Positive Affirmations to Say When You Feel Overwhelmed 

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    December 14, 2022
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Positive Affirmations to Say When You Feel Overwhelmed 

As a working woman, it’s easy for life to get overwhelming. Not only do you have to balance work, but managing family, relationships and you-time can be complicated. When there are times of doubt, using positive affirmations can give you the boost you need.

Affirmations are phrases you repeat regularly to change negative thoughts or behaviors. They allow you to switch the narrative on emotions or feelings that don’t benefit you. When challenges arise, they attempt to change how you see yourself, while helpful self-talk can restore your self-image. Here are positive affirmations to say when you feel overwhelmed.

Positive Affirmations to Say When You Feel Overwhelmed 

How Positive Affirmations Work

Sometimes, the brain can confuse what reality is and what’s in your imagination. For example, if you create a scenario in your head where you crush your next work presentation, it can activate areas of the brain that would go off when experiencing it.

Creating a ritual of regular positive affirmations can encourage your brain to think of them as facts. When you genuinely believe something, your actions follow in the same direction. 

Positive Affirmations to Say Every Day

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some inspiration, here are some positive affirmations to repeat to yourself. The key to these affirmations is genuinely believing what you’re saying and adjusting them to fit your personal situations so they feel more valuable.

1. This Situation Isn’t Good or Bad

Sometimes, people jump the gun and label things going on in their lives. When you put labels on everything in life, it can make the situations feel worse than they are. Try to reframe the problem and you may find hope for a positive outcome ahead.

Even if it is hard to think of a positive outcome ahead, taking the label off a “bad” situation can help reframe it. Recognizing a positive road can be ahead may ease the feelings you have about the event.

2. I React Positively In Situations

People in Costa Rica often use the term Pura Vida, meaning “pure life” or “better life.” It emphasizes the maintenance of healthy priorities. When facing a stressful moment, you can react in any way you choose — choosing positivity is a healthy route to take. 

You may not be able to control your scenario, but you can control how you react. Emotions can be higher when something first happens, so trying to respond positively can save you from lingering negative feelings.

3. My Past Doesn’t Affect My Future

In some cases, you may feel overwhelmed thinking of past experiences while trying to move forward. Circumstances in the past that you believe control you drive feelings of stress and anxiety.

By repeating this positive affirmation to yourself, you will start to believe anything in the past is behind you. It does not control you and does not deserve the right to overwhelm you today. Changing your mindset will have you focusing on the possibilities today and in the days ahead.

4. I Control My Mind, It Doesn’t Control Me

When you get overwhelmed with thoughts, it can feel like your mind is controlling you. You might feel like the thoughts you are having are spiraling. Reminding yourself that you are not your thoughts is an excellent way to reinstate them as separate things.

Think of your thoughts like a cloud. You see them and acknowledge them, but they will pass. You do not keep them and internalize them. Affirming that you are still in control of your thoughts can alleviate your racing mind.

5. I Can Overcome Any Obstacle

When in doubt, remind yourself of your capabilities. There are no avoiding obstacles in life but reminding yourself you are capable of getting through them is an excellent form of positive self-talk. Saying this affirmation prevents overwhelming feelings when facing the tests of life.

6. My Productivity Does Not Measure My Worth

You are constantly working hard to be the best you can be at your job and every aspect of life. There will be days you feel a little more off your game than usual. Just because you have an off day does not mean you need to feel negatively toward yourself.

Remember that not everything is going to be perfect. You can always pick things up the next day and try again. Taking the step to be better than you were yesterday is a healthy measure of your success.

7. Self Care Is Not Selfish

If you tend to overwork yourself, you may start to experience burnout. Taking a mental health day off from work can help you get back to yourself. You will want to take action as soon as you feel the warning signs for one — the longer you wait, the longer it will take to get out of it.

Self-care is essential to your well-being and productivity at work. Taking a day for relaxation or whatever makes you feel rejuvenated can benefit you in many ways.

Try Positive Affirmations When You Feel Overwhelmed 

You never know when your next test in life will arise. Start practicing positive affirmations daily and watch how the mindset shift can help you overcome negative emotions.

Cora Gold

Cora Gold is the Editor-in-Chief for Revivalist Magazine. She has a passion for inspiring women to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. Follow Revivalist on Facebook and Twitter to read more from Cora. 

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