Why You Should Start a Business; According to Our Followers!

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    September 28, 2016
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Here are all the reasons followers of Womenontopp.com commented under the question: ‘Why did you start a business?’. Do you have other reasons? Comment below!

”To leave something behind for my children and take care of my family and live in my passion”

”I was tired of having a mundane job just for the pay cheque and I wanted to make a positive difference in women’s lives..”

”To build and leave a legacy. I believe that it’s the age of the entrepreneur and the world needs more female entrepreneurs”

”To make worth. To make world according to me. To implement new rules. To change. For revolution”

”Because I’m full of passion for what I do. I give girls (& boys) instant confidence & we put the worlds to rights in an hour”

”Because I love what I do Creating art and design fills me with joy, peace, with fairytales, with happy thoughts All this grate energy I share with my students when I teach decoupage, and with my customers when selling my art Each piece of my art reflects a piece of my story”

”To create my world and make a difference in my family”

”Because going back to an office job after popping out a baby is hard, they make it hard and it just doesn’t work sometimes. I’ve always wanted to do something more creative and having a baby makes you think and makes you want to do something that makes you happy. I just hope it will be a success!”

”To make a difference to young women’s thinking and treatment of themselves. I was saddened by women and girls being their worst critics”

”To give ladies who love Spanish, English and Spanglish (Why not?!) pretty and stylish greeting cards. that relate to their experiences as bilingual women or who just like Spanish. So pulled up up my sleeves, embraced my creative side (though afraid at first), and decided to do something I could call my own but it’s taking a lot of work for sure!”

”To inspire people to be more, to live a fulfilled life and to see their challenges as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks”

”I optimize your time to spend more of it with your family and yourself. It’s Time for more yeah!”

”To provide me with more choices..”

”The freedom to control my life and finances”

”To spread happiness”

”I started my business because I was told NO over 100 times when I wanted to transition into the sports industry. I wanted to share the fan experience and to show a different side of sports that isn’t all negative. People still think that women aren’t sports FANS and it surprises many when they find out that FFF was created by a woman. It was important to me to create something I love and to make sure I left something behind for my children”

”I realized the lack of affordable legal resources available for my community other than the legal aid office inside the court house. Most court house legal aid offices are so impacted that someone must spend all day there to be helped. Unfortunately many people can not afford to miss one day of work to spend it there”

”Encourage more people to learn life saving techniques by making CPR/First Aid affordable and more convenient”

”To help make people’s dreams come true”

”’Cuz Women Drive Now Too’. Our goal is to empower and educate female drivers nationwide to be their own plan B at the side of the road”

”Because I have a passion for motivating and encouraging people”

”Wanted to ensure my financial security, which I knew wouldn’t happen working for others. Wanted to create a female friendly environment where women could feel comfortable learning and working in a commercial kitchen”

”Because I had walked the straight an narrow path, did what was expected of me. I needed to make my own way”

”Because I knew women just like me needed a cheerleader to tell them they really ARE beautiful and sexy. Because I knew women just like me deserve better sex every time they do it. And because I knew women just like me needed that information to be delivered in a way that was as classy and sophisticated as they are”

”To inspire, motivate, and encourage people”

”To fulfill my purpose to inspire, motive and encourage women to live the best life filled with purpose, passion and peace”

”To create beautiful moments my clients will remember for a lifetime”

”I started my company because I love making the lives of those around me more lovely, and being able to infuse the joys and unique traits of my clients into their special moments brings my joy”

”To spread my love of pretty things to all of Bellingham! (and to turn my shopping habit into a money maker!)”

” I wanted to make sure my vision was addressed.,to help others become happier and healthy through massage therapy. It’s a beautiful thing to see my clients overall health and wellness improve”

”To help encourage and reach brothers incarcerated unjustly and unconstitutionally and to show my dad I can”

”Creating legacy for our family and help business owners with commercial real estate”

”Because it’s a passion while giving financial freedom at the same time”

”Love to be challenged. Extreme independence. Passion. Desire”

”I love hearing the excitement from my clients when they hear the words “You’re hired!”

”I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit & I love online shopping. This is exactly where I should be”

”For so many reasons. I knew I had a ferociousness in me to teach and encourage women towards their greatest. I’m also an introvert and desperately wanted to work from home and live a life on my terms”

”To help entrepreneurs bring their vision to life”

”It is my passion to give people confidence in any situation”

”It’s my drive to provide entrepreneurial solution to each business owner. People has always come to me, because I provide solutions for their needs. That’s my focus-to be a Solutions Provider for their business needs”

”I love seeing other women feel confident. I always want financial freedom and to set a good example for my son. I eventually want to employ other women so they can be empowered as well”


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