Morning Self-Care Menu: 10 Ways to Start Your Day Right

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    February 20, 2023
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Morning Self-Care Menu: 10 Ways to Start Your Day Right

Self-care doesn’t have to wait until you finish your responsibilities for the day. It might even be more helpful if you treat yourself to a morning self-care menu. Check out these simple ways to start your day right by prioritizing your well-being without overhauling your routine. Read on Morning Self-Care Menu: 10 Ways to Start Your Day Right.

Morning Self-Care Menu: 10 Ways to Start Your Day Right

1. Change Your Alarm’s Sound

Consider how you feel when your alarm goes off in the morning. Although you might be generally grumpy when you wake up, your alarm shouldn’t cause any anxiety spikes or panic. Jumpstarting your heart in the morning could cause stress, which isn’t helpful.

Consider changing your alarm’s sound. You could set a custom playlist with relaxing music or instrumental songs that gently wake you up. Some people even prefer wearing a smartwatch to bed because it vibrates instead of making noise in the mornings.

2. Open Your Blinds

Pushing your curtains apart and opening your blinds might not seem like part of a morning self-care routine, but it’s great for your mental health. A recent study found that when people spent time in direct sunlight, they experienced improved moods compared to being indoors. Consider opening the blinds around your home to enjoy more sunshine as you prepare for the day.

3. Apply SPF Lotion

Hydrating lotions are great for your skincare routine. Depending on what you use in the morning, your moisturizer could double as a self-care habit. Look for a product that doubles as sunscreen the next time you need to restock. Lotions with an SPF rating of 30 or higher protect against UV-A and UV-B rays that result in wrinkles, sun spots and potentially skin cancer.

4. Drink Herbal Tea

Sipping on herbal tea in the morning could benefit your health in numerous ways. Various blends with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients have health benefits so you can soothe your cells and feel physically better. For one, according to this expert dentist in Mathews VA, green tea is good for your dental health because it contains fluoride that helps ward off cavities.

Don’t want to miss your morning cup of coffee? Bring your coffee or tea on the road by pouring it into a thermos or bringing a few bags to work.

5. Journal Your Gratitude

When negativity clouds your mind in the morning, the rest of the day can feel like a struggle. Avoid that problem by getting a journal and writing one thing you’re thankful for every day. You can also read a few prompts that benefit your mental health if you need some writing ideas. 

6. Avoid Setting Expectations

It’s tempting to set high expectations for yourself. Striving for perfection may be admirable, but it won’t always be possible. Part of your morning self-care menu could include a reminder to set realistic expectations. You’ll be more content when the day ends because you’ll be able to focus on what you did, not what you didn’t complete.

7. Repeat Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great tool when you want to retrain your thought patterns. Self-care often focuses on this because what you think about yourself channels either happiness or discontent.

Repeat positive affirmations each morning while getting ready for the day. They should feel true to you and mean something special. Whether you focus on repeating positive things about your personality, body, career, relationships or other aspects of your life, you’ll slowly begin to believe the affirmations and feel happier every day.

8. Stretch Your Muscles

As people age, their muscles need more attention. You can get ahead of potential discomfort or tightness by spending five minutes stretching every morning. Start with gentle movements like shoulder shrugs before moving onto stretches like child’s pose. 

Anyone unsure where to start could also follow along with a stretching instructor on the internet. Many people post free videos on Youtube or their business websites to guide viewers through self-care stretching.

9. Pack a Water Bottle

Your body needs water to thrive. It keeps your cells healthy and your organs functioning, so be sure to a water bottle each morning. That way, you’ll always have water throughout the day. Plus, you won’t have to spend money every time you need a hydrating drink.

10. Set a Goal

Goal setting is an essential part of self-care. People judge themselves and their abilities by which goals they may or may not achieve. Practice setting at least one goal every morning that’s both realistic and encouraging.

If you need inspiration, you could consider daily goals such as:

  • Eat one serving of vegetables.
  • Take five sips of water.
  • Say one nice thing about yourself.
  • Pick an outfit for tomorrow before going to bed.
  • Spend 15 minutes relaxing after work.

Your goals will depend on what you deem most necessary right now. As time passes, you can adjust your daily goal to whatever you need. You’ll build self-confidence and self-love as you complete your primary daily goal.

Try Morning Self-Care Activities

Creating a morning self-care menu doesn’t have to be challenging. Start your day right tomorrow by selecting one or more of these ideas. You’ll refresh your routine with a simple change while giving your mind and body what they need to thrive.

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