Working Moms Have it Tough – From Confusion To Clarity To Achieve Their Life Goals

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    August 28, 2019
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A Community For Moms - From Confusion To Clarity To Achieve Their Life Goals

Working moms have it tough. Being committed fully to work and family is an impossible task that working moms have to take on. It can be exhausting and thankless, being perceived as not fully present as an employee or a mother. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to pursue a fulfilling full-time career while taking an active role as a mother, if you learn to find a balance that works for your life.

Sheena, left a corporate, 6 figure job as an executive, overseeing the Training Department, in which she built the function at a growing tech/marketing company over the last few years. Sheena is no stranger to struggling to prove herself in professional and personal environments and when the demands of corporate life no longer worked with the demands Sheena had for herself and as a mother, Sheena decided to start Working Moms Co.

”I really believe that women should have every opportunity, training and resource available to them to make the most of their careers and motherhood (if they chose).  I want all women and particularly mothers to know and believe in their worth, strive to achieve more and always, always feel supported in having goals. In this new role as founder, I am able to use the best of my experiences as a working mom to create a safe space for women like myself to grow as individuals and as mothers.” 

Working Moms Co organization is geared towards any mom who has goals for themselves while wanting to be the best mom they can be. Working Moms Co help moms find their ideal balance between having it all for themselves. Working Moms Co, is a place where ambitious moms will find the support, training and community to help each achieve their ideal balance between being work and mom life. 

How does it work, Working Moms Co? 

Working Moms Co works in three different ways, all of which revolve around coaching, courses and community for each mom. The first of which is our professional and personal development courses (we are currently beta testing) which help moms to identify their ideal work/mom life balance. The second way in which we work is through 1:1 coaching. I work directly with any mom in our program to work through the tough parts of uncovering their ideal balance, setting, as well as achieving their goals and maintaining positivity throughout the process. The third way we work is through our community. We are slowing building a community of likeminded and motivated moms from all different walks of life and stages. 

Moms are busy already, how can they get coached? Explain this!^^

So, true! Moms are the busiest… Juggling two fulltime jobs in some instances! Our coaching program works with the pockets (sometimes as little as 5-10 minutes) of time that our moms have available for themselves. 

The basis of our program revolves first around walking through our process of identifying, developing and executing a personalized plan to achieve each client’s ideal work & mom life balance. Second (and often forgotten is) focusing on making time for themselves and we work closely with our moms to ensure they have “self-care” moments every day. It is within these moments between once a month to once a week that we connect with our clients. 

The coaching sessions can be anywhere from 5 minutes check-ins to 1 hour 1:1 sessions. Some of our moms wake up a little earlier, connect during nap times or after their children fall asleep.

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to help identify, create and manage the delicate balance between work & mom life, so we are incredibly accommodating to our moms and what that looks like to them. 

In your own words, what do you do?

I help ambitious, family & goaloriented moms find and maintain their ideal work and mom life balance. This is through educational courses and coaching, specifically focused on the delicate balance between personal and professional success. Our clientele is any mom who has a goal, vision or mission to make the most of their personal success, while being completely available to their children and families. 

What are the key elements of a successful work life balance? 

The key elements of a successful work life balance are

  • being really clear about what that means to you. For instance, my idea of balance means working 40+ hours, creating trainings and helping moms and also being done by dinner time and giving my son a bath. For some of our clients that means growing a side hustle during nap time or being home to kiss their kids goodnight. Everyone has a different expectation and idea of balance, and we are here to help identify and work with our clients to have them obtain what it looks like for them. 
  • Identifying the goals that you have: these goals along with the above, but really it is about identifying what you want your goals to be with work and mom life. Do you want to be home by 5 pm every night? Do you want to create passive income to spend more time with your children? Whatever the perfect work and mom life are to our clients, that’s what we help them achieve.
  • Creating and sticking to a schedule, as free of distractions as possible This is so important to not only achieving everything you want as a mom, but also maintaining the right balance. Part of the method is to help our clients get used to planning and time blocking as well as work through the challenges of both. 
  • Most importantly, not forgetting about yourself! I have found both personally, and through client exchanges and experiences that the easiest way to lose sight of and get off track is to forget to prioritize ourselves as well. Self-care is so, so important for everyone, but even more important for moms.

