Powerful Words To Get People’s Attention Immediately

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    August 18, 2023
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Powerful Words To Get People's Attention Immediately

Words to get people’s attention. We all want what we want, but it’s always difficult to figure out how to get it. The right words help you express the function of your product or service with flair. They add color and drama to your presentation to make it more interesting. Try to use words that evoke emotions and vivid mental pictures. Let your prospect enjoy a little fantasizing about what his or her life could be like. Read on ‘Powerful Words To Get People’s Attention Immediately’.

Powerful words to get people’s attention immediately:

6 Powerful Words To Get People’s Attention Immediately starts with:


In a sentence  ‘I need to be taken care of..’ As a response: ‘I will do it immediately’ It will show confidence and commitment to quick and efficient work.


The word Sharp shows attention and has a very specific meaning.


It reminds people of a time something was new and it will be that way again.


Instantly implies action and power.


It means: to give strength or energy to.
Using invigorated in a sentence helps pump more life into it.


Closely connected and appropriate. Using this word makes a huge impact. Implying a deep connection to your company’s goals.

Here’s a list of the top 50 power words that sell:

Absolutely – Accomplish – Achieve – Benefit – Best – Clear-cut – Compelling – Convenient – Critical – Dependable – Easy/Easily – Ensure – Exciting – Free – Fun – Guarantee/Guaranteed – Health/Healthy – How-To – Improve/Improved – Instant/Instantly – Love – Money – More – New – Now – Personalized – Power/Powerful- Private – Proven – Quality – Quick/Quickly – Results – Safe/Safely – Save – Secrets – Secure – Shocked/Shocking – Simple – Solution – Step-by-Step – Strong – Top – Uncover – Unique – Unleashed – Unlimited – Unlock – Winning – Yes – You/Your

Here’s a list of the eye-catching words:

Secrets – Amazing – Shocking  – Revealing – Surprising – Magic  – Seductive – Important – Warning- Suddenly – Stop – Urgent – Vital – Confidential – Explosive – Thrilling – Electrifying – Win – Sex  -Startling  – Stunning – Remarkable – Beauty – Beautiful  – Sizzling – Vivid – Dynamite – Heart -Wrenching  –  Dazzling  – Mouth-Watering – Delicious – Gift – Fun -Potent – Mind-Blowing – Successful – Hot – Daring -Alluring – Provocative – Make – People – Money – Results – Sale -Better -Discount – Save – Soar – Unlock – Look – Formula -Blockbuster – Revolutionary

Here are words you want to avoid:

Death – Destruction – Dead – Poor – Fail – Sell – Hard – Wrong  – Negative – Disaster – Difficult – Deal -Pain – Liability – Bad – Failure – Obligation – Decide – Cost – Loss – Contract – Worry

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