Sales & Marketing: Why You Are Struggling To Make Sales In Your Business

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    June 28, 2022
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Sales & Marketing: Why You Are Struggling To Make Sales In Your Business | WOMENONTOPP.COM | WOMEN ON TOPP |

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you offer services or physical products, without sales you can never generate the revenue your business needs to thrive and grow. Read in this article Sales & Marketing: Why You Are Struggling To Make Sales In Your Business.

In fact, all the marketing you implement has the purpose to generate enough brand awareness and leads so that sales happen.

Every entrepreneur, whether on a dusty street in Paris or in an air-conditioned office in New York City, has to persuade the buyers that his product is the best and that the buyer would be missing out on a great transformation by walking away from the transaction. 

The object of the person or company selling the goods and services is to convince the buyer that he will get more than he is being asked to give. People have been mastering the art of selling products and services to those who need them since the beginning of time. The methods that entrepreneurs use to sell their goods have changed through the millennia, but the principles are still the same. 

In this article, I am sharing with you the exact reason why you are struggling to make sales. 

Sales & Marketing: Why You Are Struggling To Make Sales In Your Business

So, why is it that you aren’t making sales?

There is a disconnect between what you offer and what the market thinks you are selling.

If your marketing attempts don’t seem to work whatever you do it is a clear indication of a gap in your message, and that is what leads to no sales.

If you are wondering what to do to change this, I am going to share what I have taught my clients that led to them getting fully booked.

This will guarantee sales in your business

Remember this ratio. Engrave it in your brain, and whenever you are bringing anything to market refer back to it. This is what will get clients into your business:


This is what it takes to have a booked-out business. What it will take to make money in your business. Scratching your head? Wondering what it is about? 40 %The offer, 40% marketing message, 20 % the copy and sales.

If you are trying to focus on just the 20%, you are beating a dead horse.

Your marketing activities and message, along with a market fit offer carry 80% of the sale.

Your copy and closing skills could be average, but once you get the other two elements of the ratio right, you will bring in clients to your business. So no, your problem isn’t a lead generation problem.

You don’t need more leads. You don’t need to lower your prices to convert more people, and nor do you need to be super demographically niched down.

Especially if you are selling premium, high-ticket services, you don’t need volume to meet your income goals. The belief that leads is where the equation isn’t balancing is absolutely false. The truth is that what is broken comes way before your lead flow.

Here are the actual facts as to why you are struggling to sell a premium offer:

It is because your offer is viewed as transactional instead of transformational. How do you know that is the case? If people just think that they are paying for the thing you are selling. That could be a tactic.

Information on how to live healthily. Exercise regimen. It becomes focused on a price point, and the perceived value completely drops. This is why you keep hearing: it is too expensive, I can’t afford it right now, let me think about it. And then they go and enroll into a completely different program, or buy the same thing elsewhere.

What you want people to feel is that they are paying for the value of the outcome of what you offer.

When this is the case, the price does become somewhat irrelevant

This elevates your offer to a premium level which allows you to charge high tickets and have people buy. 

And no, you don’t necessarily have a sales closing skills problem.

You most probably don’t have a market fit offer, or you have an amazing offer that the market doesn’t know and understand, and that’s a marketing message problem.

Tweaking your marketing message will make a difference

Marketing is not difficult, but it requires discipline, intelligence and the ability to deliver a consistent message day in, day out. If you don’t know Why You Are Struggling To Make Sales In Your Business, I would highly recommend taking a different look at your marketing approach and finding out if your marketing and messaging are accurate, relevant and appealing to your target market.

Tanya Kabuya

Tanya Kabuya is a Business Coach and Marketing strategist who works with people of influence such as speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and content creators to amplify their marketing message and increase their impact while remaining true to their core. Her work centers around teaching her clients to leverage their knowledge and experience to create premium group coaching programs that attract high paying clients. She is the Founder & CEO of Wizz Digital Academy, an online academy aimed at guiding entrepreneurs. Looking to productize their knowledge and create online businesses.

She started out online in 2018 as a freelance direct response copywriter, course designer, and funnel builder. Her desire to serve others continuously tugged at her heart to expand into coaching, which has since evolved into a thriving coaching business with a growing community on Facebook of people of Influence

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