The Career of a Database Developer. Are They in Demand?

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    January 20, 2023
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The Career of a Database Developer. Are They in Demand?

Databases play a critical role in software development as they provide persistent storage for the data that the software uses. This includes vital business and UX data, such as user information and application settings. With the rise of Big Data, many companies hire a database programmer or several database programmers to create the tools to support data analysis and reporting. 

If you want to hire database developers or if you are a database developer looking for a new opportunity, you have to understand the market and the skills required. 

Why hire a database programmer?

Most companies hire database programmers to specialize in designing, creating, and maintaining databases. These developers work with database management systems such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL servers and must create, test, and implement the necessary database structures to store, manage and retrieve data in the most efficient way possible. They may also be involved with the integration of databases with other systems (e.g., web applications or data warehousing systems), which is why they need expert knowledge of a variety of systems and software solutions. 

Database programming developers for hire may focus on optimizing the performance of existing databases or be tasked with troubleshooting and resolving any issues that have cropped up.

What does a database developer do?

There really are no set day-to-day tasks for a database developer. When you hire database developer teams, various team members may: 

  • Design and create database structures, like tables, views, and stored procedures. These structures make it easier to access data down the road. 
  • Write and optimize SQL code. This code is required to access and manipulate data within the database itself. They will also make sure that the database is properly indexed. 
  • Implement security measures to keep the data in the data warehouse safe. 
  • Test and debug code. 
  • Troubleshoot issues with the database.
  • Monitor the performance of the database.
  • Work with web developers and other stakeholders to integrate the database with other systems.
  • Document database design and development activities.

In smaller organizations, database developers may even fulfill or take on tasks traditionally performed by a DBA or database administrator. 

Are database developers in high demand? 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the need for database administrators will increase by 9% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

Database developers are always in high demand. As the volume of data continues to grow, the need for professionals that can help organizations make the most of their information will also increase. As cloud-based databases, analytics, and the IoT continue to accelerate, so will our need for database developers. 

All fields are in high demand, but developers with expertise in new technologies (such as NoSQL databases, Graph databases, and Time series databases) are in particularly high demand.

What skills should a database developer have to improve their chances of getting hired? 

Most database developers won’t have a hard time finding work, but to improve their chances even further, they should have a strong knowledge of SQL and focus on writing efficient, well-optimized queries. 

They should also be familiar with the most popular DBMS, including MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. A database developer should be able to design and create database structures and have a solid understanding of database performance optimization. The developer should be able to resolve performance bottlenecks and query optimization techniques. 

With the rise of cloud computing, it’s a good idea to acquire the necessary knowledge of Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Google Cloud SQL, along with Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and Hive. 

How to hire a database developer

If you want to hire a database developer, you may need to think outside the box. Look for recruitment agencies that can source staff at a reasonable cost, or consider using offshoring agencies to find a team member that can work on your project remotely at a more affordable rate. 

Join as many database-specific community forums and networking events as possible. This will put your company in front of many skilled database developers that might be interested in coming on board. 

Remember, if you want to hire a database programmer, competition will be stiff. However, they will be worth their weight in gold when it comes to managing the information your organization needs in order to compete. 

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