Seven Free Digital Tools That Will Help You To Better Promote Your Business

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    May 18, 2020
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Did you know that 60% of the “marketable” ideas in our time are devoted to digital marketing activities? (Source: CMO Council) Technology can make our lives easier – besides to complicate our personal life sometimes, but this is another topic- when we seek to put our ideas into motion. Showing your product, project, or vision in the most accessible and visual way will stimulate your business greatly. So don ́t think twice and explore these effective free tools that you will find at the close distance of a click and will mark a before and after in how you structure and promote your businesses.


With Canva, you will be able to design all the visual content you can imagine. This useful tool allows you to create diverse designs as your Facebook and Instagram posts and covers, presentations for your reports, your Twitter headers, or even banners for your YouTube channel, and more. This is a really convenient tool to explore your ideas through design and applying them to your social networking.


Communicating through email is part of our professional day to day life. Creating visual and complex emails has never been as easy and attractive as with MailChimp. This tool basically allows you to create and send personalized emails through visual templates, also track your activity generated from those emails, and generate recommendations for new marketing strategies.


Through this calendar app, you can organize your duties on your own wall of visual content through panels and columns that will allow you to integrate image, text, and more. Follow your “to-do” list will become easiest using this organizational and visual tool. Who said organizing and following your schedule had to be boring?


Pixabay offers a catalog of free-use HD images to be able to implement in your projects. Through the search option, you can decide what kind of image you need and you will easily find it in a really optimal resolution. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s not forget the effectiveness that a well-selected image can have in how you transmit your meaning.


Send your heavy files will no longer be a problem through WETRANSFER application that will generate a direct link for downloading everything you want to send. This is a comfortable alternative to send your files while saving space on your computer.


Convert online every file you can imagine to the format that suits you the most with ILOVEPDF. Intuitive, visual and quick. You can also divide or putting together your PDFs, extract pages, insert details into your documents…even repair files. The results are really satisfactory.


CAMSCANNER tool is able to extract text from images. Save time and effort using this intelligent document management. You will also be able to scan, save, archive, and upload your files anytime. Office management through your phone, how can I say? Technology is wonderful.

We are all seeing as the virtual world is more present than ever in our lives. Knowing useful digital tools to develop our projects has become now a must. These have only been a sample of all that may be at our disposal. Do your research and enjoy the excellent results you can get from the several new apps at our disposal, your businesses and ideas will appreciate it.

Ester Mbomio Lagar

Ester is an Executive Journalist with significant experience in communications, international affairs, diplomacy, and public administration. She has a passion for cultures, sustainable development, and innovation. On Women on Topp, she promotes a healthy success and a balanced lifestyle for empowering businesswomen.

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