Blind Faith: My Life-Changing Journey in China – Dr. Denise Y. Mose

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    August 16, 2020
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Meet Dr. Denise Y. Mose. She found herself in this very position, plus found herself “bored”. She needed something new in her life, a change. After a conversation with a friend, she was informed about an opportunity to travel to China and teach. Little did Denise know that this was the very adventure she needed to further self discover, experience a new culture and ultimately get back in alignment with her passion. “Blind Faith: My Life-Changing Journey in China” is her latest book as she is already an Award-Winning Author of 3 other publications. 

This is a coming of age book from the eyes of a seasoned individual that will speak to an array of “dream seekers” who are on a journey of self-discovery. As the book synopsis states “Blind Faith is believing that your dream can happen no matter how crazy it may seem. Denise Mose takes you on her personal journey of being frustrated as a Professional Educator and does something drastic to find “more” meaning in life. She drops everything and moves to China! Hear her explain why it was the best thing she ever did.”

When asked about her new book, Denise states “This book is for someone who wants a shift in their life. That person who is scared and feels like they don’t have the answers they need at that very moment. I want them to know it’s okay to go for something that seems crazy! Your inner voice and universe will come together for you!” While on this journey to China, Denise serves as the “Professor in Residence” for a year in Shanghai, China at the George English School in 2015 where she taught English, Western Culture, Etiquette, Traveling, and Communications. She also had the opportunity to travel to the following places: Bangkok, Beijing, Korea, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Liushi, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Yeoqing, Taiwan and Dubai. In addition to Denise being an Educator, Award-Winning Author, and Game Changer, she is also an Entertainment/Fashion/Travel Correspondent who has been seen on platforms such as ESSENSE, ESPN, TV One, NBC, New York Magazine, Bounce TV and more.

How would you describe Blind Faith? 

Blind Faith is an unwavering belief in yourself no matter the situation or the outcome. My book is all about how I dropped everything and immersed myself in a totally foreign culture to reclaim my mojo! In 2015, I lost my enthusiasm for teaching and a good friend suggested I consider working abroad. The more I pondered, the more I loved it. But Asia? Fast forward a few weeks, I Skyped with the school director, negotiated my contract, secured my visa and hopped on a plane headed East! China was amazing and it was the drastic change I needed to find my spark. Having never traveled to China, no family there, no friends and relying on myself? Yes, that’s Blind Faith!

What was your background prior to launching a book and working as a professional educator? 

Ok, so in another life I am a Celebrity Correspondent. I’m hired by a myriad of publications to produce, interview, write and post my adventures on the biggest Red Carpets in the world. From The Sundance Film Festival, Academy Awards, Grammys, Disney Dreamers Academy, Kentucky Derby, Essence Music Festival, 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, Wimbledon to New York Fashion Week, I’ve covered them all and more. I host a Fashion Column for the Florida Sun every Wednesday. I have three college degrees: Education (BS), Business (MBA), Business/Entrepreneurship (Ph.D).

How long did the launch take from concept to product? 

The actually writing process was four months. My editor sent her revisions within three weeks. Then, my designer and illustrator emailed me their ideas. A solid distributor and manufacturer came on board to finalize shipping. Lastly, we created the website and prepared my debut. One calendar year was when we went from actual to factual! I’ve got the best team!

What does designing your own life mean to you after you have decided to work for yourself? 

The fact that I control my personal narrative. Leaving my full time job was the scariest day of my life, but also the best! It means that each day will not be the same and I can decide how my future will look. There is no one to ask permission for a day off, sick day, come in late or leave early. I’m able to choose which projects I want or create new products for various audiences. I have freedom.

What is your secret to being an effective CEO in terms of building the company culture and values you need to make the company successful? 

You must be a confident CEO. I built DYM GLOBAL with the sense of leaving a legacy. My secret is to have many streams of income and read everyday. The culture of my team is Youth. I hire Millennials and Gen Z Creatives! They are the pulse of what’s popular and current! I need that. Anyone I hire MUST have the skill set for their area of expertise. Personal Time-Management, Abreast of Social Media Trends, An up-to-date Passport, Three means of communication and Likability go into my hiring process. We laugh a lot and meet digitally three times a week. Overkill destroys good energy. My meetings are short and sweet!

What is the most interesting way you have earned money abroad? One thing which you don’t like about traveling? 

The most interesting way I’ve earned money abroad has been my book sales. Several clients enjoy that it’s very easy to follow, funny and affordable. The one thing I don’t enjoy about traveling is other travelers who don’t adhere to the rules. Because of my SkyMiles, I board and unload first. Years of flying has given me this beautiful blessing.

Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while traveling? Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment? 

My biggest cultural shock was seeing so many families living abroad from other countries. Most were there due to contract obligation, but many chose a different way to raise their children. This allows those kids to see the world and also become proficient in a few languages. My funniest travel moment was when I went to The Forbidden City. Because it’s rare to see Americans was one thing, but being an African American Female was a novelty. Several people wanted my picture and for me to hold their baby. They said it was for good luck.

What do you love about teaching? 

When you see that light “turn on” for someone who was having trouble understanding a concept, that’s the joy! Teaching is my first love. My parents were teachers and it clearly rubbed off on their last child. They were my inspiration and still are to this day. My Mother passed away in 2005. My Father is the hippest 75 year-old you will ever meet.

Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list? 

Being single and no children affords me a lot of time to travel. After seeing Dubai, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Thailand, China, Brazil, and United Kingdom I’m pretty good on my list. I can’t travel without my passport, good sneakers and gummy bears! Lately, The Serengeti, New Zealand, Greece and Switzerland are where I must traverse in the future.

Where do you get your inspiration from daily? 

Madison! She’s the coolest ten year old ever and is my niece. Often when I travel, I take her with me. We flew to the Grand Canyon last summer and toured all of Las Vegas. Then, we traveled to Washington, D.C., and Virginia. It’s cool to see these sites through her eyes. Plus, I’m totally taking credit for her sense of style.

Any advice for entrepreneurs on what to include (or not to include) in their pitch deck for investors? 

Any pitch deck should be lively, colorful and not too long. You should include the following: Excellent First Impression, A Clear Idea, Show the Team with the Idea, Consistency in Presentation, Know Your Numbers and quote them with ease! Don’t include an “all or nothing” mentality. You want to keep them talking about you well after you’ve left the room.

Share us some tips for women who are in doubt of leaving their secure job and starting their own business. 

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart. You must be a Tiger. One, be honest with yourself. Do a thorough self-assessment of the skills you need to ascertain in order to build clientele. Second, increase your social media presence. You must be engaged in F.I.T. (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)! Seek experts who are in the field where you want to go. Find healthy ways to handle rejection — because it will come, I’m sorry. I go for a walk, drink water, and breathe in the fresh air instead of throwing my MacBook! Identify new business relationships, build them organically and follow-up with a date to meet. Lastly, set a realistic timeline to launch!

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