The Self-made Story Of Kristina Kim

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    February 4, 2021
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The Self-made Story Of Kristina Kim Women On Topp

It all started in 2012 when Kristina became a 19-year-old single mom, with no university degree but with the will to face the single mom life challenges. She started her career working in journalism as her boss believed in her talent and she became one of the youngest news journalists in the Czech Republic. After one year of hard work on the radio, Kristina got a weekly column for a national newspaper about single mom life and quickly, her creative work was published in the prestigious FORBES and HARPERS BAZAAR CZ editions. At that time, Kristina met her happily-ever-after, decided to move with him to Canada and start a whole new adventure.

The road wasn’t easy as no one wanted to hire her in Canada, but she didn’t let that stop her from chasing her dreams; Kristina started volunteering. And while volunteering for a social media position one day, she got offered a junior job for a social media startup in Edmonton. She worked there for a year, found that social media was more suited to her talents, so she decided to do things on her own,  differently, and that’s when her entrepreneurship journey started.

She started freelancing in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit, and It was perfect timing as it coincided with the acceleration of digitalization, and boom, KK DIGITAL was born. Shortly Kristina’s business grew fast, got the label of social media professional certified from Facebook and all this slowlyturned her business from a one-woman show to a whole creative agency with full-time employees in less than a year.

Now KK DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY works with small business owners and enterprises from all over the world. Kristina and her strong female team help business owners, small businesses, and organizations to succeed in this new reality through digital marketing services. By providing unique and creative solutions for social media marketing, branding, website design, influence marketing and market research, all KK DIGITAL’s clients are happy with the results and made KK  DIGITAL their creative partner, saving them time and money.

Kristina represents a perfect example of women supporting women. She always uplifts her team, supports them with all kinds of support, helps hard-working Women achieve their dreams, and shows up as a leader every single day to inspire other women.

Throughout her journey, Kristina lost her beloved mom and sister, faced single mom life challenges and many hardships but she never gave up. She kept looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses and dreaming of a brighter future. Kristina kept going with a heart full of kindness, honesty, patience, and a warrior spirit; she believes that all it takes to succeed in business and life is hard work, determination and values, ” when I learned the importance of saying NO, thank you and when I realized that everyone has a value and I found what my value is, magical things happened”-Kristina says. She is a phenomenal woman.

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