This Ritual Will Absolutely Set You Up For Success Every Day

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    September 25, 2014
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Ritual Will Set You Up For Success Every Day

Questions ”That Make You Successful,” which (based on the shares and comments) has helped a lot of people. Those questions are refined into a daily two-minute program that creates lasting happiness and success

Step 1. Set yourself up for success each day

On a Post-it note, write the following resolutions:

  1. Today, I will express love to those I love.
  2. Today, I will do something to improve the world.
  3. Today, I will take action to become healthier.
  4. Today, I will review my plans for the future.
  5. Today, I will act with integrity in public and private.
  6. Today, I will be kind to others.
  7. Today, I will do something worthwhile.
  8. Today, I will help someone less fortunate.
  9. Today, I will be grateful for being alive.

Put that Post-it someplace where you’ll see it every morning right after you rise from bed or (failing that) where you’ll see it first thing when you get to work.

Whenever you see that list for the first time each day, take a minute (#1) to recommit to each of your resolutions. This focuses your mind and intuition to find and notice opportunities to fulfill these commitments.

Step 2. Review and reinforce your daily successes

On a second Post-it note, write the following questions:

  1. Did I express love to those I love?
  2. Did I improve the world even in some small way?
  3. Did I increase my level of health?
  4. Did I review my plans for the future?
  5. Did I act with integrity in public and private?
  6. Was I kind to others?
  7. Did I do something worthwhile?
  8. Did I help someone less fortunate?
  9. Am I grateful for being alive?

Stick this Post-it somewhere that you’ll see it before you go to bed. At the end of your day, take a minute (#2) and reflect on how well you fulfilled your resolutions.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a “yes” to every question, because that’s not the point. This is your opportunity to remember and celebrate the great experiences that you did create in your life.

As you can see, this technique takes only two minutes, less time that it took to read this post. Practice it for two weeks and you’ll amaze yourself. Practice it for two months and you’ll amaze everyone you know. Practice it for two years, and you’ll amaze the world.

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