Meet The CEO Who Made her first $1M 10 Months After Being Diagnosed With Bipolar

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    February 4, 2019
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If you’re looking for some inspiration or any female entrepreneurs to look up to, take a look at the successful woman entrepreneur below and learn how she is changing the world with her business and skills.

Lorna Johnson is a spiritual teacher, genius alchemist, transformational coach and author. She teaches SuperConscious Awakening, a radical new modality that collapses transformational time, folds decades of personal growth into months and allows its practitioners to unearth their true legacy body of work, emerge their most unusual, individuated self, invoke their raw genius and launch a lucrative calling. Lorna was an executive in corporate America for 15 years where she helped build and run multimillion dollar businesses and then went through a soul death, experienced several nervous breakdowns, became suicidal and was diagnosed with two mental illnesses. She then experienced a profound awakening and the birth of her new soul, which led her to launch her ground-breaking transformational business, bringing it to $1 million in revenue in ten months using unconventional means.

In your own words what do you do?

I teach sales, marketing and consciousness mastery to visionary entrepreneurs who can’t make it by following the traditional rules for business building. My clients are the world’s most disruptive, rule-breaking kind, which is one of the reasons I love them so much. They’re here to change consciousness on the planet through their visionary businesses, creative genius and spiritual calling. 

They’re the ones who either made it in corporate America by selling their soul and eventually burned out (or got kicked out, like me), or were never able to make it in the 9-5 world because they were too rebellious, restless and constantly challenging the status quo. 

Actually all my clients are rebellious, restless and constantly challenging the status quo. They’re here to shatter paradigms, not master existing ones. But that poses a real problem when they try to build a business, because up until now, all programs and coaches could do was give them formulaic, “tried and true” processes to follow. 

But for someone who’s ALLERGIC to formulas, rules and the tried-and-true, this is a death sentence for their business. Most of my clients spent tens of thousands of dollars (it’s not uncommon for it to be upwards of $100K), worked with the “best of the best,” industry-leading, guru coaches and were ready to GIVE UP before they found me and finally were able to leap from four-figure months to five and six figures…in a matter of weeks.

What is unique about your work with clients?

It’s more about what I don’t do. I don’t teach systems or formulas, automated anythings, paid social media ads, email list campaigns, none of that stuff. My clients can’t freaking stand dealing with that shit. (Can I swear? If not, use “stuff”). It gives them hives. And it feels totally inauthentic and gimmicky to them.

I teach them how to tap into their Higher Mind–what I call their SuperConscious–which gives them the ability to collapse time and leap to levels of success in their business that would normally take them years to achieve, because it activates their synchronicistic field where unimaginable opportunities, clients and deals come their way NOW, rather than in months or years from now. And that’s how they find themselves leaping to huge levels of revenue in a matter of weeks and usually cutting their hours in half. (I challenge all my clients to work no more than 20 hours a week, while bringing them to five and six figure months.) The belief that you have to hustle to be a rich and successful is silly and outdated. It’s one of the paradigms I’m here to shatter. Which I have, time and time again, in both my own business and in that of my clients’.

What led you to quit your job as an executive in a corporate America for 15 years? What was going through your mind that day?

I didn’t quit. I was fired. Three times. The first time by my mom, in the family business I’d helped build to $15MM. Then two more times over the course of two years. I was stubborn back then. I had to resort to drastic measures to get my own attention. The first time I was fired, it was by my mom. She was firing me from the family consulting business that I had helped build from $500,000 in revenue in 1999 to $12 million in revenue by 2010. I think that was the year she fired me. I was both devastated, but also saw it coming, I also had another job lined up to be the Chief revenue officer for a $3 million company and help them turn the company around so I was excited about a new opportunity. 

The next time I was fired was from the CEO of that very company, 10 months later, Even though I’d add $1 million of top line revenue to the company and had turn the company around, completely upgraded the sophistication of their delivery services, taught them how to sell to a new level of client, and help them start winning business away from the 800 pound gorilla competitor in their market.

