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    January 30, 2018
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Me, Myself, and I …..

I often hear the word “selfish” used negatively to describe someone who invest time in themselves. As I grow older, I’m starting to see that we all need to become a little more selfish. We need to become selfish with our time, with our energy, and sometimes even with our things.

When’s the last time you turned down a friends invitation to dinner? When’s the last time you spent a Friday evening alone to read a book you’ve been eyeing at Barnes & Noble for weeks? When’s the last time you bought yourself flowers at Trader Joes and spent a few moments disconnected from your phone to just smell them and admire their color?

My point here: I don’t think we take enough time to build the most fulfilling relationship we have….. The one with ourselves!

I decided this past week to spend my 28th birthday in a “simple manner”. I took an entire week off work and did small things that make ME happy. I spent Monday at a new coffee shop in town and read a new book I ordered. Tuesday I went and got a manicure and pedicure and then tried a new local restaurant’s taco Tuesday night. Wednesday I went and got a full body massage and had a small birthday celebration at a bar that serves amazing margaritas and egg rolls. Thursday I ate breakfast on my patio in a house robe. Friday I relaxed by the pool and spent time away from my phone. I enjoyed this birthday thoroughly because I didn’t worry about pleasing anyone but myself.

I think all of us career women need to remember to love hard on ourselves. We need to do simple things we desire to make our hearts smile. We need to pray and ask for strength. And most importantly , we need to learn the power of the word NO! I’m going to try a few new things in my 28th year to ensure I’m always putting effort into myself.

Task #1 : Don’t overbook yourself

Pick one or two things to do every day. We can’t be all things to all people. If we start to neglect ourselves , we lose sight of our goals and we become lost. Do one thing everyday that may involve other people, but don’t become consumed with ripping and running for others and neglecting time for you.

Task #2: Figure out what you enjoy doing

I am a workout fanatic. Working out is the one thing that truly makes me happy. I think we should all have that one thing we make time for ourselves to do. Something that doesn’t include stress and deadlines- find just one thing you enjoy doing and do more of it

Task #3: Create a happy jar

I have a glass mason jar that I filled with colored, folded post it notes. Each note contains either a motivational quote, happy thought, or a compliment about myself. Each day I pick out a post it- this is my way of reminding myself to keep ME first .

Ladies, we give so much of ourselves to our jobs, our families, and our friends. I’m just encouraging you all to really embrace the relationship you have with you. You are your first priority. Don’t be so giving of your time, save some of that time to focus on you.

Love on yourself more.
Compliment yourself often.
Pray for your desires every day.
Make time for you.

Beyonce once said “me, myself, and I is all I’ve got in the end…..” You are your most important friend & relationship, don’t neglect that.


Ashley Coleman

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