The Importance Of Time

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    November 16, 2019
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It is of no surprise that in today’s day and age woman juggle life more than ever. We are in demand from our careers, family, partners/ various relationships and social life. Every segment of our lives requires a piece of us. It is no wonder that we can burn out so quickly. The ever so evident term of work/life balance echo’s in our minds the world over. 

Time management

Time management and ‘me time’ are vital in order for us to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically present. It isn’t just being present in our lives but being present in others’ lives too. You can’t pour from an empty cup so you can’t be 100% to others when you don’t have 100% to give. Running on empty leads to all sorts of health problems so to avoid that why not implement some small things each day to help get aligned with our own selves. It’s so easy to get lost in the moment and in the race of life that we forget who we are.


Start implementing some rituals. Even the smallest things make the biggest difference. Having a bath in quiet once a week or once a fortnight. Have an afternoon where you immerse yourself in your favorite things to do.  Making a list of the most important things to the least important things is a great way to get clarity and you lean to your priorities more than the other things. Learn to say NO. This can be a challenging one. Don’t be afraid to say no because you feel it’s going to offend or upset someone. It’s not your job to please everyone. 

People will respect you more if you set boundaries and they will learn to understand and appreciate that. That way you are freeing yourself up to have time for yourself. Honor yourself and your space. When you invest time in who you are, what you love and what is most important you begin to feel more grateful and happier and you gain a greater sense of purpose for your passion. When you have given to yourself by following a passion or even allowing space and time for you, you then happily give to others rather than run around tired and overwhelmed trying to get things done, please everyone and maybe then try to find the time for yourself.

Make it a habit. It is hard at first, especially if you haven’t had a chance to ever fit things in for you. But some small tweaks here and there in any area of your life can make a positive difference. There could also be some guilt or shame indirectly attached in doing so but changing the mindset that everything and everyone comes before you is instrumental in getting some ‘me time’ and also managing time better. Even an evening on the sofa with popcorn binging on Netflix can feel like an audacious victory. It is something so basic that it can mean the most.

Inventory of different areas of your life

The first thing is taking inventory of different areas of your life and what is required of you. Be it a career, home and family, recreation, social groups and your health and fitness. Write what you do, the time spent for this part of your life on a weekly basis, how you feel, what you want from this area of your life and how you can make a change. Either to manage your time better or change the time completely as it is maybe pressing your time to another area of your life. Once you take stock you can take control. But you have to highlight the areas that are needing to be addressed. It is only then when small changes start to get made is where true victory lies. You have the awareness and the knowledge and appreciation of where your time goes. 

You may be able to fit in a class you have always wanted to take, a longer lunch with friends or even just reading a book with a coffee in peace. It all adds up and makes a difference to your soul. So start to make ME time an important time. We all know how precious time is and it slips away from us so quickly. Use it wisely. 

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