Senior Commercial Banker Joy Omoregie Releases Career Development Book ‘Woke at Work: Strategies to Navigate the Workplace’

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    August 6, 2021
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Senior Commercial Banker Joy Omoregie Releases Career Development Book 'Woke at Work: Strategies to Navigate the Workplace'

WOKE AT WORK: Strategies to Navigate the Workplace and Progress with Pace’ is the barrier-breaking debut book from senior financial services professional and accredited performance coach JOY OMOREGIE. The career development book is the ultimate manual for navigating the corporate world and is packed full of strategies for thriving in the workplace and corporate environment. ‘Woke At Work’ leverages real-life experiences and insights from Joy Omoregie’s dynamic and international corporate career, so far, spanning 15 years in global banking across four different continents, UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Inspired by Joy Omoregie’s passion for awakening people’s identities and seeing them step into their greatness, ‘Woke At Work’ is focused on empowering people of all backgrounds and walks of life to drive their career progression. Packed full of wisdom and insights garnered from 15 years of working across some of the world’s biggest organisations, the book contains valuable information for incoming and junior talent, as well as professionals aiming to advance on the workplace. Joy’s aim with ‘Woke At Work’ is to put key information in the hands of anyone aspiring to have a corporate career, and support the many talented individuals journeying through, trying to make upward progress.

Through an eight-part journey across thirty-two chapters, Joy uses ‘Woke At Work’ to share relevant tools and strategies that are vital for progress in the workplace, whilst also keeping the focus on the professional – improving their lives, achieving their dreams, and improving their choices and personal brand. Drawing on her experience within the biggest global banking and financial services institutions, working in London, Dubai, Mexico City and Dublin, many of the examples shared within the book relate to the dynamics within large global organisations, but the content and principles are transferable and can be applied to a variety of workplaces, with the aim of closing the information gap surrounding how the corporate world works and how to effectively navigate.

Woke At Work’ begins with Joy sharing important insight into her own personal story and awakening moments along her journey that triggered the required actions to overcome challenge and anticipate situations. The book then outlines the typical large corporate organisational structure, particularly for the benefit of new entrants into the corporate world, before presenting  core fundamentals to shape the mindset, self-awareness and approaches on how to navigate the workplace, followed by the framework for achieving success, career management tips and advice, and a plethora of strategies and guidance to a wide variety of work-life dynamics, all geared towards strengthening the reader on their journey to achieving potential whilst also building resilience and perseverance required for thriving in the workplace.

According to Joy, “Too many amazingly talented people fall into struggles at work, and after a few bad experiences that knock their confidence, they stop fighting to reach their goals and true potential. ‘Woke At Work’ will empower you to handle and overcome those challenging situations much better, whilst also making sure you are not neglecting your wellbeing and life goals. If you’re at the start of your career, this book is invaluable, and if you have more career experience, this book will help to refocus your actions. We offer new ideas, perspective-shifting approaches, and nuggets of wisdom that will serve as new fuel to give you the momentum you need for wherever you are right now on your career journey”.

To celebrate the release of ‘Woke At Work’, Joy Omoregie is also launching two 4-week group employment coaching programmes for university students and career professionals respectively this summer. Running from July to August, the ‘Woke At Work Talent Challenge’ and ‘Woke At Work University Challenge’ aims to help thousands of people from across the world wake their potential up and finish their 2021 strong. With coaching and insight from Joy, along with talks and input from other experienced industry professionals, the programmes will aim to shake off the limiting beliefs experienced during a tough pandemic period and raise aspiration and attitudes to work and life by transforming the perspective of young or stagnating talent in the workplace that need support to shift as well as encouraging and reenergising young people to go for opportunities and not give up.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Woke At Work’, Joy Omoregie says, “Many people journey through their careers, focusing on working hard and getting paid – simple, but whilst hard work still pays off, many other important components are involved in driving progress within large organisations. Entry points into the corporate environment can vary greatly – some people enter guided about how large organisations operate, while others enter with no frame of reference into how things operate within the corporate environment, which often puts them at a disadvantage, then there are those that start off somewhat prepared, only for struggle and stagnation to occur later down the line.

I came from a background that was very aspirational but nobody around me had worked in a large corporate environment. I started my career full of energy and enthusiasm, focused on working hard and enjoying the novelty of working for such prestigious organisations, but I was sleepwalking through my career wearing rose tinted glasses. I did not have an intentional focus on my progress, and I was oblivious about the workings of the workplace environment. There were key things to know, attitudes to have, challenges to overcome, and things to be done. In hindsight, I needed a manual or a guide on how to navigate and accelerate within this environment; those valuable things that I was not taught and could not draw from my network at the time. ‘Woke At Work’ is that manual I wish I had had”.

As well as being a senior commercial banker, a performance coach for executives, managers and high-level professionals, and now an author with ‘Woke At Work’, Joy Omoregie is also the co-chair of one of the City of London’s longest-standing employee networks, and the founder of diaspora group EdoNXTGen. The British Nigerian native has also just completed a course on the five technologies that are transforming business for the future at Imperial University and is rapidly advancing her knowledge within the digital transformation space. She launches the ‘Woke At Work’ audiobook and YouTube series later in June, before she begins her coaching programme for students and professionals this summer.






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