Why You Should Sign Up For The Girlzsquad Contest Right Now!

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The Girlzsquad Contest

Have you been itching to get into a contest that is not just about winning prizes but also empowers women and prompts you to boss up and become a better you? We all have a bit of a competitive spirit within us and even if you haven’t considered signing up for any contests ever, this is one you would definitely want to take part in. It’s organized by Girlzsquad, a brand with a worldwide network which is headquartered in the United States. 

Who is Girlzsquad?

Girlzsquad is a brand that was created from the idea that people should strive to make an impact on the world that lives on even after they are long gone. When we founded this brand, all we that was in our hearts was the desire to do something for all our Girlz to help make them feel more empowered and confident through the messages we spread. We use our products as an avenue for women everywhere to fully express themselves through strong messages and designs that show they stand for something important.

One of the most important things for us is that the women who use our products are able to see themselves in what they are wearing as this helps bolster your confidence in yourself so you remain bold, ambitious, strong and fiercely independent and face each day with your head held high.

These days more people are on board with the message and recognize the importance of the kind of work we do so we always have someone willing to use their platform to lend a voice to the message of inspiration we share. Celebrities like Nabilla Benattia a well recognized French Celeb, Rosanna Arkle (Italian supermodel) and Canadian actress Tati Mcquay are among those who believe in us and have worked with us on some of our campaigns. 

All about our Girlzsquad contest 

Knowing that a brand like Girlzsquad with an inspiring and worthy cause is organizing a contest has gotten everyone excited and anticipating more information about the contest and how you can sign up. 

This contest offers the winner an opportunity of a lifetime to be flown out to Paris for a fairytale trip that culminates in a photo shoot for our new line “Goddess”, and if that isn’t exciting enough, you can also bring a friend along for the ride of a lifetime! To top it all of you’ll be shown the ropes and taken through this process by Bru Luccas, someone who needs no introduction as she is one of the top fitness models in the world. 

For those who don’t know Bru’s story, she is the epitome of a strong woman, the kind of woman we want all members of our Girlzsquad to be like, she came into California from her home country of Brazil with next to nothing and worked hard as a kitchen staff, busser and Cashier all at once, Talk about strong! After her posts on Instagram went viral up in a few weeks in 2017, she became a household name in the fitness world with over 1.5M followers. She is an inspires more women to keep working hard and chasing their dreams. 

Our contest will create an avenue for the same thing to happen to one of our customers! We are tearing down beauty standards so that people of whatever looks, ethnicity or background can have the opportunity to  become a brand ambassador a worldwide brand. 

We’re sure you’re excited and ready to take this contest head on so here’s how to enter! 

  • The first step is to take an original picture with one of our bags, it doesn’t have to be a professional shot, phone picture entries are welcome too

That’s it! that’s exactly how you can make an entry and the most original picture will take the cake. 

Our bags are made from high-quality materials, they are functional and are totally budget friendly so you don’t have to worry about steep prices. For the duration of the contests you can snatch up a bag for $19-$39 and you get free shipping if you reside in the United States. 


Our winner will get 2 return tickets to Paris, and transport and hotel costs for two people will also be covered. The trip is scheduled for 21-24 June and while you’re there, your days will be filled with shopping, sightseeing Paris and shooting with us in some of the most beautiful locations in the city of love. We’ll announce our winner along with Bru Luccas on the 31st of May, stay glued to our page so you can witness that exciting moment in real time. Who knows it just might be your name that is announced. 

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