The Monsters Under Your Bed

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    January 11, 2016
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You know, that feeling you get when you are totally clueless of what to do in your life? That moment when you think about where you come from, where you are now and where you want to be in the future? That feeling that gives you chills and stresses you out because you have no idea what is coming next? It’s fear. Fear of failure or the fear of the unknown and the fear of broken hearts drives us crazy at times, but at the same time excitement of knowing you can still do anything to change that can motivate you.

Some people grow up too isolated from the world outside. They are not thrown into the deep to learn how to swim.

“Sometimes the environment around you will not give you the opportunity to grow. It’s like they take away a birds wings to fly.”

You don’t want to be scared of reality and scared of the harsh society! You might not be living in your world but in someone else’s perfect world. There will be moments when you try to change yourself and adapt fully to someone else’s life. That’s the moment when you lose yours. Then your mind suffers the emotional state of overthinking. What is happening to me? When will it stop? When is it going to be better? That’s where the worries come along. That’s when fear hits you and you panic which leads to anxiety. The anxiety of what ‘others’ might think.

A lot of people can relate to this. Achieving something you really want is going to be difficult no matter what if you don’t work hard for it. It will be a turbulent journey to success. Everything that is worthed will never come easy.

You will have to face all the obstacles that are in your way and at the same time, you will have to learn not to give up on your dreams and goals. You want to make everyone else proud and put your own thoughts and needs aside. The pressure of trying to please others will bring along the struggles you would rather avoid. Some people will be proud of you, but they might even start hating you. They will make you or/and break you. You will be showered with negativity and discouragement from those who do not want to see you succeed.

Some people go through very bad experiences in life that will scar them for life and end up with traumas and even become afraid of individuals. Nightmares of things in the past that happened will haunt you in the present day. At some point you become afraid of the judgements or criticism from people; your boss, your friends or even your family.

People can change and suddenly turn on you. That very moment can make you feel powerless, broken and hurt. Something inside of you changes along with it. Don’t lose yourself while it happens!

“I feel fearless because I know one day I will outgrow you as I learn the lessons of life. Then your power will be gone, but mine will be stronger. I’ll walk away and let it go, because then I’ll be fearless since you were my only fear.”


We all have our fears. The question is how to win from them and fight against it. What’s most important is that you need to know you are here for yourself. Eventually nobody will command you which direction to go because you can only be happy when you pursue your own dreams walking your own path. Only then you can live your own life to the fullest!

Don’t let others talk you down and hold you back from what you want to become or what you want to achieve. Words are the most powerful weapons we have. There are two sides to them; it can either be good or bad both.

  • Words can cut like knifes, be shot like bullets and hurt like rocks thrown at you. Words can kill.
  • Words can be loving and inspirational. It can change someone’s life, it can save a life!

Words can bring you a little closer to your goals, closer to people and bring you happiness too. Once they are said, you can never take them back. So remember not to misuse them no matter how many times people will do that to you. Give someone a compliment or gift them with advice and positive influence. Words can make you a powerful person! When you try to build up your career, try not to choose for the easy way to get to the top, choose for the way that is righteous with experiences and struggles that you possibly can go through. When you reflect back at it, you have a story to tell which can inspire other human beings.

“Choose wisely! Our choices define us.”

Our choices represent how we think and how we would react towards different situations. Your choice can change someone else’s life, but also yours!

One day you might want to look back at a certain moment and you’ll see where you started, where you are at that point and how you want to pursue life in the future. Look back and reflect on the things that came out better than you would have thought and try to understand what kept you going for so long.

You will overcome your fear once you stop walking away no matter how many struggles you have to go through, how many battles you have to fight and face them. It only makes you stronger. Fight for your career, fight for who you want to be! Changes happen for the greater good. Being fearless is to accept that you make mistakes and learn from them because you are human. Our first choice might not be the best choice but eventually you will get there by making the right one. Only then, will you get to that point where fear no longer will take over your life!

Written by Shenali Perera


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