The Business Rules Men Don’t Share with Women

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    July 7, 2023
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The Business Rules Men Don't Share with Women

In the vast landscape of business, there are hidden gems of wisdom that have often been withheld from women. Today, let us embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery as we delve into the enigmatic realm of The Business Rules Men Don’t Share with Women. By embracing these principles and weaving them into our professional lives, we can foster growth, success, and unity in the world of business. Read on The Business Rules Men Don’t Share with Women.

The Business Rules Men Don’t Share with Women

1. Don’t put yourself down

Men are always talking themselves into deals, while women talk themselves out of deals. So you have to talk yourself up because you have so much to shout about!

Men have mastered the art of self-promotion, while women sometimes underestimate their own abilities. It’s time to change that narrative. Instead of talking ourselves out of opportunities, we must embrace our strengths and shout them from the rooftops. Believe in yourself, for you possess a multitude of talents waiting to be recognized.

2. No cold calls, please

Always get someone else to boost your credentials first before you ask for money. Men lay a base for each other so should we.

Gone are the days of making lonely cold calls. Men have long understood the power of networking and leveraging connections. Similarly, women should seek allies who can vouch for their capabilities and credentials. By building a support system of like-minded individuals, we can create a solid foundation for success and mutually uplift one another.

3. Support the sisterhood

We all know about the ‘old boys club’ a mutual society for men in the business. In the same way, female entrepreneurs must boost the sisterhood by making introductions and highlighting their peers’ credentials to key business contacts.

In the shadows of the business world, there exists an infamous “old boys club” that thrives on exclusive connections and opportunities. It’s time for women to counterbalance this by fostering a sisterhood of support. As female entrepreneurs, we have the responsibility to uplift and introduce our peers to key business contacts. Together, we can break down barriers and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering business landscape.

4. Stop the ‘but’ word

‘But’ is probably one of the worst words in the English language. If you think about it, once you say ‘but’ all that anyone will remember is what comes after it…

The word “but” has an insidious nature, often overshadowing everything that precedes it. It erodes confidence, stifles progress, and limits our potential. Let us eradicate the shackles of “but” from our vocabulary and embrace a more positive and empowering mindset. Replace “but” with “and,” allowing your achievements and ideas to shine without restraint.

5. Know your ###

Nothing is worse than not knowing your numbers. You also need to know everything that there is to know about your competitors.

In the realm of business, knowledge truly is power. To navigate the competitive landscape, women must arm themselves with a deep understanding of their numbers. Knowing your financials, market trends, and competitors’ strategies is crucial for making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge. Let us embrace the realm of data and analytics, empowering ourselves to make strategic choices and drive our businesses forward.

6. Get to the point

Think facts, not feelings. Don’t get distracted. In the pursuit of success, it’s essential to remain focused and objective. Men have long understood the importance of cutting through the noise and getting straight to the point. By embracing a fact-driven approach, we can effectively communicate our ideas, make strong arguments, and command attention. Let us master the art of conveying our thoughts with clarity, ensuring that our voices are heard and our messages resonate.

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