A Guide to Luxury Cruise Holidays for Women

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    June 17, 2024
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Nowadays, luxury isn’t restricted to fashion choices and purchases. For many women, going on a luxury travel experience is another way to kick back and relax from the monotony of daily life and work. And what better way to pursue luxury travel than to board a luxury cruise ship?

In March 2024, The Solo Cruise Company began offering luxury cruise itineraries for mature solo women, prioritising their safety and security. These tours aim to empower more women to visit places that might be considered “remote or seemingly challenging.” The personalised service offers curated itineraries, including the Amazon, the Mekong, and Antarctica.

In fact, the cruise industry is a popular form of leisure travel in the UK. According to Statista, the UK and Ireland ranked second among Europe’s largest source markets for cruise passengers, topping Italy and Spain. At the same time, solo travel has also become a popular mode of travel. In a previous post, we highlighted solo travel company, Solo Travelers Unite, which aims to offer a chance to other solo travelers worldwide to unite and share their rare experiences with.

Of course, solo travel can be overwhelming and may seem unsafe for women, depending on your destination and itinerary. Fortunately, many luxury cruise lines available today offer high-quality service and packages to help ensure solo women travellers have the best luxury cruise experience. If you’re looking to try your hand at a luxury ocean journey, below, we’ll be sharing some key elements of luxury cruise holidays:

Onboard and in-country experiences

Different luxury cruise lines will offer various packages, including onboard amenities and facilities. However, some of these luxury benefits can also extend to on-shore experiences and excursions. Explora Journeys’ luxury cruises offer a perfectly balanced combination of both, including unlimited fine beverages, wellbeing and fitness programmes, and shuttle services from port to city centre depending on your chosen itinerary.

Essentially, you shouldn’t plan your luxury cruise holiday solely around onboard amenities but also the places you can visit at your preferred destinations. Explora’s list of experiences includes tailored packages and in-country immersions, such as wine tasting and an authentic Andalusian lunch if you plan on travelling to Spain. Remember to choose the right luxury cruise line and package according to your needs and preferences. If you don’t like beaches, for example, Explora’s Red Sea & Arabian Peninsula destinations may be a good and refreshing alternative.

Prioritising health and wellness

Another go-to for solo women travellers is a chance to treat yourself to a relaxing spa or massage. Fortunately, these are especially common among most luxury cruise lines. Celebrity Cruises offers industry-standard wellness voyages for women seeking a mindful and detoxing experience onboard. The cruise line’s Celebrity Apex voyage, for example, offers a detoxing Crystalarium Energy Healing spa treatment onboard.

There is also the line’s Women in Wellness programme, which features a panel of qualified wellbeing gurus who aim to energise passengers with specially curated workouts and mindfulness sessions if you want to ensure you stay fit and healthy throughout your luxury cruise experience. Some of Celebrity’s offerings also include the Sea Thermal Suite, which features eight tranquil spaces for those looking to enjoy some much-needed mindful, quiet time.

Satisfying your culinary curiosities

Finally, while health and wellness are certainly essential, one of the many joys of solo luxury travel is the culinary experiences you have the chance to explore. Most luxury cruise lines offer top-of-the-line cuisine packages and meals. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers the best onboard culinary experiences set to please any food lover. The cruise line’s “Around the World in 80 Days” voyage offers bespoke menus for each day of the cruise, so guests have a choice of new dishes every single day and won’t be eating the same dish twice.

Of course, if health is still your number one priority, some luxury cruise lines also offer cuisine options that cater to your health needs and preferences, such as vegetarian dishes and menus. It’s also always best to call and inquire ahead with your preferred cruise lines to ensure your food and beverage preferences are available and on offer.

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