We Are Who We Think We Are

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    April 19, 2018
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Wana Miri

So why are we the hardest on ourselves most of the time? Every time a negative or temporary life-altering event on the outside happens, you begin to think about yourself as a failure and everyone else as a great life. Stop that thought right there and catch it. Failures will cease to make you feel bad about yourself when you realize that they are only opportunities and not mighty hardships that life is trying to throw on you. Often, when something doesn’t turn out the way you plan another opportunity comes to pass. We find it difficult to focus on what other opportunities could possibly be better and only focus on what did not happen or who we are not.

Here are some 7 simple strategies to redirect your thinking and start manifesting:

Stop comparing yourself to others

Though it’s been said a million times already, it still holds true that every single individual on this planet is unique in their way. What matters is not whether you are as good as the rest of the women, but whether you are good at being you and showing your own gifts and talents with others. People have different lives and circumstances and have their successes and failures. You may think someone else has a better life because they have more money than you or a better husband or better friends, family or job. What you don’t always know, is the skeletons in their closet that we all have. 

Respect yourself first

Love and respect yourself more. if you don’t, then how can you expect others to respect and love you? Accept yourself however you are at this very moment, and that means physically and mentally. Physically, some of us are more endowed with good looks than others. Some of us have sharper minds than our peers, and that’s perfectly fine. Whoever you are and however you are, there will always be something in you that absolutely nobody else will have.

You have to allow for someone to make you feel bad

If somebody were to throw mud at you, would you just stand there and let it hit your head, hair or clothes or would you simply move aside and let it pass by you? The choice is yours. You cannot stop people from throwing stones and telling you all that they do, but you can choose to accept it and make you feel bad or not accept it. Be very choosy and picky when it comes to taking advice from just anyone. Ask yourself if it makes sense and is it helping you or is it being given by alternative motives. If it’s not helping you, then discard it. Associate with genuine, real positive people who will help you and feel good about yourself as a woman.

Keeping a journal

I don’t want to hear how you don’t have time. With technology today you can write notes in your phone which is probably by your side most of the day. Write something good about yourself every day. Whenever you feel down and low in self-esteem, open up your journal to encourage yourself once again.

Do unto others

Do one good thing to someone or something every day without expecting anything in return. It could be anything, from feeding a stray dog, giving a compliment to helping the elderly. When you can help someone else in their suffering or pain especially if it’s a pain or situation you have been through you’re actually healing yourself as well in return without realizing it. Great things happen when women come together and support one another in life.

Express your talents

Pick a hobby you are good at and become even better at it. Pride in something that you do helps to create a positive self-esteem Examples of hobbies can be gardening, writing, blogging, embroidering, sewing, cooking or even wood refurnishing. It is hard to be down on yourself when you have created something physical and can look at it with pride and say to yourself “Look at what I have created”. 

Speak it into existence

We have bad habits of speaking our faults out loud. I am tired, I am broke, I will never get ahead, I have too much to do, I will never find the right guy, I can’t think straight, I hurt all over. I mean seriously, we think we are so we are! Try speaking abundance, prosperity, success and skill in our life. I am so proud of myself, I am climbing the ladder to success, I am going to get my breakthrough, I am so blessed. 

Learning effective strategies to boost your self-confidence, skills and improve your self-images from the inside out by trying a new way of thinking. We can change our direction by just speaking life into our day, our year and ultimately our life when we are who we think we are.

Cherie Rickard

Cherie Rickard is a Nationally recognized Author, Motivational Speaker, Grief and Empowerment Coach. She is a Medical Professional, a successful business owner, a patient advocate and more importantly a mother with messages of hope & inspiration. She encourages women to find their voice and purpose in life so that they can use life’s setbacks, challenges and tragedies to rebuild their own lives

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