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    November 29, 2019
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In an age of Kardashians, slimming lollipops and spilling the tea in the beauty community, the immense influence that social media possesses is astounding. 

Claudia Rosa, is both the founder and CEO of The Blogger Agent, created after being inspired by the booming market of social media influencing. The Blogger Agent, created five years ago in Claudia’s parents living room whilst she studied for an English degree, was able to tap into this market with impeccable timing and take it by storm. 

At the birth of the agency, some brands would pay merely ten pounds for a sponsored post, but as the social media space has developed and soared, The Blogger Agent has thrived, now working with brands paying in excess of ten thousand pounds per piece of content.

Having faced a lot of adversity in the beginning as a young female in a male-dominated industry, The Blogger Agent, who have 26,000 followers on Instagram themselves, and who were a finalist for the 2019 Digital Entrepreneur Awards and commended by the Women In Marketing awards, is now a leading influencer agency and a multimillion-pound company working with top brands such as Gucci, Estee Lauder Group, L’Oréal Group, Revlon and Sephora to name a few. As a company, The Blogger Agent prides itself on the personable experience which it lends to brands and influencers alike, with all managers having close-knit friendships with most of the talent. 

The full roster of The Blogger Agent’s talent now has an incredible social media following, totaling over 25 million, with an incredible 6 billion views on their content combined. 

The female-dominated work environment of The Blogger Agent has subverted the cultural normality of male-run entrepreneurial businesses in the media. The Blogger Agent’s CEO, Claudia Rosa, ensures that all of her employees benefit from her successes by holding weekly training sessions, alongside attending monthly seminars on how women can excel in business. Alongside this, Claudia guarantees an intimate experience with all of her staff by holding daily meetings and check-ins to aid any issues that may arise, providing a hands-on approach to all of the women who work for her. 

As a talent agency, Claudia ensures that the majority of people who The Blogger Agent manage are women of all ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and beliefs and, through the relationships, she develops with each one, inspires every individual to be the best at what they do. It is profoundly important to The Blogger Agent to promote diversity and to show reflections of all types of women, and men, on social media. 

The talent in which The Blogger Agent manages has a direct and profound relationship with their managers, who nurture and provide support, advised by Claudia, and this is what makes The Blogger Agent a stand-out agency. Relationships formed at The Blogger Agent, both through talent and through staff, is what allows The Blogger Agent to secure fantastic brand deals per day for brands and influencers alike. 

It must be noted of course, that with all the positivity that social media and the beauty industry can bring, the negativity which is associated with this must be recognized.

The Blogger Agent feels they have an obligation to both acknowledge, and help fight, the issues which plague young people today. 

Online bullying and animal testing are two of the sensitive topics we’re all too familiar with in the online and beauty world, yet not everyone is comfortable enough to stand up and get involved in tackling them. The Blogger Agent has pledged it’s allegiance in trying to fight for change within the industry. 

The Blogger Agent will be donating a percentage of the company’s yearly profits, on behalf of their roster, to charities chosen specifically by each of their signed talent. The list of charities includes the likes of Mind, Dogs Trust, Animal Testing, Treatment Advocacy Centre among many others. The donations made will contribute towards research and resources that are crucial for each charity. The Blogger Agent are now the first talent agency to set up these donations in their influencers names.

Each talent from the roster has chosen to donate to charities to help fight against causes close to their hearts, which focus predominantly on tackling online bullying and animal testing.

According to social media research by the Royal Society of Public Health, “One in six young people will experience an anxiety disorder and rates of anxiety and depression in young people have increased by 70% over the past 25 years.” 

Claudia Rosa said: “Mental health and online bullying are so closely related, especially within the world of social media. In such an influential industry, we really want to help change and shape it for the better.”

“These platforms should be a place of inspiration and showcasing talent,” she said. “I’m proud to say that our talent aren’t ones to shy away from addressing heavy issues such as bullying and animal testing.” 

One of The Blogger Agent’s own talent, Diana Maria, who has 267,000 followers on Instagram, knows how hard it can be to let the negative comments subside. “Bullying is still a reoccurring issue in our society, in all ages and social groups, verbally and physically,” Maria said. 

“It can have a huge impact on our mental health and have lasting effects. No amount of awareness is too much, and it is so important to pass on the message, not be a bystander, and offer help and support however and whenever we can.” She says in support of the new campaign.

For more information please visit or the Instagram page @Thebloggeragent.

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