Experience Adventures All Over The World And Travel With People Who Share Your Interests

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    February 1, 2022
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Experience Adventures All Over The World And Travel With People Who Share Your Interests

Meet Giselle Johnson who has founded Solo Travelers Unite company based on her strong desire to travel the world with likeminded individuals and to enjoy the life that many don’t get to experience. Giselle Johnson’s personal goal and mission for this company is to offer a chance to other solo travelers from all around the world to unite and share these rare experiences with. To provide a safe place where individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, racial groups, nationalities and gender roles can unite from all around the world and gain new meaningful relationships, network with professionals, entrepreneurs and just amazing people all together and travel to bucket list destinations. Her vision is to build this company to be the #1 travel site that people come to, to turn their bucket-list dreams into reality, over and over again.

Traveling and uniting people from all around the world to visit bucketlist destinations is the prime reason why Solo Travelers Unite exists. Solo Travelers Unite wants to offer people the opportunity to gain the rich experience of travel along with likeminded individuals and to give them and their mind a break from the monotonous pattern of the everyday life. 

‘’Basically for life not to escape us. Travel broadens our mind by seeing how other cultures live, by the people we meet on the trips and by the experiences we gain, eventually it changes the way we think, the way we see the world and value life more. And that itself is priceless.’’

Giselle Johnson experience with traveling has led her to where she is today with this company’s Vision, Mission and Values.

What was the inspiration behind Solo Travelers Unite LLC?

The inspiration behind Solo Travelers Unite sparked from my personal experiences with solo traveling and wanting to see and do more on my adventures that would have been more enjoyable with friends around. Although I did enjoy some personal “me time” to unwind, relax, and refocus on my life goals and plans, at times I did miss the company of friends to adventure out far and explore the visiting country in depth.

My inspiration to build this company also sparked from my friends canceling planned trips last minute or they simply just couldn’t travel because of work schedules or financial reasons. So based on those personal experiences, I decided to create a company where likeminded individuals can unite and travel to bucket-list destinations without having to worry about anyone else cancelling planned trips and to just provide a community where it’s safe for individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, racial groups, nationalities and gender roles can unite from all around the world to experience bucket-list adventures together. 

What mistakes are people making when traveling SOLO?

Solo traveling can be amazing for some individuals who know and accept all the pros and cons that it comes with and still enjoy it.

But for people who are aspiring to travel solo, can make a lot of common but vital mistakes. One of the most important mistakes that can be made is sharing too much information with strangers, it can be very dangerous especially if you have informed them that you are traveling alone and the location you are staying at, it can make you an easy target.

A very important responsibility within my role at Solo Travelers Unite is doing extensive research on the destinations that we plan to travel to. This is another common mistake people make when traveling solo, not doing enough research prior to their trip which can turn out to be a disaster from start to end. 

“Letting fear take over your mind.” Traveling alone can sometimes temporarily convert an extrovert into an introvert real quick, and yes this is referring to my own experiences. Fear will have you restricted to the hotel lobby, restaurant and bars nearby, but the Key to Solo traveling is getting out there to meet the right persons, once you have built up the courage to go beyond your accommodation your trip will flow better.  But we do understand that not everyone can build up enough courage to jump on a plane alone and travel to a new destination without friends, so that is why we have created our company “Solo Travelers Unite”. To offer the opportunity of “Travel” for solo travelers to unite with likeminded individuals to visit and explore bucket-list destinations together instead of doing it alone.

What are the new trends at the moment of traveling? 

Because of the worldwide pandemic that is happening right now and the quarantine lock down and restrictions that we have experienced, the desire to travel to bucket-list destinations are stronger now than ever before, people are now realizing that they have to live their life and explore beyond their home town and country to experience new destinations, cultures and adventures, because we may never know when another pandemic may hit us like this again. 

What else should we know about you? 

