All Work and No Play, Not Okay!

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    January 8, 2019
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Okay Ladies, I know I’m not the only one who becomes obsessive about work projects and deadlines and totally forgets to make time for workouts and facetime conversations with my besties am I? I’ve climbed the corporate ladder rather quickly and sometimes I question whether or not that was beneficial to my work-life balance.

A few days ago, I sent out a text to several of my girlfriends about having a game night at my house this weekend. Surprisingly, all the responses were similar to “OMG, finally, you aren’t busy” or “You aren’t working this weekend?”. I was shocked and semi saddened by this. After all, when did I become a workaholic? I’ve always thought of myself as someone exciting and fun. Have a really become Andrea Sachs of “The Devil Wears Prada”? Immediately, I thought something has to change. I CANT BE THAT GIRL!!!! I knew then that I would have to create some work-life balance.

To any of you out there struggling with this same issue, here are some helpful ideas I’ve begun to implement in order to create more “play time” in my schedule.

  1. Create a Daily Goal Book

I started a daily goal book in a cute little journal I bought for $5 at TJ MAXX. IN this book I write daily affirmations, cute quotes I see on Instagram, and positive thoughts I have throughout the day. I make it a priority to goal myself to 3 things each day. My reasoning behind this was to create a variety in my life. Here’s an example of my entry from today.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”

Three Goals for the day:

  • Drink 1 gallon of water today
  • Look online for a summer cruise and book it
  • Buy a new makeup brush

I find that making these goals every day pushes me to do different things aside from my normal 8am-5pmwork routine. You should try it, it’s actually really fun!

  1. Make an effort to do at least 1 fun, different activity a week

We all get comfortable with going to work, getting in a quick workout, and then getting home to episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Haves and Have Nots, but what would adding something new into that routine once a week do for you? I can testify that it does A LOT!!! Choose one thing each week to do differently and I promise it’ll make you happier. Choose to take a different route to work, listen to a different station, wear a new bra to the gym, or even have lunch at a new restaurant in town just once a week and you will feel so refreshed and full of life, I promise.

  1. Take your full 1 hour lunch break at work

I’m guilty! I am notorious for slamming down my food in 20 minutes, texting for 5, taking a bathroom break and going back to work 35 minutes early from lunch. DO NOT GET IN THE HABIT OF TAKING SHORT LUNCHES. I REPEAT: DO NOT GET IN THE HABIT OF TAKING SHORT LUNCHES. Protect that hour of free time from work and use it to self-reflect or read a book or just simply Zen out and have a moment to yourself. It’ll help you destress and reenergize.

  1. Schedule PTO days

I use to save all my PTO days until the winter months for some odd reason. I guess maybe it just made me more comfortable.

  1. Spend money 1x a month of “ YOU” time

  2. Create boundaries for post business hours work time

Ashley Coleman

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2 thoughts on “All Work and No Play, Not Okay!

  1. Very nice post. I can totally relate
    But you need an editor. I found it hard trying to decipher somethings cause of the typos.
    It makes it harder to drive your message home when people can’t read out a sentence and understand cause of errors.
    I hope you check these comments. It will be good to pay attention to comments and feedbacks.
    That itself is key,
    Thank you.

  2. I definitely suffer with workaholic syndrome and it started to make me sick literally. I noticed I was having sharp chest pains, especially on high stress work days. Not only is it important to take a step from the work world for fun purposes, but sometime for your health’s sake! I’ve decided to start working out during my work breaks, eating in the conference room or playing a game of Pac-Man or two in our game area. It really does help.

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