Saying Thank-You is Too Old Fashioned

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    May 31, 2015
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Asking for help is hard. Providing help is harder. The difficulty level of finding an ideal job is worse than completing a master thesis paper. It so much that comes into play. Having professional sources of credibility is the ultimate way of landing a career opportunity.

However, saying thank you is just too old-fashioned. It is important to make sure when help is provided to exceed all expectations. Mentors, coaches, friends, and associates have already built a career for themselves. Their credibility and “reputation” is what drives others to believe in you, just as they do.

If someone offers a recommendation, referral, or a phone call on your behalf, your biggest task is to SHOW them thank-you; do not simply say thank-you.

The best methods of expressing gratitude are provided below. 

1. Excel in your endeavors. The ultimate way to show gratitude is to be prosperous. Use all efforts to build career, obtain promotions, and exceed all standards. This represents everyone involved. Make them proud.

2. Send thank-you card along with flowers or their special “favorite” candy. Send a genuine thank-you card and express your understanding of how much effort that was used to speak on your behalf.

3. Keep them up-to-date. Your accomplishment is complimented by their referral. Send updates along with success stories. Discuss plans, goals, and next line of actions.

4. Help others. There is no better way to show your gratitude than providing aid to others. Remember your journey, and help others just as you were.

“The deepest craving of human nature is to be appreciated”-William James. It is important in every opportunity to express genuine gratitude.  It goes a long way.

Chandria Lucious

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