether or not they become a client- we’re always left feeling so inspired. We also wanted to help bring more female entrepreneurs to life – women who dreamt of having something for themselves but didn’t know where to start. There’s just something so magical about working with people who believe in themselves.

How do you stay relevant and current and where do you get your inspirations from?

One of the simplest forms of inspiration- is your surroundings. Whenever we feel stuck, we try to change it up take a day trip together, go do or read something new, and disconnecting from the same mundane day-to-day tasks. It’s really hard to draw inspiration when your cup isn’t filled, so whenever that’s the case, our biggest recommendation is to step away for a little bit. Peel those peepers off the screen and connect back to nature and real-life experiences. 

Staying relevant really goes hand-in-hand with being inspired. It’s important to have a pulse on all the relevant channels to your business because there are always new advancements and socioeconomic factors that impact your business. The key is to use this information as education to enhance your business but not as blueprints. When you are creating and delivering services from your own authentic, inspired roadmap, that is what makes you relevant. So again, filling your cup back up by unplugging and changing it up will spark new, fresh ideas. 

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