Why It’s Actually A Good Sign If You Feel That You Are Always Facing Struggle

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    February 20, 2020
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No, I do not wish to struggle on anyone and I wish nothing but fast resolve and healing to those who are going through it. However, there are many positive pieces that come with embracing the struggle that we don’t focus enough on.  If you feel like you are constantly in the presence of conflict, struggle, or setback maybe there is more going on there than just “bad luck.”  If you spin this in the opposite direction, you will see how you might actually be one of the lucky ones.

Below are some of the reasons that you may be in this situation.

You are not content with settling.

Let’s face it, there are many people in this world who are okay with settling in love, life, and career.  “Good” is “good enough” in their opinion, simply because it’s comfortable and not typically provoking much growth (aka discomfort).  The more you settle and don’t truly go for what you want or deserve, then the less struggle you will encounter.  People will be happy with your passiveness, jobs will take advantage of your mediocracy, and life will seem stale but comforting.  However, if you are someone who is constantly looking to do better and be better–asking questions, seeking answers, reaching for higher levels, taking risks, dreaming of what’s out there, you are more than likely going to be the creator of waves in your environment.  You have to realize the majority of people will not be comfortable with your initiation of change, which will cause struggle. Recognize it as such, don’t allow it to silence you, and grow anyway.

You live with passion.

You are more than likely going to experience heightened struggle if you are someone who leads with passion.  When you are passionate about the life you tend to advocate and blaze a trail that others have no intention of ever going down.  Passion is one of the most beautiful elements of life.  It’s people who lead with a passion that creates some of the most monumental events in history and lead better lives so that others too can enjoy a better life.  But living in a place of passion can certainly spark flames of discomfort as you battle resistance.  Allow your passion and your vision to carry you through this leg of the struggle by always lead with your best intentions.  Passion will always triumph.

You encompass solid moral standings.

When you live in full authenticity, confidence, and moral understanding it’s extremely challenging to be argued with or convinced to sway in your decisions.  As we’ve said throughout this article, many people are content with doing what is easy as opposed to what is right, causing many seeming injustices.  When you have a solid grasp on where you stand and what you stand for, it becomes more and more difficult to stay immersed in such perceived injustices and those that go along with them.  Taking a stand and shedding light on the dark is sure to make others uncomfortable and sometimes even outraged.  However, there is never any shame in standing for what’s right, and don’t allow anyone or anything makes you believe otherwise.

With this being said, take each struggle with gratitude.  Is that always easy? No.  It is true what they say, you may lose people, places, and things because of your desire to be more.  But remember with each piece that falls away, something greater is coming to take its place.  Always be a soldier, a voice, and an advocate for yourself and others to make a more beautiful tomorrow.  The struggles will come and go, but when you look back you will see why they were necessary.  Sending love today and always. Xo

Christi Pratte

Christi Pratte

Founder of The Passion Warrior Project, Christi is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger and advocate for women who are looking to find more self-love and purpose within their careers. Having spent years juggling five plus jobs simultaneously, scratching out weekends, and becoming an avid coffee lover, Christi has become passionate about helping others find adequate time to devote to self-care, fight for what they believe in, and organize the chaos of life so that they can continue doing what they love most. Speaking from personal experience, she brings a high level of expertise and insight when it comes to hustling with heart. She believes that all women deserve to live a life they love, starting with loving themselves. She has dedicated her time to continuous personal development via podcasts and literature, opening up an online book club, The Chic Lit Collective, to invite women to do the same. This is a space used to encourage connection and community because life is more powerful when shared.

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