The Biggest Mistake Successful Women Make in Relationships & When Looking For Love

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    August 13, 2018
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Are you an ambitious, strong woman but feel alone in your success? Have you found that dating in today’s world makes it even tougher to find a man that understands your authentic self? Learn what it takes to Relax into LoveTM with Teal Elisabeth. ‘The Biggest Mistake Successful Women Make in Relationships & When Looking For Love’

The rise of women’s empowerment has brought incredible opportunities for women. Long overdue changes are being made in society, with movements like ‘MeToo’, Times Up’, & ‘I am that girl’, women are demanding to be seen, heard and recognized as equals. 

We’re taking a stance for sexual assault, equal pay, & equal opportunities. As ambitious, strong, successful women, we are making lasting changes to help make a better world for ourselves and future generations to come. It’s a revolutionary time for us as strong, ambitious leading women. 

The Biggest Mistake Successful Women Make in Relationships & When Looking For Love

Challenges for relationships… 

There is a new dating challenge that comes with this empowerment. It causes us to ask ourselves: How do we continue being a boss babe, powerhouse woman while still creating a vulnerable, caring, authentic relationship with a man who respects us? 

We are in a time right now ladies, where we – being the incredible, powerhouse women that we are – are energetically, and sometimes physically – pushing men away. 

Trying to be equal with men

In trying to be equal with men, we end up closing our hearts to the beautiful hearts that men can provide us. Without realizing it, we’ve been making them the enemy – sometimes putting them down in order to get ahead – and we’re bringing this new ego into dating… not just intimidating them, but pushing them away. 

Because let’s face it.. what happens to our men when we can “do, have & be” everything that they can? How are we intentionally, or unintentionally, making them feel when we tell the world “we don’t need a man” anymore? We say we want a life partner, a soul mate, a companion to share our world with, but what message are you giving when you get into relationships? 

Can you gain respect, without being closed off?
Can you be powerful, without being intimidating?
Can you be vulnerable, without feeling weak? 

Dating has become super challenging, and it can be easy to feel like you’re going through the motions of a repetitive unsuccessful cycle. It’s hard to not suppress feelings that you have to ‘settle’ for sub-par men and or downplay your authenticity to make them feel less intimidated right? So what do we do? 

That’s where Teal comes in.

Say BUH BYE to endless unfulfilling dating and downplaying your amazingness. For the past 5 years, Teal has been researching through spirituality, personal development, relationship coaching, and meditation how to connect authentically with men amongst this new rise of feminism. As a Boss Babe, powerhouse woman herself who had struggled with her own love life for years, she was determined to discover how she could “have it all” – the love, the career, and the wealth – without sacrificing anything! 

“It all starts with really understanding yourself, and cultivating a deep sense of self-love…” she says. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

She likes to think about it like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

“Until you can feel like you have the basic areas of life satisfied, you can’t step into your highest calling. Most of us have sorted through the first bottom two areas, but we get stuck on # 3 and try and jump right to #4 &5.” She says. 

For most of us, we’re never taught how to fulfill that sense of belongingness and love. Then we look for a partner to give it to us or just try to push it to the side and pretend we don’t need it at all. 

"Whether it's in cultivating that love and belongingness within yourself, or attracting that connection from a true, committed partner... that’s what I want to support women with, so they can get on to fulfilling the next levels and sharing their true gifts with the world!"

Teal Elisabeth

Attracting the right partner into your life is NOT LUCK. It takes intention and awareness of your own self… And it’s totally doable. But first, you need to gain the ‘tools’ to connect in a way that lets men feel you. 

It means spending the time to learn and practice the skills to strengthen our heart muscle – just like you would go to the gym to strengthen your body muscles, or take classes to strengthen your mental muscles. To achieve success in the Love Category, it takes intention and commitment to re-discover yourself. 

So ask yourself:

If you’ve been struggling to have a successful relationship while also balancing being a strong, ambitious woman, what is holding you back? 

For most women, it comes down to one of these areas of focused awareness: 

  •  Embracing your own Self-Love: Eliminate feelings of insecurity and unworthiness 
  • Building & Sustaining Self- Confidence: Radiate your truest incredible self from a place of peace, calm and ease

If you are someone who has achieved the above then you need to next work on the following: 

– How to gain respect without being closed off?
– How to be powerful without being intimidating?
– How to be vulnerable without being weak? 

After 8 painful, frustrating years of dating, Teal has transformed her love life through the principles she teaches. She’s now happily traveling the world with her committed life partner, living out their biggest dreams together. 

“If I can do it, you can do it.” She says. “When it comes to Love and Relationships, this is something we all deserve and can have. Together, we can totally fix wherever you feel you’re at. Let’s create your perfect love story”. 

Get support from Teal

Teal Elisabeth is offering all Woman On Topp readers two incredible gifts to support you right away in attracting more love into your life:

  1. Download your free copy of her guide “The 8 Principles to Become M.A.G.N.E.T.I.C to Men” – CLICK HERE
  2. Schedule a time to connect with her 1:1 with a free 30 minute 1:1 love breakthrough coaching session. To schedule time with her, CLICK HERE.

About Teal Elisabeth 

Teal is the founder of ‘Relax into Love’ and is a Love and Relationship Coach. Her passion and mission is to help women attract and embody love and use the profits to save the sea turtles. (She donates 10% of all business profits to the non-profit 4Ocean for sea turtle conservation and ocean clean up efforts) 

She wants to help you create a new story for what dating, relationships, and love look like in the modern world… to help you continue to claim your presence and power as the feminine being that you are, but not losing the beautiful connection to our men. 

Her credentials and experience include: 

  • Studying for 12 years under world teacher & Indian philosopher Krishnamurti – instilling a deep sense of self-awareness and tools for reflecting upon each of life’s experiences
  • Trained by Buddhist monks in Thailand – mastering the principles of self-love and meditation where I witnessed my first out of body experience and deep connection to self 
  • Certified as a Relationship Coach – fueling my own growth and attracting the love of my life 
  • Worked alongside Arianna Huffington – (leading Boss Babe!) teaching over 30,000 people around the world in how to master the principles of work-life balance and reducing burnout 

You can find out more about her and her services by visiting her website: Teal

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