Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

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    July 24, 2021
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Signs You Need To Quit Your Job | Women On Topp | |

We all know the job market has been not stable for a long time because of the pandemic. This should not be a reason for anyone to stay in for as long as possible. It will not only make u feel unhappy, but it also holds you back from your career.

So here are 9 signs that will tell you, you should end your job.

1. You have been quietly unhappy for the past months.
This is the most important sign. If you haven’t felt happy for a long time it means for you to start looking for something else. You should not keep doing the thing you are doing. It will go on for months and you will stay there forever. Just leave.

2. You are not getting a raise and haven’t had a raise in three years.
Now we all know, not every company does annual raises. Or does not anymore. But that means something, it means you don’t have a future there. Why would you stay at a company knowing you will never get a pay raise. So if you are going to look for something else, make sure it offers you pay raise.

3. Your boss doesn’t like (basically hates) you.
Let’s be honest if your boss doesn’t like you there’s no reason for you to stay where you are. Most of the time your boss will never start like you, bosses usually don’t have time to get to know you. So once your boss doesn’t like you forget about it. Let’s move on. There are so many companies with bosses who will like you and appreciate your work. And a boss who dislikes you can have an impact on your career.

4. You can’t tell good things about your work to your friends and family.
When you are always telling bad things about your work to your friends and family, they will start to worry about it too. It’s poisoning and not healthy. If you are at a place for too long where you don’t like it, you will not feel anymore how it’s like to feel normal. So let’s hope this won’t happen to you.

5. You don’t feel challenged (you don’t know how that feels).
Ok, there are enough people who are ok that their job pays the bills. But if you want more and grow bigger, you can never stay somewhere that is not challenging to you. This doesn’t mean you should leave your job at the first sign of boredom.

6. You get a lot more critical feedback in writing.
Yes, ever felt this coming? Getting suddenly more critical feedback in emails or memos? Most of the time this means your job could be in jeopardy. Someone somewhere doesn’t feel right about you. So, no reason for you to stay again.

7. Your boss knows and tells you to stop.
If your boss tells you anything like ‘do you think this job is fitted or you’ after few months. You see this as a sign, it’s not meant for you. Of course, a boss can ask you if you still like it. But asking if the job is right for you, is a different story.

8. You feel undervalued.
Feel like no one values or is interested in what you have to say? Leave.

9. You realize your workplace values burnout culture. 
When you’re expected to be available 24/7 and there is little tolerance for taking a vacation or sick leave, you’re at a company that wants employees to work until they burn out. Get out while you can.

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