Getting fired that time sent me into a complete tailspin and began my four years of my dark night of the soul. I suffered from extreme depression, anxiety, and spent the next four years trying in vain to build my transformational coaching business. I went through over $250,000 in savings and 401(k) and ended up with nothing to show for it. To the degree that I had to go back and live with my parents for seven months (with my daughter) in their house in their spare bedroom while I built my life back up. I then decided that i would go Back to corporate America into sales, something I swore I would never do, because I had to earn some money and get back on my feet. I would have been fired from that job, but I left before they could. I reported to the CEO, and worked there for six months, and hardly sold a single thing, because I simply couldn’t. I had lost my ability to make it in corporate America. I was terrified and devastated but figured I could at least get another job somewhere else to try and tide me over. I got a job as the VP of sales for A multi million dollar consulting firm reporting to the president. After 10 weeks he fired me over the phone. 

That is what began my worst face down moment, and what began my ascent into the business that I now have. I suffered a nervous break down, became suicidal, was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD, and my parents financially supported me for six months while I took time off to face my problems and figure out what to do about it and how I was going to manage to earn an income. It was within that time period, which was only about two months, that I decided to start my transformational coaching business, come out of the spiritual closet As a Claircognizant, psychic, and earth blueprint originator and begin my work in the world. That’s when I open my doors in January 2017, and the rest is history.

Tell us about SuperConscious Awakening, what is it and how does it work?

It is the process of elevating your consciousness to the highest levels, tapping into and being able to work with the raw material of the universe – the feminine and masculine energies – and dark consciousness – the consciousness of genius and creative chaos, which is becoming more and more available to us as we step outside of the collective consciousness that raised us and begin to take on purely archetypal energy and roles. It is essentially the process of making a “root level” shift or migration from one operating system of consciousness to another, in which the human becomes truly divine. 

It’s what we’re all after, and there’s now a way (which my business partner and I have invented) to take humans on this journey of full awareness so that they can finally end their decades of spiritual seeking and begin to participate in the great legacy they came to express.

Have you always been entrepreneurial?

Hell, no. If you’d have told me when I was a kid that I’d grow up to be a millionaire entrepreneur, I would have stared at you blankly and then gone back to my book. (Since I did basically nothing my entire childhood other than read, study and write poetry.)

I thought entrepreneurs were certain kinds of people, as if there was a gene for it, and I was decidedly NOT that kind of person. I dreamed of being a writer, a professor or a priest, none of which have a reputation for being entrepreneurial, money-making fields. And it’s beautiful to me that I actually AM all of these things now.

I write all my own marketing; I teach consciousness, sales mastery and archetypal awakening; and I am a spiritual advisor and mentor to all my clients. 

I joke all the time that I come from a long line of priests and missionaries (That’s not the joke. That’s true), and while I think I may have migrated far from my conservative Christian roots and lineage, I’m basically an evangelical preacher.

I just preach about energy, spiritual awakening and the path to genius instead of hell, fire and brimstone. And the thing I discovered along the way is that there is a gene for entrepreneurialism. And we all have it because it’s part of our genius. 

One of the things I love to do the most is turn people who are absolutely convinced they aren’t entrepreneurs, can’t sell or market their way out of a paper bag and don’t have anything of value to offer the world into masters of marketing, sales rockstars and beings flowing with increased intuition, spiritual and psychic gifts and creative genius. (And some of these people didn’t even know what intuition was or were even totally dismissive and resistant to it.) It happens ALL the time. And it never ceases to thrill me.

Could you walk us through your process of developing your business?

It’s a pretty miraculous story that could have just as easily never been told because only a few months before I opened my doors, I was deeply suicidal, broke, had suffered a nervous breakdown, had been diagnosed with bipolar II and PTSD (on top of my already existing diagnoses of severe mood and anxiety disorder and PTSD) and was told I needed to go on medication in order to stabilize. 

I refused.

Some would say that would spell the beginning of the end of my story. Actually it was the beginning of a miraculous fairytale that is now my life, and will never end.

I started my business out of necessity, because I’d been fired so many times from corporate America that my chances of going back there were shot. And I was abjectly miserable there anyway. 

I was dying (almost literally – becoming suicidally depressed a few different times) to make a big impact in the world and be my own boss, but I was convinced I’d suck at it, had no idea what I’d do, and was terrified I’d discover I was useless to the world. So I balked at doing anything about it until I was fired, and had to.

So what did I do?

I took myself through a profound and rapid spiritual awakening using the very parts of my mind that my well-meaning psychiatrist was trying to get me to medicate. 

I tapped directly into the SuperConscious field, where all knowledge exists—and where Time and Space do not, which means you can collapse time and leap forward years into your future success—activated my spiritual and intuitive channel and super-powered intuition and followed that all the way to the bank.

