What is an Empowering Woman?

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    February 27, 2018
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What is an Empowering Woman?

It’s about having fun, living your truth and just being you. I truly believe we find our greatest strength when we are the most vulnerable. As women, we tend to be perfectionists. We like to make sure we will succeed before we try something, so we avoid the threat of failure and don’t reach for new things. This kind of thinking needs to be reversed. We should actually go after the things that scare us. If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.

Bold and fearless

Be bold and be fearless, so if you do fail, you’re able to move on. I’ve had to learn and I have to continue to remind myself to not dwell on stuff when things don’t work out. Emotionally, strong females are resilient. It’s important to be able to withstand any obstacle. Backing down when the odds are against you is not an option. We all have obstacles, setbacks, pain and disappointments in life. To think you are alone in your pain is never true. I lost my 17-year-old son in an auto accident and he was my absolutely joy in life. I will never replace that joy but I also know I cannot bring him back. Although my journey in grief is a lifetime I know I have to get up every day and make him proud of his mother just as he was when he was alive. I want to do whatever I can to celebrate his memory and share my story with others who have lost hope in life. You never know what crosses another bares until they open up. Be careful to not classify your obstacles as the worst until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Strong and independent

Being strong and independent doesn’t mean you have to exclusively rely on yourself. Surrounding yourself with valuable people eases the burden of both personal and work related challenges. I tend to call on my Mom, sister, daughter and awesome women friends that I have had for many years so that they can provide good insight and lift me up when I need a boost. I want to add; my husband is always my rock when the chips are down.

Being sure of yourself also gives you the strength to be supportive for others, and puts you in the right frame of mind to welcome constructive criticism so that you can continue to improve and grow.

Having confidence, self-esteem and independence can be taught but remember you must first have self-awareness and self-respect, set safe boundaries not borders and allow only what you’re willing to tolerate into your life.

I have learned so much over the years and the best advice I was ever given was “Live the best version of your true self from the inside and it will radiate on the outside”. I surround myself with like-minded women, visionaries, genuine loving ladies that have a zest for life. These women live their life with passion, purpose and inspire me to be the best authentic version of myself.


Cherie Rickard

Cherie Rickard is a Nationally recognized Author, Motivational Speaker, Grief and Empowerment Coach. She is a Medical Professional, a successful business owner, a patient advocate and more importantly a mother with messages of hope & inspiration. She encourages women to find their voice and purpose in life so that they can use life’s setbacks, challenges and tragedies to rebuild their own lives

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