The Power Of The Empath During Times Of Crisis

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    March 27, 2020
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Right now, it feels like we are vortexed in the abyss of a global emotional earthquake, the COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus. You can feel the energy of loss, fear, anxiety, scarcity, and panic ripple through the air as this outbreak spreads, and with it, the associated fear spreads with it, too.  This feeling is especially true if you identify as an empath, you may be feeling this energy rather heavily these days.

I have identified myself as an empath since childhood.  So much so, that my parents used to have to shut off cartoon movies right at the start because I would be crying my eyes out in complete empathy for the fictitious characters.  Fast forward into my adult life, I can still sense that struggle in others, and if I don’t set myself up to receive that energy, it can totally destruct my own energy along with it.

One moment in particular that stands out in my mind was the day I walked into a sub shop to get lunch.  I no sooner walked through the door and looked across the room to see an elderly gentleman sitting alone eating his soup.  I felt such a strong sense of sadness that I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I turned around and left before I broke out into a complete outburst in public.  

I did not know that man’s story, I still don’t.  There’s a chance that he could have been perfectly content.  But as an empath, I believe that we intuitively know more than what may be on the surface.  If you resonate as an empath, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  You have this deep knowing in certain moments, and in time, you see it come to the surface, which completely affirms your intuitive abilities.

While this sense of heaviness can be felt so strongly with fictitious cartoon characters and just one individual, imagine the heaviness that can attack when we are amidst a global pandemic?  It is intense, to say the very least.

However, I saw this message a friend of mine put up the other day on her Facebook account, which had me thinking about the POWER empaths actually have at this time to, in fact, raise the global vibration, starting with how they choose to care for themselves.

Finding self- love, understanding and care.

In my friend’s post, being an empath herself, she said she found herself just sobbing in the shower the other day.  During this breakdown, she asked herself the powerful question : “Is this emotion mine?  And if not, where is it coming from?”

Wow.  That resonated.

I thought about the impact I was experiencing.  I will admit, last week I was a complete mess.  I was harnessing the chaotic energy around me and derailing with it.  Falling into old habits, sleeping the days away, not taking care of myself, being filled with hopelessness and fear, and projecting that onto others.  I wouldn’t say I was handling anything in a state of grace.

Once I read my friend’s words, I asked myself that same question.  I came to the conclusion that this emotion is in fact not mine.  Circumstantially I am blessed right now.  I have my health, the health of those close to me, food in my refrigerator, a warm place to stay, and finances to carry me through.  I recognize that given my reality, this emotion is not mine, yet my intuitive ability to feel the suffering of others.

Were the actions mine? Yes.  And I owned them.  Realizing that they were not helping the situation.

But the emotion, that’s not mine.  It’s me taking on the emotions of the collective.  Hear me out, it is each individual that makes up the collective.  So if you start but treating yourself with love and care, nurturing yourself, you will send out that energy.  Imagine if everyone made that choice?  I believe the energetic release of the collective would look a lot different than what it does now!

Resort to prayers and positivity.

It does not matter what you choose to connect with in terms of religious/spiritual beliefs, I think we can all agree that there is a power out there bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than the collective.  That all-encompassing power has the ability to heal.  So yes, I believe in the power of prayer/meditation/spiritual connection to that Source to ease my own fears and send out the positivity to ease others, too.  Understanding connection and abundance at this time, and the contagion connection has, is a strong element to use to heal the pandemic.

Embrace your creativity.

Like they say, “never underestimate the power of a broken heart.”

Even if you are feeling like you are drowning in all the craziness going on in the world like you’re suffocating under the anxiety of it, use that powerful force of a broken heart to create.

Every single artist who has created a masterpiece usually has a story of heartbreak behind it.  Heartbreak yields us two choices: 1. To create something beautiful.  2. To self-destruct.

I choose the first.

Tap into your creativity.  What can you do right now to create something beautiful from this disaster?  Just like after the worst storm comes a rainbow.  After a seed is buried in darkness, comes a flower.  After that caterpillar that thinks it has died, it sees the beauty of its wings.

You too, have something beautiful to share with others from this.

 Find it. Create it. Share it.

Together, by empowering our empathetic side, we can raise the vibration of the planet by making the choice to do so.  

Let’s start today. Xo

Christi Pratte

Christi Pratte

Founder of The Passion Warrior Project, Christi is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger and advocate for women who are looking to find more self-love and purpose within their careers. Having spent years juggling five plus jobs simultaneously, scratching out weekends, and becoming an avid coffee lover, Christi has become passionate about helping others find adequate time to devote to self-care, fight for what they believe in, and organize the chaos of life so that they can continue doing what they love most. Speaking from personal experience, she brings a high level of expertise and insight when it comes to hustling with heart. She believes that all women deserve to live a life they love, starting with loving themselves. She has dedicated her time to continuous personal development via podcasts and literature, opening up an online book club, The Chic Lit Collective, to invite women to do the same. This is a space used to encourage connection and community because life is more powerful when shared.

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