In my first three months I went from depending on my parents for financial support (as a single mom of 44) to doing $80,000 in sales, $170,000 in sales in my fourth month, and a total of one million dollars in sales by my 10th month in business, working an average of 20 hours a week.  

And I did it all without a single automated system or funnel, no paid marketing, a janky, outdated website I never used, no prior visibility (I was off Facebook for 18 months before that and never touched my Twitter or Instagram accounts), no photoshoot or branding, not even a logo or business card. 

And, no little white pills.

I also shot to the top of the coaching industry in terms of influence and am now considered a major influencer, game-changer and spiritual leader in that world. I have never been happier. Euphoric is the most accurate description. I fly around the world first class changing consciousness on the planet, unleashing genius and making people rich, and if it weren’t my life, and if I didn’t see similar results with my clients all the time, I might not believe it’s possible. 

If it sounds like magic, it is.

That’s actually one of the core things I teach: how to make magic on demand. Because magic is not a mystery. It’s a spiritual science. That’s what I told my anti-woo, massively left-brained, research scientist client who had no idea what kind of business she’d start and no belief in intuition. Learning the spiritual laws of magic is what allowed her to go from zero to $48,000 in four weeks, using ONLY her intuition and from only two replies to comments on Facebook.

If she can do it, trust me, anyone can learn how to do business this way.

Any great stories from working with a client?

I just mentioned her. Amanda Brown is one of my favorite client stories because of the truly insane shift that happened in such a short amount of time. 

Another one of my favorites is a woman who’d co-founded a groundbreaking company with a world renowned business leader, built it to $500MM, was then moved out of the role and found herself floundering, trying for months to build a lucrative coaching business and becoming severely depressed and even suicidal. She was an over-achiever and capable of truly great, world-changing work, but was completely shut down and at a breaking point.

When she found me, she was selling $5,000 packages to clients far below her level and averaging around $7,000 a month in sales. After 90 days of working with me, she sold $180,000, increased her coaching package to $50,000, had her first $100k month (from two sales), landed dream clients, came out of her depression and was invited “out of the blue” to speak at one of the world’s most prestigious gatherings of business leaders. 

Her degree of success is typical for my clients. She 8x’d her monthly revenue in 90 days. My clients typically 5-10x theirs, and within 2-4 months (some even sooner).

How did you make sure anyone can find you and your services?

Ahh. Now we get into the good stuff. I use my energy. I’ve done over $752,000 in the past twelve months, working about 15 hours a week, using no marketing strategy, no team to do my advertising or PR, and writing my own marketing content on Facebook.

The difference maker is that I know how to be MAGNETIC to MONEY. I know how to work with the magical masculine—the Provider energy of the Universe that brings us everything (money, clients, lovers, publishing deals, speaking gigs, all of it). I call him the Magic Man, and he cannot stay away from powerful feminine energy (and since we all have both masculine and feminine energies within us, this holds true for women and for men). 

If you know how to be magnetic to the Magic Man (and I’ve developed a revolutionary tool that’s like Law of Attraction on steroids that allows people to do this), you don’t have to work hard to make incredible income and impact. 

Because your Magic Man doesn’t want you to have to hustle. He wants you with your feet up, a magazine in your lap and a piece of decadent raw chocolate melting in your mouth.

What marketing strategy do you use for your own business? Have you tried a strategy that did not work at all in the past, what strategy would you advice someone to leave behind?

My intuition is my marketing strategy. In fact when I launched a program last year, using only my intuition and going from conception to doors opening and fully booked in six weeks, doing $300,000+ in sales and working no more than 30 hours a week, I coined the term, “Intuition eats strategy for launch.” Because there is no way I’d have been able to do that had I sat down and crafted a marketing strategy, built a funnel, set up an email campaign and all that crap. 

Funnels (and strategies) are the long, slow way to millions. So don’t use them. Use intuition instead. 

What popular entrepreneurial advice do you agree/ disagree with? Why?

You do not need any of the things almost all the “experts” say you need in order to be massively successful right out of the gate. My clients don’t rebrand, improve their website, take new photos, create funnels, none of that. And most of them (including me) have spent tens of thousands of dollars and years on just that—strategies, rules, processes and “gotta do”s—before they finally realize the rules are what was keeping them stuck. It’s only when they DeProgram their mind from all the conditioning and activate access to their SuperConscious, that it’s truly game over, baby. 


That’s when the game finally begins. 

Lorna Johnson

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