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    February 7, 2015
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9 month’s of existence of this blog. We had to make a top 5 country visitors list. And here it is.. The top 5 of 2014, must say these countries could have a correlation to ambitious female population. Where are you from? Leave a comment where you are from.

Top 5 countries of visitors

1. United States

2. Netherlands

3. United Kingdom

4. Canada

5. Australia

Top 5 search terms
Also here’s a top 5 search terms of

1. 25 best jobs for women


3. Best career for women

4. Top female careers

5.  Successful women

Our favourite search term was: ‘how to talk to my boss about pay raise’

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  1. I am from Norway which is at the very top on awareness on gender equality and women’s rights! Practice si something very different!! Only 4% of top positions in private sectir are held by women!

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