What are your goals what problems are you trying to solve?

Our mission is to help 10,000 Working Moms identify and achieve their ideal Work & Mom Life Balance, recognize their unique brilliance and create impactful longterm change for their families, their careers and most importantly themselves. 

We are trying to solve the problem that all working moms I know have faced, and that is simply finding the right balance between personal and professional growth. Being a mom is so, so hard. Being career focused is so, so demanding. I want to help any mom who believes in themselves and has goals achieve more than they think is possible at this moment. Because, I truly believe that if I can, they can. The basis of our programs and mission is to provide an outline for success, support each along the way and celebrate wins, together. 

Can you give us 3 tips on how to become more relaxed as a busy mom?  

  • Lead with your passion

Nothing will get done if you don’t actually want it. Any goal that you have should be something that you really want from your life. Our process helps moms to uncover what that actually means for them, so they can stop going through the motions and start loving every aspect of their lives. 

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff 

There are so many thing that happen in a day as both someone who works and a mom. It is a constant balancing act of prioritizing each. I have found that most of my stress and the stress our clients experience can be pinpointed back to little things in life that just happen. Failures, or mishaps can have a strong effect on working moms. In my experience, letting go of things that are holding you back as well as the many failures you will experience in both, will make life a lot more enjoyable! 

  • Take a time out 

Being a mom is so, so hard… and it gets harder the more we push ourselves onto the back-burner. It is so, so important for moms to get time for themselves. It can be 2 minutes before getting out of bed to mentally prepare, a 30 minute workout after the kids go to bed or even a spa day (Ive heard of a few places that will watch your kids while you get a spa service). Self-care is critical for relaxing and sanity. It is important to remember that failures are simply learning opportunities. 

Tell us about a time when someone disliked your the idea of starting a business, how did you handle this situation?  

I actively ask for a lot of feedback when it comes to my business ventures and work. For me, someone disliking what I am doing or the ideas that I have behind the business, is awesome, so long as it is constructive. I appreciate getting different perspectives, ideas and opinions on my business venture and ideas. I don’t believe in tunneling my ideas and love to have focus groups/share my information for feedback to make sure that it is actually good. 

Any time someone has disagreed or disliked a concept, idea or business venture I have thought of and shared, I always ask them why? Why do you not like it? Why do you not want me to do this? Why does this not resonate with you? 

When you ask people why they don’t like something, you have to develop tough enough skin to handle what they way, no matter what it is. One instance was when I shared the idea for Working Moms Co with a former co-worker. They simply didn’t like it or resonate with it. I asked why, and the response I got was simply that it wouldn’t be worth the time or effort, and there was no way I would be able to help so many women. I thanked them for their opinion and for being so open…

And I will prove them wrong, which will be the best way to hand the situation. 

What advice would you want to give women who are starting a new career while having children? 

The best piece of advice I can give to women who are starting a new career while having children is: no matter what, believe in yourself and believe that you can balance both, successfully. 

One of the things that I see most often with the moms we work with is that they feel like they are pulled in multiple directions, completely lost and unable to be successful at work & a mom when they are managing both. This often leads to self doubt, lack of motivation and ultimately failure. 

This too happened to me. Before I had my son, I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t be able to have a career and be a mom- I thought I had to do one or the other. But that isn’t true. When I shifted my mindset from an either or to, wait I can be successful, on my own terms and still be a present, happy and close mom to my son, I was able to achieve more success -and even create new opportunities for personal and professional growth 

What steps do you take when you want to get through a less of a good business day?

When dealing with a bad day in business whether it be losing a deal or missing a deadline, I think it is incredibly important to approach these “failures” in a similar way that I would with my son. That is to simply recognize that the small mishaps and bad days are simply that, one day. I believe that failures are not as bad as we think they are, but instead are opportunities to learn and grow. You can think of bad days and failures as learning opportunities. Each mistake I have made in business, and in life has helped to shape, mold and lead me to exactly where I am today and that is pretty amazing. If you take a big picture approach to bad days, you can see that they are all a part of something more…and it isn’t so bad. 

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