What sets Solo Travelers Unite LLC apart from the competitors?  I am a single mom of twins, Jayda & Jaydon ages 14. I had my twins at a very young age, But I didn’t make that determine who I wanted to become in life, and how far I still want to go. I was born and raised in the beautiful soft fresh breezes of The Cayman Islands and I’m half Jamiacan, “the land of wood and water”. I am also fluent in Spanish thanks to my solo travels to Cuba, Havana.

What sets my company apart from the current competition is that we have created a very diverse space where everyone is welcomed. We Take pride in promoting diversity within our trips, we provide Unisex Trips, women-only trips, men-only trips, baecations, travel with your tribe trips and we also offer special trips just for the LGBTQ community to travel to bucket-list destinations during Pride Month which we will be launching in 2022.

What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

My advice is to just start, don’t wait until you feel like you’re ready, just begin somewhere and to do your research on the steps you need to take to start, as everything can be found online. Invest in yourself, your future and the dream that you believe in, don’t listen to outside advice because not everyone will see the vision or feel the passion you have for your company.
Personally, I started planning and researching Solo Travelers Unite 3 years ago, although the pandemic did put my plans on a long pause, I still kept taking baby steps towards my goal, there wasn’t much that I could have done with Cayman Boarders being closed for over a year but I spent my time researching and learning about the industry. No matter how small the step towards your goal may be, as long as you are moving forward, keep on going. At time you may lose motivation and passion, take a break to unwind and find that spark within you again, your reason, your why and what made you want to start your own business in the first place.
We all fall at times and get unmotivated but it’s up to you to pull yourself back up and get going again because entrepreneurship is tough at times and you will experience many roadblocks and disappointments, but it’s self-motivation, passion and determination that will get you back up.

Another important advice I would like to share to aspiring all female entrepreneurs is to “Work Smarter, Not Harder” especially if you’re a solopreneur. We end up in situations where we feel overwhelmed with the amount of workload that needs to be done. Use reliable services to help you reach your goals. For instance, I had a temporary setback on a project recently that needed to be done for my company, I turned to a reliable business app that offered profesional services and hired an expert in the field that was needed and received my project done to perfection, before my deadline and most importantly within my budget. So instead of me stressing about meeting the deadline on top of the daily work that I do, I got someone reliable to complete it.

My last and very important advice is to be very careful with who you choose to go into business with, it can make or break your company, ensure that their values, work ethic, drive, passion and ambition match yours because you can be stuck in a “one-sided” partnership contract with your business partner doing the bare minimum while you are putting in 100% each day.

What advice would you give to aspiring female travelers? 

My advice to aspiring female travelers is to spend a lot of time researching everything about the destination you plan to travel to. Number 1 is to ensure you are traveling to a safe location and for your first time, I would suggest staying at a hotel if you’re traveling solo.  

How do you look to have a positive impact on people and planet? 

We Take pride in giving back to the communities we travel to. Booking local tours, eating local and donating to local non-profit charities as well as global non-profit charities.

Who or what inspires you? 

My twins and my mom are my biggest inspirations. My mom has sacrificed a lot to ensure that I had a good education, future and life, she has made me into the strong and fearless woman I am today.

My twins are everything to me, although I had them at a very young age they have changed my life for the better. They provide this strong ambition and drive that burns inside of me, to make it in this life and to build generational wealth for them.

What is your ultimate dream for the business? 

My ultimate dream for Solo Travelers Unite is for it to be known as the #1 company people can go to when they want to travel and venture out in the world but don’t have friends to travel with. To provide thousands of individuals from all around the world with unforgettable experiences to bucket-list destinations that will exceed their expectations and to create a community of travelers who have an everlasting connection.

What does diversity mean to you personally? 

Diversity means a lot to me personally and I have embedded that core value into my company where I respect and welcome individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, racial groups, ages, religions, education, nationalities and gender roles can unite from all around the world to gain new meaningful relationships, build their network and just to connect with amazing people whilst traveling to  bucket-list destinations together. 

Find out more on https://solotravelersunite.com & @solotravelersunite & @gisellealyss_

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