Turning Spaces To Experiences Of Health And Encouragement

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    March 25, 2020
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My name is Naadia Jahaan, an Arabic attribute given at birth. Naadia meaning runner and Jahaan meaning the world; the universe in its eternity. Hence, the birth of Running World Designs! Creative Content Specialist, active upholstery apprentice & CIY connoisseur – create it yourself!

Guided by the principles of relationship building, authenticity, individuality, creativity & rejuvenation. I strike a balance of bold, eclectic and sophisticated quirks, I am inspired by the journey of pursuing my passion and empowering others to do the same.

Running World Designs understands the value of personalized work environments and living spaces. As a relatable woman, mother and creative entity, together, I help people create ideal arrangements. Whether it be about design or divine life’s destiny I am here to offer support for everyone to Run Your World!

Cultivating authentic connections and respecting the uniqueness of everyone’s individuality. I ascribe to promote positivity in creative ways, fostering rejuvenating outlooks on life for healthy and encouraged living.

Running World Design

Running World Designs is a home decor & lifestyle brand for women, mothers, and all creatives to awaken decorative plans and cultured outcomes. A budget-friendly online shopping experience for decor at your door. Ultimately, an ode to regality and the production of an eclectic yet opulent household vibe. 


A worldly collective of thrifted, gifted and unique treasures to amplify the home. An authentic entrepreneur journey with individuality as a method of creative expression. 


  • Provide products that are affordable yet opulent in adding to the ambiance of a home.
  • Honor the uniqueness of variety to which every household may face. 
  • Demonstrate a lifestyle of routines, tendencies, and elements that aid in creating a happy and encouraged home.
  • Cultivate lasting relationships with individuals to achieve whole-person wellbeing and continuous enrichment.

Services Offered:

  • Furniture Procurement/Sourcing
  • Housekeeping Hacks
  • Create it Yourself Craft Workshops

What inspired you to start Creative Director for Running World Designs?

Freedom to be expressive. I have always been crafty and creative, expanding as “Creative Director” was my opportunity to turn my hobbies into a real-time business and brand. I enjoy bringing my concepts to life, the thought of creating a sustainable lifestyle by designing deliberately is very inspiring to me. 

What are your workshops about?

Crafts and Cocktails (a session is overdue) is a creative way to bring women, mothers, and all creatives together in a healthy and encouraging space. The goal is a create it yourself approach to take home items that will liven up your space. A method of rejuvenation, taking a minute to decompress, relate and create for overall wellbeing.

What inspired you to start working for yourself?

I love educating myself a bachelor’s degree in psychology is nice, a master’s degree in behavioral economics is fun. Working in the nonprofit world for years is invigorating, but there is something uniquely divine about setting my own schedule and running my world, my way. There are a number of advantages working for someone else in terms of leadership and guidance, the one defeat is not being well-received when you are simply being your authentic self. That alone is my inspiration to continue navigating a “work for myself” mentality.

What have been your biggest successes?

I like to pat myself on the back for successfully registering my business in 2017, becoming a homeowner in 2019 and although I don’t always feel my best at it, I am killing this Mommin’ thang! Small wins are a major deal to me, I tend to find success in making it out of bed, finishing a blog post, you know?!

What are your current areas of focus?

Whew! My mind is scattered, I used this interview to pull it together (somewhat lol). Seriously though, I am branching out, Naadia Jahaan is giving all the feels of a creative entrepreneur, fashion and fun via my personal blog Through the Eyes of a Woman, Mother and Creative. While Running World Designs is still providing budget-friendly decor at your door and turning spaces to experiences of health and encouragement. My focus is largely building a lifestyle brand that honors the regal woman and creates products to awaken decorative plans with a modest price, yet opulent vibe.

Who have been your own biggest mentors and what is the best advice they have ever given you?

The works of Maya Angelou have been instrumental in my becoming as a woman, super grateful for her memoirs and contributions to academia. More recently a wise woman, owner and operator of Galerie Marie located in South Jersey, is what I describe as #goals. The best advice she has given me is to keep creating, stay aligned with my goals/principles and find ways to monetize/capitalize on my talents. I often “live in my head” the best way to combat that is to keep my hands moving. I really admire and appreciate her use of storytelling and highlighting narratives as a method of successful branding.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I say this often, Be You, Do You, For You! Being your authentic self, the good the bad and ugly automatically gives others permission to do the same. Building a tribe or community of creatives is organic and natural. Be aware, but not isolated with the understanding that the journey is yours alone, everyone can’t go with you. But the right connections will surface as you grow. Most importantly HAVE FUN! No pressure, what’s for you flow effortlessly with ease. Enjoy the journey of a creative entrepreneur.

How do you improve your financial knowledge?

Honestly, I’ve been using Quickbooks Self Employed. Let’s connect for a referral code! Joking, but seriously, I’ve been maintaining but could use some boss babes who budget well to help me out. Currents, Bank for Modern Life is a new find that is helpful with budgeting. Lastly, @refinery29’s Money Diaries is a great reference I’ve utilized a time or two before. 

What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

Going back to work! I’m being facetious, yes, this was a tough one. While I am wholeheartedly committed to growing my brand, financially I made the adult decision to return to work and not rely solely on my creative business. Truly though, I am the creative entrepreneur that finds solace in a routine paycheck, health insurance and social interaction. So it was tough but I am grateful to have funding to continue investing in my business. 

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?

Failure sounds so harsh to me. We are human beings, not robotic features. Anywho, most of my learning opportunities have come from actions I chose not to take for whatever the case may be (probably self-sabotage). In the workplace, I’ve held back expressing ideas, concepts and even advocating for myself in instances that could have a potential impact on my future progressions. My biggest plight is not following through because of “being worried” about what others may think, say, do or feel. I’ve grown way past that but it still gets me caught up some days. 

“I really want the money conscientious woman who budgets accordingly, to connect with the hustling mother who needs a minute and a word of advice. While also amplifying that anyone with a concept is creative.”


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