When Western Technology Meets Eastern Therapies a New Facial is Born

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    June 7, 2021
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When Western Technology Meets Eastern Therapies a New Facial is Born Justine Masters womenontopp.com women on topp

Justine Masters’ Bespoke Holistic Facial Review

I’m in awe of the skin sometimes, from colour to type to what we put on it; everyone’s skin performs differently for them. That is to say that if a particular product suits me it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. The same applies to facial treatments, in my opinion. As our most extensive and most rigid organ, the skin is often taken for granted. “you are what you eat”, is the saying and I couldn’t agree more. Justine Masters at Triyoga has a similar ethos: “Good Skin Starts from Within.”  

 Who is Justine Masters?

Justine Masters is a holistic facialist who specialises in helping you embrace the natural beauty of your skin regardless of your age. 

Justine looks at the mind gut skin as a whole, and mixes Western technology with Eastern therapies to maximise your potential and bring you the best skin of your life. She believes that a holistic facial treatment should be a consultation on skin health through a whole body approach, rather than just the application of products. Understanding your skin, its behaviour due to seasonal changes, and how to cater to them through an all-natural approach is her forte. I believe this results in long term skincare which is far more liberating than the temporary fix provided by cosmetics. To know more about Justine Masters, check out her website here.

Triyoga Treatments 

Before I delve into the treatments I got done, I want to talk about where I got them done. Triyoga. Triyoga believes that our “health and wellbeing is a priority” and rightly so! Excellent treatments need to be a part of everyone’s self-care routine; therefore, Triyoga treatments are meticulously tailored to support you and your skin on your healing journey. Triyoga offers a diverse menu of treatments in all of London from only the best of therapists and facialists. Situated at five centres: Camden, Chelsea, SoHo, Shoreditch and Ealing, Triyoga treatments are your first steps towards health, glowing skin from within. For more information, visit triyoga.co.uk or follow them on Instagram @triyogatreatments.

Osmosis Skincare

Let’s move on ahead to the good part now, shall we? What makes Justine Masters treatments unique is her use of Osmosis. Osmosis is a complete holistic-medical skin and wellness solution. It provides the tools needed to fashion the ideal environment to encourage permanent change. Osmosis skincare works on the unique philosophy of analysing our skin and body as a whole, allowing it to treat skin conditions at their source.

By using clinic ingredients and a non-inflammatory approach, osmosis skincare techniques provide targeted solutions for all skin conditions. The products used in this are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, parabens, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances. This all-natural approach creates a wellness system to optimise our skin and our body’s rejuvenation process. To satisfy your curiosity about osmosis products and why they’re a favourite of Justine’s, visit www.osmosisskincare.eu/

My Experience with Justine’s bespoke Facial 

Justine Masters was an absolute delight to converse with, her easy way of explaining the treatment and her calm vibe immediately relaxed me, and I knew I was in good hands. Bespoke facials are all the rage right now. What makes a Bespoke Facial stand out is that it is curated and customised to your skin’s needs and requirements. As a result, it gives us the maximum benefits each time. Bespoke facials target ageing, scarring, dryness, dehydration, redness, reactive/sensitivity, acne and pigmentation, to name a few. 

I had a pre-treatment consultation with Justine. We talked about lifestyle, internal stress and inflammation of the gut. After analysing my skin and its concerns, she recommended me a specific supplement to get the ball rolling on my unique Bespoke Facial; A capsule of Aloe Vera, daily. This capsule would help calm my gut and eliminate inflammation that I suffered from in my cheek region. She also suggested that I indulge in more time out for myself and indulge in relaxing activities like walking or swimming and calm my mind by use of meditation apps like “Headspace” and “Insight Timer.”

Pre skincare treatment was done with Osmosis Skincare EU. It included gentle cleansing do get rid of dead cells and impurities on my skin, followed by a rescue serum that felt divine on my skin and a quench moisturiser that melted like butter.  

This pre-treatment was to help restore your skin barrier and help strengthen and prepare the skin for the Osmosis 30 day collagen infusion with Revita pen. For more information on her treatments, check her website here.

Briefly, the 30-day Collagen infusion brings about the following benefits:

  • Dermal remodelling (say Hello to new skin)
  • Increases Circulation
  • Boosting immunity 
  • Skin rejuvenation 
  • Creates rapid cell turner 

Revita Pen works to penetrate several high-dose active ingredients and nutrients. The three Star Ingredients are 2.5% retinaldehyde, 1,3 Beta-glucan and Niacinamide. These are customised by adding powder actives. The powder actives Justine used on my skin were willow herb which has calming and anti-inflammatory agents and is anti-bacterial. Along with Vitamin C for instant Glow. She also used skin nutrition for healing and supporting the skin’s structural network and building natural moisturisers. Included in this treatment was Reiki (Reiki is an energy healing technique to help calm and restore physical and emotional well-being)  to relax and calm me and the Celluma LED light, the Oxyjet Oxygen facial to plump and hydrate and finishing off with  some relaxing Gua Sha  to rejuvenate my skin.

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese method of facial massage using crystal tools. It is designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish puffiness. It can even help to make your face look slimmer. Some even consider it to be an alternative to Botox as it has amazing lifting abilities! Celluma LED Light is a 30 mins natural non-invasive method of healing and repairing the skin. It has been clinically proven to help with acne, skin rejuvenation and wound healing. 

Read more on Justine Masters Website

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